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The Dwarven Nations


Adamantia was one of the first Dwarven nations, spanning the Hiimarhand Shel, which lie to the south of Ilithi. The Hiimarhand Shel connect Kermoria and Albaria. Adamantia's capital was High Hold. Unlike the other Dwarven nations, Adamantia never became part of the Seven Star Empire. Adamantia, for centuries, was the capitol of all dwarfdom. However, it was eventually eclipsed and considered too remote as the dwarves shifted northward into the other Kingdoms.

It is now overrun by the demon forest, the Dark Hand, with the ruins of High Hold having been occupied by the Gorbesh during the Gorbesh War.


West of Zoluren and Ilithi are the Himineldar Shel or “Skyfire Mountains”. They are home to the dwarven nation centered at the capitol of Forfedhdar, Hibarnhvidar and the outposts of Ain Ghazal and Raven's Point. Forfedhdar itself is more properly the home to two Kingdoms, one centered at Hibarnhvidar, and the second in Kwarlog.

The province itself has a provincial government called the Forfedhar Conclave. There are different factions that "rule" exclusive to their areas and only gather for matters that affect the whole province. They were the group that sent the Dwarves and Togs to the other provinces during the plague and Dragon Priest invasions that 'rediscovered' the province. There are few occasions that they meet.

Iron Kingdom

One of the first Dwarven nations. It began with settlements in the Dragon Spine Mountains around 3150BL. Garnedhren was its capitol. After being driven out by the Blackfire Cabal, Iron Clan allied with the young Wind Elves they met upon the Deriel plains. This agreement was reached by King Hvalig with the elf Tivhiri. Upon returning to the Dragon Spine, they found their settlements abandoned by the Blackfire Cabal, and reconstruction began on Garnedhren.

The dwarves rebuilt the city, including a section of the city for the elves, designed by King Hvalig's own hand. There was peace between elf and dwarf for almost 400 years until a series of events led Morganae's uprising, and the destruction of the Iron Kingdom. This event led to Garnedhren being renamed Elamiri and the formation of the Mountain Elves.

The survivors of the Iron Kingdom cast their lot with Sidhlot and eventually were corrupted into Dark Dwarves for practicing necromancy under Sidhlot's teachings.


In the region between Therengia and Forfedhdar lies the Arncharn Shel or “Ironstar Mountains”. The Arncharn Shel is home to the Dwarven Kingdom of Kwarlog. Kwarlog was founded in 1859 BL, and the Kingdom was considered the only expansionistic dwarven nation. After 1000 BL, and the ending of the Elven-Human War, Kwarlog expanded north to the Gemfire Mountains surrounding Velaka. Two expeditions into Velaka, from the new city of Hvaral were unsuccessful. Hvaral was abandoned by the dwarves in 63 AV, and is now held by Therengia.

Lairocott Brach

Lairocott Brach is the small successor to Rendstaan, having been founded by a portion of Rendstaan’s army that had left for Imperial service. The halls were opened in 500 BL.


The Kingdom of Rendstaan was in the Journelai Shel between Zoluren and Therengia. It gradually faded beginning with the death of King Heksoch around 990 BL, with the kingdom fully abandoned by 535 BL. Internecine violence led to the non-partisans fleeing to Kwarlog.