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Some events (player and GM-run) are scheduled in advance and will be put on the official Simu-Dragonrealms calendar:

Prime Instance

The Nascent Unknown

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Real Date Game Date Nascent Unknown Discussion at Visions Meeting Logs
07/08/23 446-01 Speculation on the nature of the Nascent Unknown and the consequences of its arrival occurred at the regular Visions Meeting.


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Real Date Game Date Krenze's Demands in Forisaad Logs
06/01/23 445-07 At the meeting Krenze requested, he demanded a volcano and a dragon for him to stop murdering people. He gave four to six weeks for a response. Urbaj/Logs/20230601 Krenze Demands

Real Date Game Date Krenze Requests Meeting Logs
05/29/23 Unknown A note was found outside of the Crossing's West Gate, with the War Shaman Krenze apparently requesting a meeting.

Real Date Game Date Goblin berserkers attack Logs
03/12/22 442-10 Hundreds of goblin berserkers descended on the Crossing, killing many as the defenders struggled to beat back the green tide. A hyena, believed to be an unusual type of familiar, was spotted picking over the remains.

Dragon Priests

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Real Date Game Date UPCOMING Scouting Mission Logs
03/12/22 441-03 Ayrell and Yraggahh will be forming scouting parties to search for locations controlled by the Dragon Priests.

Real Date Game Date Bards Fail to Evoke the Past in the Spire Logs
10/30/21 439-09 Navesi led a group of Bards and supporters into the Black Spire with the intention of searching it for clues and delving into the past at their altar, using the Bardic evoke ability. Despite the presence of many Bards and various foci to aid their ritual, they failed to see into the past at the location. However, they did notice a map in the Planning Room with several areas of Forfedhdar blacked out, and the writing, "Do not show our bases of operations. Security risk: tower known to be breachable."

Real Date Game Date Enchanted Pivuh Speaks for Separate Dragon Priest Faction Logs
10/09/21 439-07 Ayrell and Zynell hosted a second attempt at diplomacy with the Dragon Priests, leading a group to the war camp at the Black Spire after sending an invitation to the Priests to come out. They were met by a talking pivuh that seemed to be an enchanted beast rather than a familiar. The pivuh presented itself as a nameless representative of the Black Spire and seemed to hold a low opinion of Suulnir. It offered an exchange of knowledge, to answer questions in exchange for information on Hylomorphic and Antinomic sorcery. It seemed pleased with what it learned, offered little, and left.

Real Date Game Date Ayrell Lectures on Dragon Priest History Logs
9/18/21 439-05 Lady of Elamiri Ayrell hosted a lecture on the rooftop of Shard's theater, during which she detailed the full history of the Dragon Priests. She began with the peaceful founder Sh'kial, then moved on to the Hag Dzree, the Priests' conquest of much of Kermoria, the targeting of the Bards, Dzree's encounter with Sithsia and her prophecy, Dzree's eventual death by heart attack, the reign of Tenebraus and later Dzree's daughter Hhrsaraa, and finally the Priests' new direction under the dragon Ael'tharaxus.

Real Date Game Date Ecclesiarch Suulnir Speaks at the Spire Logs
9/03/21 439-04 A group of adventurers set off in a diplomatic mission to the Spire, expecting little and prepared for battle instead. To their surprise, on their arrival, they were invited into the Temple of the World Dragon within to meet with Suulnir, a priestess claiming to be spiritual advisor to the Dragon Emperor, Ael'tharaxus. Many questions were asked, most expertly evaded, including questions of her unusual favor, the "glory" the Priests hope to attain, her claims that Bards are no longer the Priests' enemy, and the strange noises coming from deep below. Ultimately, she was attacked by Raikage, after which point she asked everyone to leave, which they did peacefully.

