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What is roleplaying?

Roleplaying (also known as RP) is acting out your fictional character's personality, motivations, and actions instead of those of you the player. It can be grand or small-scale, but the experience is very fun for many players!

This page is intended as a resource that DragonRealms players can use to help foster and build the RP community, and to house useful information both for brand new players and established players to feel more confident in how they can jump into RP in DR.

See Out of Character and OOC Euphemisms for behavior that may be considered objectionable among role-players.

How do I find others to roleplay with?

There are a number of popular gathering places throughout Elanthia where characters regularly socialize. Some are more permanent fixtures or more highly trafficked than others.

You can also communicate in-game with other characters over long distances via:

  • Gwethdesuans, known popularly as "gweths". Gweths can be purchased from other player characters in game.
  • The Thoughtcast spell. This spell allows the caster to send a message directly to another and communicate with the target using SEND for one minute.
  • The Distant Gaze spell allows Moon Mages to observe or relay messages to any room where they have a moonbeam.
  • A Warrior Mage's familiar, which can relay messages from its master.
  • Some other special items, such as gwererest shells and whisper charms (also called "bird charms").

While out-of-character (OOC) communication is not necessary for roleplay, there are several OOC resources that can be used to communicate and plan interactions with other roleplayers:

Characters actively involved in roleplay

  • Only add your own characters or the characters of players who have specifically asked to be added here.
  • Please limit each character to a total of no more than 10 affiliations/interests. If you need to elaborate further, feel free to do so on your character's personal page.
  • The Guild and Race columns do not necessarily mean that a character belongs to those groups, just that the character's RP often involves those groups (for example, anti-Necromancer).
  • The Genie roleplayer highlights can be useful for identifying those willing to RP in game.
First Last Location Personal Channel? Normal Times
RP or groups
RP or groups
Aeilion Zoluren no most evenings,weekends Warrior Mages Elves Disciples of Arhat, blackfire, warmage artifacts
Ahneya Zoluren, Ilithi no evening, weekends Elves fighting scurvy, general RP
Aiche Zoluren Nope overnights USA Bards Prydaen General RP, history, lore, art, thieves, adventuring
Aislynn Ranloa Zoluren yes whenever Empaths, triage S'Kra Mur Order of the Apostles Siegery, Alchemy, Zoluren, Elpalzi, smoking, general RP
Aliselyn Crossing. Shard yes evenings to early morning Warrior Mage Empath Elotheans F2PC, general RP, language, culture
Anabasis Flamewalker Qi'Reshalia no weekends Warrior Mages S'Kra Mur history
Angel Sacredstorm Therengia yes Varies Moon Mages Elothean Order of the Theren Guard Therengia, Heavy RP, Moon Mage RP, Search and Rescue, Celestian Compact
Anjinson Shilanthor Crossing Yes Varies Retired Paladin Human Tavern Troupe Performing Order General RP, Heavy RP, Treasure Hunting, Item Design, Occasional Armor Forging, Sea Travel
Atazai Coffins Qi'Reshalia, Hara'jaal, Crossing no mornings, nights Progeny of Tezirah Hara'jaal, oceans, rivers, lakes, Sorcery
Auradric Therengia yes Evenings, Weekends Paladins S'Kra Mur Order of the Theren Guard Honor, Therengia, anti-necro, S'Kra culture
Azante Al'Ordin Crossing yes varies Cleric Elves Order of the Apostles Undead/cursed creatures, ant-necromancy, the Immortals, general RP
Basteht Swiftstrike Shard yes varies Empaths Prydaen Order of the Black Fox
Bellicia Silver-Seord Crossing yes evenings and weekends theater, performing, new adventurers, Forging (weapons), general RP
Briaen Huns wanders yes evenings rum, fashion, necromancy, sorcery, magical studies, general RP
Broichan Leshyahen Crossing, Shard yes evenings Bards Kaldar Engineering
Ceindrech Zoluren, Therengia yes all day Empaths, defense healing general RP
Charlize Reynard The Wilderness yes whenever Rangers Elven Tavern Troupe Performing Order Forest Elves
Ciressa Riverhaven yes random Traders Giraud family
Ciroce Eiram Zoluren yes varies Paladins general shenanigans
