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Esado Graimairo
Status: Dead
Guild: Ranger
Race: Prydaen
Gender: Male
Type: alterer
Relatives: Rocha, Yeyaru, Refikalor

You see Rish Esado Graimairo, a Prydaen.
Esado has a triangular face, cat-slitted blue-grey eyes and a hooked nose. His blonde-streaked red-gold mane is short and thick, and is worn tied back. He has dingy, grey-speckled calico fur, a straight tail and a stocky build.
He is tall for a Prydaen.
He appears to be elderly.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a corded silver necklace strung with ivory fangs, a simple spidersilk bundle, a long white leather tunic marked down the side with silver-edged tribal symbols, a small bracelet strung with stones in alternating red and blue colors, a braided snakeskin belt clasped with a claw-shaped buckle, a pair of black leather trousers painted with whorling silver clouds and some rugged forester's boots.


  • Esado typically only works during Hollow Eve.
  • Esado will not work on anything living. This means no marnets.
  • Esado will work on bird charms, hiders, and cosmic color-changing gems.
  • You must provide rares and the base item.
  • Esado does not forgebind (combine two unlike weapons.)
  • Similar noun changes on non-armor and non-weapons are acceptable in most cases.
  • Esado works with chakral in special sessions only.
  • Esado will accept vouchers on occasion. These are usually done for a low price or free.
  • Esado's pricing is done on a barter system and it's OK to haggle with him.

A hand-painted notice tacked up on a stake reads:
~~Rish Esado Graimairo~~

Esado works by utilizing a special language passed through his family that can be used to alter the appearance of items. Esado refuses to use this lore to speak rare materials into being, so you must provide them. He is able to work with any material and reserves the right to deny the request to alter special materials.
Starting price is 20 platinum. This increases 10 platinum per item added to the base.

No cambrinth or chakrel this session.

Can work on planetary gems, chakrel, and cambrinth. Otherwise does generally any item.
Doesn't always do chakrel or cambrinth at every session.