Real Date Game Date Dragon Priests Strike at Milene's Rose Logs
5/13/21 438-03 Ayrell hosted a social gathering in Milene's Rose of Shard, where a Dragon Priest assassin appeared suddenly and engaged two of the party-goers. Although it was quickly dispatched, the adventurers present decided to take the fight to the Black Spire, where they encountered all sorts of Dragon Priests displaying various new powers, including summoning pivuh, volatile moongates, attempts at magical draining (which failed), breaking a Banner of Truce, and a strange, creeping blood.

Real Date Game Date Dragon Priests Attempt to Assassinate Navesi Logs
4/8/21 437-09 Navesi gave a lecture on the Elemental Experiments at the Crossing Bard guild. At the end of the lecture, a faint smell of charred flesh and sulfur permeated the room, followed by a faint purple glow and a crackle near the stairs. Suddenly, a poison-tipped crossbow bolt was fired from the shadows, grazing Navesi's abdomen, and a number of Dragon Priest assassins appeared and attacked.

Real Date Game Date Yraggahh Leads an Assault on the Black Spire Logs
10/9/20 436-01 Yraggahh the Black led a group of adventurers agains the Black Spire in retaliation for the Dragon Priest attack on the Ru'atin Peri'el. They succeeded in killing many of the Priests, though they also heard strange grinding noises, the sound of metal screeching, and the distant rumble of gears and chains spinning. The voice of an ancient crone echoed through the area, "Your blood will feed the stones!" There was then a loud thud, and a number of stones in the floor and walls suddenly receded. The stones shifted around with a loud rumble, and a series of clicks emanated from behind the masonry. After that, though, there was only silence.

Real Date Game Date Dragon Priests Attack the Ru'atin Peri'el Logs
7/31/20 435-04 Yraggahh the Black led a group of mainly S'Kra Mur to visit the Ru'atin Peri'el on Aesry Surlaenis'a, with the purpose of discussing the Kra'hei and the curse they have suffered. They met Nerekh, a Sister, and spoke briefly, but soon after were attacked by Dragon Priests from the shadows, who grievously wounded their ally, Ashunara, with a bolt to the eye. A greenish-black portal was opened to a Dragon Priest war camp, and those who went through it were sacrificed to the World Dragon. Nerekh dragged Ashunara into the sanctum as the Priests were dispatched, not to be seen again.

Elemental Experiments

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Real Date Game Date Colossus Rampages Through Crossing Logs
8/26/23 446-06 At Asemath Academy, Saragos and Navesi hosted a lesson, recap, and plan for future experiments in the Zengmodaleth, which was attended by Grove Scholar Uryutis. During the Q&A session, everyone tasted copper and felt an electric charge in the air, which was followed by a mechanical colossus leaping into the Crossing by the northeast gate. The colossus was surrounded by new, warforged voltaic custodians, and the occasional lightning selrek was also spotted. Brave adventurers climbed up the leg of the colossus, finding a way inside and destroying all its various useful parts, disabling it. After destroying the plasma vortex in the head, the colossus exploded and then appeared to liquefy, blurring away into a frozen lightning bolt in the sky above, which vanished.

Real Date Game Date Lecture on the Wonders of Zengmodaleth Logs
7/30/23 446-03 After troubling visions shared by Miskton, Seer of the Ilithi Court, Saragos and Tirost delivered a lecture on Zengmodaleth. The lecture summarized its layout, structures and observable facts, and included a brief analysis of Moon Mage visions associated with it. The thesis of the lecture argued that selreks had invaded Zengmodaleth, taken control of custodians and developed a dangerous war machine, and that the Lord of the Void wished for adventurers to expel the selreks and restore order. Tirost/Logs/Zengmodaleth-Lecture

