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Shaidval Lo'pahael
Status Active
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime

Born one year after the death of Lyras to a briefly mated pair, Shaidval was delivered to the care of a transitory Hub near Shard. Shortly thereafter, a difference in opinions in where to settle and what should matter more, seclusion and tradition or cultural adaptation and community lead to most of the population going their own way in small groups, seeking different goals. The group that took the kits was ambushed and mostly killed shortly after, the survivors having been rescued and aided by a old S'kra Mur Warrior Mage who was traveling through the backwoods of Ilithi province. He encouraged them to seek shelter in Shard, which they hesitantly accepted.

When Shaidval was still very young, the Ferdahl Aemmin suggested that some of the kits in care of the Elders who sought shelter there be instructed and educated in Elothean culture as well as Prydaen. With that agreement, Shaidval was instructed in the faith of both peoples and elected to join the Cleric's guild in the Crystal City, arguing that a bridge must be made between the civilizations of the East and those seeking shelter from the West. Armed with a dual education and theologically versed in both faiths, she set out to be of service both to Prydaen adventurers in a traditional sense and the assorted races of the East.

At one time she joined the Triage division of the Crystal Vanguard, pledging to do her part in keeping Ilithi safe. She resides in Sunfall Hub, but spends a great deal of her time traveling to different Hubs and bringing news of events to the Elders. Moon Mages across the continent do their best to bring Prydaen kits separated from their Hubs by whatever manner to her for instruction and counseling. Being of traditional mind, she can most often be found by herself, destroying undeath and threats to the People in service to Tenemlor.