Damoza Silvermist Riverhaven, Crossing yes 6 p.m.-11 p.m. Empaths Silvermist family general RP
Dartellum Waddle Zoluren, Therengia yes all day Warrior Mages history, defending, general RP
Delani Gray Zoluren, wanders yes varies, mostly evening Human Zoluren Elitism, Human Superiority, Animals, Shenanigans, General RP
Denoces Rey'lap Zoluren yes evening, varies Commoner or Guildless Human Seekers Searching for magical artifacts, trimming down fluff for practical items, collecting gear during invasions to put on the shelves and in charity chests for aspiring players who missed the fun due to time constraints, shaping, trying to be magical.
Derhael Rudel Zoluren, Therengia yes varies Paladins Prydaen
Destren Sara'Thai wanders yes evenings general RP
Devish Zacelphet all over yes Varies Warrior Mage Elves general RP, drinking, wars, sorcery, helping out newbies
Dianelle wanders yes random Crystal Vanguard, Inquisition
Drexella Riverhaven yes random Giraud family Therengian lore
Eelah Elventree Zoluren No? overnights USA PST Empaths Elves History, general RP, littles
Emryn Arderne Crossing yes evenings, some afternoons Necromancers new adventurers, general RP
Emyrose Dane Shard, Crossing yes varies theater, aerial, Dane Family, general RP
Enalen Zoluren, Theren yes daytime and late night, some evenings Cleric River Elves, Humans House Theren and other ridiculously long human bloodlines, History, Death, Watery Themes
Enthien Neroven Shard, Crossing yes varies, usually evenings Mountain Elves Crystal Vanguard crime, general RP
Erilleth Shard yes evening Mountain Elves Magical theory, general RP
Fernika Sfozlstraut Crossing no varies Paladins Rakash Siksraja, general RP
Feysy Elswyth Zoluren No overnights USA Rangers Prydaen Lore, History, general RP, Lyras, Hubs, Flowers
Gwenddolyn MacAlhaismorien-Odarien Crossings, Dirge yes evenings, random Paladins Elves Order of the White Rose Speaker, Gods, Crusades, Horses, Forging, Armorsmiths Metallurgy, general RP
Haileyann Duvaindis Crossing yes evenings and weekends Empaths Order of the Apostles teaching, triage, new adventurers, Tailoring, Alchemy, general RP
Hazelnut Noce Crossing no varies Traders Gnomes food, books, fashion, general RP
Hanryu Ves'Shomis Ilithi/BoarClan yes evening/weekend EST Rangers Kaldar Armor crafting
Heartsfyre Alota'A'Milyo Zoluren, Mer'Kresh, Theren All Varies Empath Elotheans Zoluren, Theren Empathing, talking smack, dying, great RP, history, helping out the young adventurers
Ianhanse Ironclaw Crossing yes 9:45 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Bards S'Kra Mur alterations
Ishadi Crossing no random Empaths S'Kra Mur Qi'Reshalia, general RP
Isharon Anloraes Zoluren, Ilithi yes evenings, late nights Paladins Celestial Elves Inquisition Chadatru, heraldry, Empire of the Seven Pointed Star
Jessalyne Anlorma wanders yes evenings (Pacific) crime, botanist, gustatory enthusiast, general RP
Kaelie Rudeone-Daemondred Crossing yes all day Empaths Order of the Black Fox
Karissa Crossing yes any time Rangers Elves shopping, fashion, design, general RP
Kenamer Maylan Therengia yes evenings (6 p.m. - 3 a.m.) Paladins Order of the Dragon Shield Therengian lore, new adventurers
Khaelyn Crossing yes evenings general RP
Kheldas Anlorma wanders yes evenings (Pacific) Clerics Kaldar gustatory enthusiast, general RP
Kintalia Silvermist Crossing no varies Silvermist family general RP
Klines Silvermist Crossing yes varies Moon Mages Silvermist family, First Land Herald general RP
Komeri Ilithi yes random Prydaen general RP
Kythera Avatade Zoluren yes varies Moon Mages Elothean Ilithi, Visions, new adventurers , general RP
Lasika Priskorya Zoluren, Sunfall Hub yes late evenings Thieves, Bards Prydaen, Rakash Tavern Troupe groupie Be'ort, mental health, digging holes
Lilustra Destial wanders yes random Alchemy, novice apothecary, general RP
Liurilias Grath'Vael Crossing, Therengia yes evenings Clerics Prydaen Inquisition Therengia
Lohawi Tamingi Zoluren yes evenings, late nights (sporadic) Prydaen
Lomelinde Zoluren, Muspar'i no evenings, weekends Elves Outcast Tribes general RP
Mahe Deadlo Crossing, Qi'Reshalia yes evening, late night Barbarians Deadlo family general RP
Maiyra Crossing yes random Barbarians Kaldar
Maklor Byrthrone Shard yes weekends, 1 a.m. exploration, adventuring, general RP
Malchazador Zoluren, Forfedhdar, Ilithi, Therengia, Ratha, Aesry Yes Weeknights, Weekends Helping the poor or those in need, Forging, Random exploring and traveling