Real Date Game Date A Second Experiment in the Zengmodaleth Logs
1/29/22 440-08 Led by Saragos, Planar Researchers gathered in the Zengmodaleth, where they met first with Scholar of the Grove Uryutis. Uryutis professed that his experiments thus far had failed and he was having difficulty, much as the adventurers were. The group moved on to experiment on the lesser voltaic custodians, where Saragos tried several patterns of flashing lights. The custodians acted in several different ways, perhaps as responses, including freezing, climbing on top of one another, probing forward toward the group, and echoing lights. Eventually he tried the notable "red, green, red, yellow" sequence from Moon Mage visions, which caused a custodian to begin flashing red and tear apart the Banner of Truce, and both custodians and lightning selreks attacked. Current Events/Logs/01-29-2022-Custodian-Experiment

Real Date Game Date Custodian Makes Pulsing Song and Lights Logs
8/21/21 439-02 Mazrian invited interested participants to come study a lesser voltaic custodian at the Zengmodaleth. The one captured chirped in an understandable pattern, which was carried through by the other custodians in the area. It also had a wire that pulsated in sequence, and it flashed in a sequence of repeating colors. Oddly, there were times when slight deviations appeared in the patterns, for example dropping a color in the flashing sequence. When Navesi tried singing back the tonal sequence, it gave a loud chirp and changed the sequence. When she tried again, it buzzed loudly, and shortly thereafter exploded. The scientists then encountered a group of hostile custodians and lightning selreks. Current Events/Logs/08-21-2021-Log

Real Date Game Date Custodians Attack Again, Have Evolved Logs
4/3/21 437-08 The Crossing was attacked by unstable lesser voltaic custodians and lightning selreks. Grove Scholar Uryutis was heard on the gweth saying that the custodians had "slipped a restraint" and seemed "more capable," and several adventurers decided to meet with him in the Zengmodaleth afterward. He believes that the custodians are now a little faster and stronger and "some of their prime functionality appears slightly more independent." He also made it clear that he doesn't believe the portal to Zengmodaleth is their primary means of accessing the Plane of Abiding, and that these invasions are not the fault of any adventurers or the opening of the portal. More discussion was had about experiments that could be done to learn more.

Real Date Game Date Custodians Attack, New Area of Zengmodaleth Revealed Logs
3/28/21 437-08 A lightning storm struck the Crossing, and the city was attacked by unstable lesser voltaic custodians and lightning selreks. The storm (and attacks) moved north to Riverhaven, then Therenborough. Finally, adventurers gathered in the Zengmodaleth west of Therenborough to speak to Scholar of the Grove Uryutis. He revealed a crackling orb of blue and green swirled lightning that transports people to a new area of the Zengmodaleth populated by custodians. He believes that Daervlan has allowed access to this area for a reason, that he wants us to see and understand something. It is a test.

Real Date Game Date The Grand Magic Symposium Logs
7/25/20 435-03 Theorists were invited to submit written works for discussion and judging at the Zengmodaleth in a grand event that celebrated magical knowledge and research.

Real Date Game Date The Opening of the Zengmodaleth, aka the Plane of Electricity Logs
5/21/20 434-06 Four Elemental mages, Perune, Mazrian, Saragos, and Navesi, guided by Grove Scholar Uryutis, gathered enormous groups of Warrior Mages and Bards in an attempt to open a portal to the Plane of Electricity. Shockingly, they succeeded, and a new portal was revealed on the Handsome Plateau west of Therenborough, a crackling ring of blue and green swirled lightning, which leads to the Zengmodaleth area.

Real Date Game Date The Aetheric Anomaly Logs
3/8/20 433-09 Working with Grove Scholar Uryutis, Perune, Mazrian, Saragos, and Navesi gathered numerous Warrior Mages and Bards in order to thicken or strengthen the Aetheric canvas of an area, the hope being that this might protect it from extraplanar influence. The result was an Aetheric Anomaly that presented as a curiosity to many of the mages present, who each had his or her own perception of its nature. Some theorized it was a portal to the Plane of Aether, though it killed those who entered it. Over the course of a few weeks or months, the anomaly slowly shrank until it disappeared.

Real Date Game Date Uryutis Lectures on Aether Logs
2/10/19 429-10 Grove Scholar Uryutis favored adventurers with a lengthy lecture on Aether, revealing much about sensing it through Othersight, its role as the "canvas" upon which our Plane is painted, and its ubiquity throughout our universe.

