Munan Title Quest

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The Munan title is a Prydaen Racial title that means "Elder" in Prydaenese.


  • Must be Prydaen
  • May not be Necromancer
  • Must be at least Age 50
  • Must not have an active warrant

Quest Giver

Ra Yureko
Temporary location
Thatched Hut near the Prydaen altar in Zoluren.
Dawnvale Hub in Tref Bain.

Quest Synopsis

  • Quest must be completed in -- time.
  • Quest has three stages.
1 - Demrris specific
2 - Tenemlor specific
3 - Eu specific

Special Notes

It is possible to lose the title in the following ways
It is possible to regain the title if lost except when a GameMaster has blocked/banned you from it.
If you gain a warrant or outrage during the title quest, you automatically fail the quest and may not try again for -- time.