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House Giraud ~ A working Therengian player-run house committed to the betterment of the people.

Founded ~380 AV when His Grace, Lord Baron Gyfford Theren conferred nobility upon Drexella Giraud, allowing her to form her house and create the House Arms (described below).

The Baron granted this in return for her years of loyal service to allow her to continue to serve the people of Therengia. In 393 Drexella and Sebestyen were wed and The Baron recognized Sebestyen as Lord of the House. In 404, Lady Drexella was convicted of Dereliction of Duty by the Baron and stripped of her nobility. Sebestyen was reconfirmed as head of the House in a suspended state.
In 411, His Grace pardoned Drexella, but the House would no longer be considered of lesser nobility by the Throne. House Giraud continues on as before, serving Therengia and taking on projects for the betterment of the people of all provinces.

House Members

The Giraud Family:

  • Lord of House Giraud
  • Lady Giraud
  • Stormont Giraud, Lord Cavalier
  • Galienne Giraud
  • Maurune Giraud


  • Rusula, Steward and Keeper of Lore
  • Sir Grymmlen DeJourdain,Sergeant at Arms
  • Sir Gaidin Dethisuel, Standard Bearer
  • Dame Mandalynn, Knight of the House
  • Firekast Bellfree, Magister
  • Nithhogr Synok, Surgeon and Leech Farmer
  • Blaayd Halfhaind, House Bard

In Memoriam:

  • Boobuh Dawntracker, House Reconnoiterer
  • Balfore, Knight of the House


Azure, a garden rose Argent slipped and leaved, a Bordure diminished Or. Crest: a phoenix in flames proper. Supporters: dexter, a lion proper; sinister, a dragon Sable. Motto: Truth, Honor, Justice.