Black Spire

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Located near Raven's Point in Forfedhdar, the Spire became the focal point for the rise of the Dragon Priests under Shaarl in about 384 AV. This lead to the High Priestess Tallis to call for a crusade against the Spire in 388 AV. The Spire houses the Temple of the World Dragon.


Sights Within the Spire

[The Black Spire, Temple of the World Dragon]
The smell of incense is intense and choking in this circular chamber at the top of the tower. Numerous black candles cast a flickering light over a large block of black stone. The image of the World Dragon, meticulously carved in granite, supports the altar in its giant maw. Plain, wooden kneelers have been placed in front of a large tapestry that covers the opposite wall. You also see a steep stairway.

The dragon
Done in complete and painstaking detail, only its total immobility gives the figure away as not being real. Streaks of dried dark brown and black stains cover its entire surface. Fashioned from red crystal, the dragon's eyes glow and flicker in the candlelight.
The altar
Runes and symbols have been acid-etched into all surfaces of the obsidian altar. The top surface is slightly concave and has cuffs of strong leather fastened in all corners. A large, golden bowl has been placed at one of the short ends directly under a protruding lip.
The tapestry
Crudely woven, the scene shows an incomplete representation of the World Dragon sitting at the top of a volcano while a line of supplicants throw themselves into the lava. The souls of the sacrifices rise to complete the dragon's image.
A large tapestry reads
"Blood brought the World Dragon forth. Blood will sustain it. Blood will bring the World Dragon forth once again. Those who give themselves freely to the World Dragon will rejoice when the dynasty resumes in cleansing fire."

And in a hidden place beneath the Spire:

[The Black Spire, Hidden Shrine]
More of a grotto than a cave, this small, enclosed space deep within the mountain is filled with an air of peace and contentment. An underground stream softly burbles through a worn channel in the floor to collect in a small pool before disappearing into a cleft in the rock. Near the natural basin, a shrine has been etched into the solid stone. Luminescent lichen grows along the walls giving off a bright, pale green light.

The shrine is crafted in an ancient style not used since the Seven Star Empire and is masterfully sanded to a smooth polish. The emblems of Peri'el are etched carefully into the surface.