Real Date Game Date Adventurers Meddle with Aether Logs
Unknown Unknown Perune had an idea of how to weave Aether in order to strengthen it in an area, and a small group of adventurers tried this in a private setting. Their meddling did little more than cause some minor injuries, but it also alerted Grove Scholar Uryutis, and he later visited them to discuss it.

Investigations in the Forest

Real Date Game Date Presence Returns to Forest of Night Logs
10/16/21 439-08 Eyst brought folks back together at the Silverclaw Hub Platform within the Forest of Night. His intent was to meet and discuss previous findings. The group was once again met by the curious antlered figure watching them from the edge of the trees, listening to the enchante sung by the Bard Ariya. Shaylynne hooted in an attempt to communicate, and though the sound was not returned, the figure began watching her. Another ranger, Kamisama, attempted to communicate with a beseech, sending a series clicking sounds out into the night air. The creature acknowledged him with a knowing nod before disappearing. Eyst plans to resume research with its original intent, and to work with others to find a way to communicate with the strange being drawn to either the forest or his actions within.

Real Date Game Date Antlered Shadow Reported in Riverhaven Logs
9/29/21 439-06 In the distance during a Ranger meeting in Riverhaven, a shadow moved silently between the trees. Rangers had the instinctive feeling that they were being watched -- or hunted, by an ancient presence. The shadow darted along the treeline, hunched over, as if moving on four limbs, with what appeared to be a large pair of antlers. A single pair of predatory eyes watched the gathering from the forest.

Real Date Game Date Watcher in the Trees Logs
9/24/21 439-06 A group of adventurers organized by Eyst entered the Forest of Night seeking the aid of its dryad inhabitants. While in the middle of offering the gifts they had collectively brought it became apparent they were being observed. A figure wearing a crown of antlers, possibly the subject of a recent vision, was glimpsed several times and appeared to be stalking or leading the group as they ventured through the woods. Only communicating with animals calls and some unknown language, its intentions were not readily apparent and no direct contact was made.

Srinoja's Return

Real Date Game Date Shadow Srinoja and the Spectral Pirates Logs
01/14/22 440-07 Fractured and shadowy versions of the Gnome pirate were rumored days before a ghost ship sailed up to the Landfall dock. Srinoja gwethed a warning moments before spectral pirates disembarked and invaded Crossing. In the midst of this attack, bone wyverns appeared from the sky, though Srinoja claims she could not take credit for them. Mere hours later, Ilithi was ambushed by various types of thugs surfacing from their dens in the Undershard. It is unconfirmed whether any of the three attacks are related.

Real Date Game Date Mustachioed Gnome Visits Kauga Logs
12/14/21 440-04 Kauga reported on the gweth from imprisonment that he is being treated well by hook-man, presumably Khoheke Moglin, and added the food served has not been so bad. As part of his thoughts, he projected information about a curious Gnome sighting. Details included a comically large mustache which appeared glued to the visitor's small face, a large scar, and a funny eye - as if they'd been punched a lot. It sounded suspiciously like Srinoja to many.

Real Date Game Date Additional Srinoja and Kauga storyline details Logs
Unknown Unknown * See Dantia's summary

Search for Sir Beren

Real Date Game Date Return to the Lost Grounds Logs
01/05/22 440-06 The Truthseekers returned to the Lost Grounds in hopes of finding additional clues linked to the disappearance of Sir Beren or the body that was found on their last expedition. They searched the dovecote, the well, and various areas beyond the wall. Unfortunately, this trip provided no additional insight. The quest for answers will continue with a return to Hibarnhvidar - near the tomb of Emille the Fist - where they plan to host a Fete in the Chapel of Hope.