Mandalynn Riverhaven yes random Paladins Giraud family
Marcul Miakeyiru Shard yes varies Progeny of Tezirah House of the Silver Star Ilithi, history, sorcery, Visions, general RP
Marsin Anlorma wanders yes varies history and arcane lore
Maxwelinski Dejacque Siksraja yes whenever Bards Rakash Dejacque Family Naga Charmer, Siksrajan Liberator
Mazrian Daemondred-Rudeone Crossing yes 5 p.m. - 10 p.m. Warrior Mages Order of the Black Fox
Miskton Ramahk Ilithi, Zoluren yes varies Moon Mages Ilithi, Visions, research, drinking
Mistanna Redivas Crossing, Shard yes varies Moon Mages Crystal Vanguard new adventurers, general RP
Mordimer Mikain Zoluren yes Evenings, Weekends Warrior Mages Elves Sorcery, WM Events, PVP, General RP, assistance
Morlen Ishbel Crossing yes evenings, some afternoons Empaths Prydaen new adventurers, general RP
Munchausen Vigganbaskan Crossing, Forfedhdar yes evenings Order of the Apostles technomancy, private investigation
Nastasya Filipovna Zoluren, wanders yes all times general RP
Nahvani Illithi, wanders yes evenings, some days Necromancy Mountain Elves Magical theory, general RP
Navesi Daerthon Crossing yes evenings, some afternoons Bards Kaldar The First Land Herald
Nsar Shard yes Evenings EST Thieves Necromancers Bards Subtle Mayhem, Criminal Activity for Hire, General RP, CvC Combat, PVP Fights
Nefis Mordael Crossing yes Early morning, weekends Necromancers Human Sorcery
Oscearo Stillwater Crossing yes evenings, weekends Warrior Mages Outcast Tribes general RP
Padhg Silver-Seord Crossing yes evenings Clerics Dwarves Dwarves, Forging, new adventurers, sailing, Siegery
Perune Nocarrain Crossing yes 7 p.m. - midnight Warrior Mages general RP
Promithius Forfedhdar Yes morning, afternoon, late evening Clerics Human Order of the White Rose Empire of the Seven Pointed Star, White Rose Bush, Old Age w/ schizophrenia
Rafano Rekletar Therengia yes evenings, weekends Traders Rakash Lunar theory, Rakash lore, Moonskin
Rairken Maylan Therengia yes evenings (random) Empathy Order of the Theren Guard new adventurers
Rehlyn Dnark Therengia, Ilithi yes varies Warrior Mages Elves Silent Guardians Standing Stones, Shaping, Riverhaven, Siegery
Saelihn Zoluren All EST-mornings/evenings Empath Category:Sand Elf Zoluren, Theren Healing, shopping, dancing, exploring, philosophy, art, general RP :)
Saragos Daerthon Crossing yes evenings, some afternoons Warrior Mages The First Land Herald
Sarkranis Murhhthi Velaka, Ilithi, Forfedhdar yes evenings, late nights Empaths S'Kra Mur, Sraan Mhhg Muspar'i, Velaka
Saslisena Echoya Therengia yes varies, mostly evenings theater, acting, plays/songs/storytelling, general RP
Sebestyen Kuliniac Riverhaven yes random Paladins Giraud family
Sendithu Shima'ionare-Remlane Shard yes varies anti-Necromancer Mountain Elves politics
Shaidval Lo'pahael Boar Clan yes 2 p.m. - 10 p.m. Clerics, Necromancers, Prydaen
Sideron Zoluren yes Moon Mages general RP
Sijan Renyan'ache wanders yes random Necromancers Prydaen
Soonuh Crossing yes night Warrior Mages
Starrprancer Hamarhowar Stone Clan, Crossing no Mid morning, Late night Cleric,Necromancer Dwarf Order of the Black Fox General RP, Misenseor Abbey, Dwarves, Stone Clan
Sulic Fyon Riverhaven yes late nights, weekends fine liquors, holy deeds
Suruli Anlora Zoluren yes Evenings, Weekends Warrior Mages Human General RP
Temmel Crossing yes random, evenings Empaths general RP
Terali Lytton Crossing yes evenings, some afternoons Thieves Rakash new adventurers, general RP
Tirost Armagna Crossing yes varies Warrior Mages Tavern Troupe Performing Order Magical theory, Kermorian history, poetry, general RP
Tonika Organna Crossing yes varies Moon Mages [[]] Magical theory, Moon Mage lore, Dark Gods, Sorcery, general RP
Vaniotte Widdershins Crossing, wanders yes random general RP
Velky Winterheart wanders yes random Rangers Prydaen Hara'jaal, Crafting, ships, exploration, general RP
Voyle Oracelya Zoluren yes random Warrior Mages Magical theory, general RP
Whiteburn Izzu'hhrki Therengia, Qi'Reshalia yes Late afternoon to evening Clerics S'Kra Mur Inquisition Drogor, dark gods
Woten Muninn Zoluren, Forfedhar, Ilithi yes random Warrior Mages Magical theory, Sorcery, general RP
Xionara Swiftstrike Shard yes varies Warrior Mages Prydaen Order of the Black Fox Magical theory
Xzean Faelrlyn Shard, Zoluren, Hibarnhvidar yes evenings Necromancers Elves general RP
Zehira Al'thor Boar Clan, Crossing yes anytime Necromancers general RP