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Vaniotte Widdershins
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Bard
Instance Prime

Vaniotte is a tiny Elf, silver hair with streaks of snowy white, braided with a strand of wildflowers and nightfire opals. A vivid fire opal heart rests on her forehead, just above eyes of grey that hold flecks of silver like lightning in a stormy sky. White opals placed near the corners of her mouth serve more to accent the pallor of her skin than any beauty therein. Her slender form is draped in a kimono of pastel blue, the sleeves rolled back just enough to display a set of meditation beads wrapped around one wrist and the fragile bone ring on her left hand.

Frequently found near Crossing, Vani is usually somewhere in a crowd, though she treasures time spent in certain wilder spaces.

Bardic life suits her well enough, though art of almost any kind will draw her in. If you'd like to be drawn, just ask!