Real Date Game Date Body Discovered in the Lost Grounds Logs
10/13/21 439-07 Rileos led the Truthseekers along with interested parties into the Lost Grounds as part of the search for information on the whereabouts of Sir Beren, a missing Paladin and former Guild Leader. While speaking with Captain Fenhalut on Corik's Wall, torches were spotted flickering in the distance and quickly snuffed out. Upon investigating beyond the wall, wolves were seen sniffing around an area of fresh mud. Beneath the mound of soft dirt, a body was discovered and when turned over, was found to be clutching a parchment in his cold hands that read: "The Fist grows, and the Gorbesh push north, their minds fraying. We must hold the line. We must secure or-" Unfortunately, the rest of the message had been destroyed. A wormwood vine wound around the ankle of the corpse and drug it away, and the group returned to Fenhalut and Rileos relayed the what they'd witnessed to the Emerald Knight Captain.


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Real Date Game Date Return to the Kra'hei Logs
12/19/21 440-4-22 On a mission to grant relief and supplies, Asherasa and Yraggahh the Black led a group into the dark sewers of Ratha on a return visit to the kra'hei. They brought hopes, prayers, supplies, and food, but the touch of Hav'roth did not respond to these well-wishers -- Instead, it was the kra'hei matriarch herself that forged a mental connection to the group. She gave them visions of the destruction and death that had been wrought upon unborn hatchlings due to the poisoned waters of Ratha from the Raid on Basalt Isle. In anger and distrust, she rejected the group's attempt to draw her people out. Left with failure and heartbreak for the kra'hei, the group now seeks a way to cleanse their home, but how does one cleanse the ichorous poison?

The Raid on Basalt Isle

Real Date Game Date The Raid on Basalt Isle Logs
10/2/21 439-6-36 * See Dantia's summary and Basalt Isle Raid

Platinum Instance

Platinum Event Logs
Real Date Game Date Adan'f Invasion Logs
5/7/21 438-41 A group of Adan'f, led by a champion blood warrior snuck into Shard by unknown means. They were engaged by a local Rakash who also gwethed and received help by a S'kra, Phez. The two fought off the invasion and killed the champion. It is unknown at this time if the incursion was part of a larger offensive or the infrequent breach of Shard security.

Real Date Game Date Temple Protest Logs
5/4/21 Unknown A protest organized by a Dwarven commoner erupted in anger when a Purified Scholar Zauldin arrived and engaged in a theological discussion. Ultimately, both sides went their separate ways peacefully, but both sides made ominous threats regarding the nature of the soul, humanity, and mortality.

Real Date Game Date Srinoja and pirate gang pick a fight Logs
3/27/21 Unknown Following rumors of a pirate crew working in the area and the name "Srinoja", Srinoja herself arrived at the Riverhaven docks on the Dawnsinger. She claimed to be purchasing cookies and baked goods to be resold to Muspar'i "instrument merchants". A cadre of adventurers arrived and offered her booze and a treasure map which she readily accepted. However, a Bard and a Gnome attempted to hijack the Dawnsinger which initiated a brawl. A pitched battle ensued and ultimately the pirate crew were defeated while Srinoja herself departed via rift to another ship promising to return. The Dawnsinger ultimately sailed off after the adventurers departed.

Real Date Game Date Dragon Priest Assassins attack Bard's Guild Logs
3/27/21 Unknown Dragon Priests sent assassins into the inner halls of various Bard Guildhalls throughout Elanthia. They were handily dispatched.

Real Date Game Date Campaign to save the seagulls Logs
3/25/21 Unknown A group of adventurers lead by a Ranger and a Trader used bread a lure to bring ailing seagulls from Fang Cove to Eluned's Temple off Aesry. The seagulls became enraged on the voyage and were particularly aggressive in attacking the Ranger leading the expedition. After having no luck in receiving Eluned's blessing in Aesry, the group sailed to a island temple and offered a stuffed seagull that the Ranger had fixated on in offering. After prayer, the attendees had a vision of a ship sailing under black sail to attack mainland cities and the seagull attacks ceased.