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Some events (player and GM-run) are scheduled in advance and will be put on some of the following link:

Prime Instance

Elemental Experiments

Real Date Game Date Dragon Priests Attempt to Assassinate Navesi
4/8/21 437-09 Navesi gave a lecture on the Elemental Experiments at the Crossing Bard guild. At the end of the lecture, a faint smell of charred flesh and sulfur permeated the room, followed by a faint purple glow and a crackle near the stairs. Suddenly, a poison-tipped crossbow bolt was fired from the shadows, grazing Navesi's abdomen, and a number of Dragon Priest assassins appeared and attacked.

Real Date Game Date Custodians Attack Again, Have Evolved
4/3/21 437-08 The Crossing was attacked by unstable voltaic custodians and lightning selreks. Grove Scholar Uryutis was heard on the gweth saying that the custodians had "slipped a restraint" and seemed "more capable," and several adventurers decided to meet with him in the Zengmodaleth afterward. He believes that the custodians are now a little faster and stronger and "some of their prime functionality appears slightly more independent." He also made it clear that he doesn't believe the portal to Zengmodaleth is their primary means of accessing the Plane of Abiding, and that these invasions are not the fault of any adventurers or the opening of the portal. More discussion was had about experiments that could be done to learn more.

Real Date Game Date Custodians Attack, New Area of Zengmodaleth Revealed
3/28/21 437-08 A lightning storm struck the Crossing, and the city was attacked by unstable voltaic custodians and lightning selreks. The storm (and attacks) moved north to Riverhaven, then Therenborough. Finally, adventurers gathered in the Zengmodaleth west of Therenborough to speak to Scholar of the Grove Uryutis. He revealed a crackling orb of blue and green swirled lightning that transports people to a new area of the Zengmodaleth populated by custodians. He believes that Daervlan has allowed access to this area for a reason, that he wants us to see and understand something. It is a test.

Real Date Game Date The Grand Magic Symposium
7/25/20 435-03 Theorists were invited to submit written works for discussion and judging at the Zengmodaleth in a grand event that celebrated magical knowledge and research.

Real Date Game Date The Opening of the Zengmodaleth, aka the Plane of Electricity
5/21/20 434-06 Four Elemental mages, Perune, Mazrian, Saragos, and Navesi, guided by Grove Scholar Uryutis, gathered enormous groups of Warrior Mages and Bards in an attempt to open a portal to the Plane of Electricity. Shockingly, they succeeded, and a new portal was revealed on the Handsome Plateau west of Therenborough, a crackling ring of blue and green swirled lightning, which leads to the Zengmodaleth area.

Real Date Game Date The Aetheric Anomaly
3/8/20 433-09 Working with Grove Scholar Uryutis, Perune, Mazrian, Saragos, and Navesi gathered numerous Warrior Mages and Bards in order to thicken or strengthen the Aetheric canvas of an area, the hope being that this might protect it from extraplanar influence. The result was an Aetheric Anomaly that presented as a curiosity to many of the mages present, who each had his or her own perception of its nature. Some theorized it was a portal to the Plane of Aether, though it killed those who entered it. Over the course of a few weeks or months, the anomaly slowly shrank until it disappeared.

Real Date Game Date Uryutis Lectures on Aether
2/10/19 429-10 Grove Scholar Uryutis favored adventurers with a lengthy lecture on Aether, revealing much about sensing it through Othersight, its role as the "canvas" upon which our Plane is painted, and its ubiquity throughout our universe.

Real Date Game Date Adventurers Meddle with Aether
Unknown Unknown Perune had an idea of how to weave Aether in order to strengthen it in an area, and a small group of adventurers tried this in a private setting. Their meddling did little more than cause some minor injuries, but it also alerted Grove Scholar Uryutis, and he later visited them to discuss it.

The Raid on Basalt Isle

Real Date Game Date The Raid on Basalt Isle
Ongoing Ongoing * See Dantia's summary.

Platinum Instance

Real Date Game Date Srinoja and pirate gang pick a fight
3/27/21 Unknown Following rumors of a pirate crew working in the area and the name "Srinoja", Srinoja herself arrived at the Riverhaven docks on the Dawnsinger. She claimed to be purchasing cookies and baked goods to be resold to Muspar'i "instrument merchants". A cadre of adventurers arrived and offered her booze and a treasure map which she readily accepted. However, a Bard and a Gnome attempted to hijack the Dawnsinger which initiated a brawl. A pitched battle ensued and ultimately the pirate crew were defeated while Srinoja herself departed via rift to another ship promising to return. The Dawnsinger ultimately sailed off after the adventurers departed.

Real Date Game Date Dragon Priest Assassins attack Bard's Guild
3/27/21 Unknown Dragon Priests sent assassins into the inner halls of various Bard Guildhalls throughout Elanthia. They were handily dispatched.

Real Date Game Date Campaign to save the seagulls
3/25/21 Unknown A group of adventurers lead by a Ranger and a Trader used bread a lure to bring ailing seagulls from Fang Cove to Eluned's Temple off Aesery. The seagulls became enraged on the voyage and were particularly aggressive in attacking the Ranger leading the expedition. After having no luck in receiving Eluned's blessing in Aesery, the group sailed to a island temple and offered a stuffed seagull that the Ranger had fixated on in offering. After prayer, the attendees had a vision of a ship sailing under black sail to attack mainland cities and the seagull attacks ceased.