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Role-playing in General

Roleplaying (also known as RP) is acting out your fictional character's personality, motivations, and actions instead of those of you the player. It can be grand or small-scale, but the experience is very fun for many players!

This page is intended as a resource that DragonRealms players can use to help foster and build the RP community, and to house useful information both for brand new players and established players to feel more confident in how they can jump into RP in DR.

See Out of Character and OOC Euphemisms for behavior that may be considered objectionable among role-players.

Characters Actively Involved in RP

Please only add your own characters or the characters of players who have specifically asked to be added here.

Information on this page can be considered in-character.

First Last Primary Location Crystal Ring? Normal Times (in EST) Focus or Affiliation
Broichan Leshyahen Crossing/Shard yes evenings Bards, Engineering, Kaldaran Culture
Ciressa Riverhaven yes random Traders, House Giraud
Ciroce Eiram Zoluren yes varies Paladins, General Shenanigans
Destren Sara'Thai Wanders yes evenings general RP
Dianelle Wanders yes random Inquisition and Crystal Vanguard
Drexella Riverhaven yes random Therengian lore, House Giraud
Emyrose Dane Shard/Crossing yes varies General RP
Ianhanse Ironclaw Crossing yes 9:45 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Bards, S'Kra Mur, Alterations
Ishadi Crossing no random Empath, Qi'Reshalia, S'Kra Mur, general RP
Isharon Anloraes Zoluren/Ilithi yes evenings, late nights Paladins, Order of the White Rose, Inquisition
Jessalyne Anlorma Wanders yes evenings Misc. Criminal Element, Botanist, Gustatory Enthusiast, General RP
Kaelie Rudeone-Daemondred Crossing yes all day Order of the Black Fox, Empaths
Kenamer Maylan Therengia yes evenings (6 p.m. - 3 a.m.) Paladin and Therengian Lore, Assisting Adventurers, Theren Guard
Khaelyn Crossing yes evenings general RP
Kintalia Silvermist Crossing no varies general RP, House Silvermist
Klines Silvermist Crossing yes varies general RP, House Silvermist, Moon Mage
Komeri Ilithi yes random Prydaen, general RP
Lilustra Destial wanders yes random general RP
Liurilias Grath'Vael Crossing/Theren yes evenings Therengia, Clerics, Prydaen, Inquisition
Maiyra Crossing yes random Barbarians, Kaldar
Mandalynn Riverhaven yes random Paladins, House Giraud
Marsin Anlorma Wanders yes varies scholar/researcher of history and arcane lore
Mazrian Daemondred-Rudeone Crossing yes 5 p.m. - 10 p.m. Order of the Black Fox, Warrior Mages
Mistanna Redivas Crossing/Shard yes varies Crystal Vanguard, Moon Mage, general RP, newcomers
Munchausen Vigganbaskan Crossing/Forfedhar yes evenings Order of the Apostles, Technomancy, private investigation.
Perune Nocarrain Crossing yes 7 p.m. - midnight Warrior Mages, general RP
Sarkranis Murhhthi Velaka/Ilithi/Forfedhdar yes evenings, late nights Empaths, S'Kra Mur
Sebestyen Kuliniac Riverhaven yes random Paladins, House Giraud
Sendithu Shima'ionare-Remlane Shard yes varies Mountain Elf, Politics, Anti-Necromancer
Shaidval Lo'pahael Boar Clan yes 2 p.m. - 10 p.m. Prydaen lore, Clerics, Necromancers,
Sijan Renyan'ache Wanders yes random Prydaen, Necromancer
Soonuh Crossing yes Night EST Warrior Mage
Vaniotte Widdershins Crossing/wanders yes random general RP
Voyle Oracelya Zoluren yes random General, Warrior Mage, Magical Theory
Whiteburn Theren/Qi yes evenings to early mornings Drogor, Dark Gods, Inquisition, Clerics, S'Kra Mur

Where to Find Other People to RP With

Characters gather in various places throughout the game to socialize, though some are more permanent fixtures or more highly trafficked than others.

You can also talk to other characters ICly over long distances via:

  • gwethdesuans, known popularly as gweths. Gweths can be purchased from other PCs.
  • albredine crystal rings, often simply called crystal rings. These can be purchased from static shops in the game.
  • various colored albredine rings, which will allow group talk between anyone who has a ring attuned to the same color. These are sometimes dropped by creatures, and can be purchased in static shops in game.
  • The Thoughtcast spell. This spell allows the caster to send a message directly to another.
  • a warrior mage's familiar, which can relay messages from its master.
  • some other special items, such as gwererest shells and various types of bird charms.