Bardic Knots

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Bardic Knots

---A Missive from Silvyrfrost---

Greetings, fellow Guild Leaders. I hope this missive finds you all well and at peace with the harmonies. I send news of recent events. As you may have heard from some of our wandering Bards, we had guests at the Crossing Guild several days ago. A Prydaen Bard by the name of Seralor paid me a visit (yes friends, the legends are true). She came bearing gifts, calling her people, and the Rakash who came with them, refugees and speaking words of peace and friendship. In the midst of this, the undead kin of these 'refugees' overran our cities. I do not trust her, although I accepted her gifts readily enough, for I saw benefits to our Bards in them. She claims herself to be wife to Vael, whom many have called hero. We shall see.

We spoke briefly at first, oft interrupted by the Bards watching our commerce. Someone has been severely lacking in the teaching of respect and courtesy in this guild, but I leave that discussion for another time. With Seralor's first visit, she brought scrolls of a traditional Prydaen song, The Wheel Song. Interesting, that. They sing it over the corpses of their dead. She also offered one of their own for initiation into the guild, which I did and gladly. It will not hurt to have one at close hand, should things go awry and the need for bargaining arises. She then left to join her husband, I know not where.

After the undead had ravaged the city for hours and many of our own had died in defense, Seralor came again to my guild. Her words are fair, but I sense she is not telling all. Again, she offered to me a token, this time in the form of a Bardic enchante, called Demrris' Resolve. I took her away from the common area to my office so that I might learn of this new magic. The proper method for teaching this has been sent by a fast carrier. Indeed, you should already have it as you read this. Anyway, it is there that she taught it to me, and told me of the Knots her Bardic people carry.

Here is a brief sketch of the Knots she spoke of, although the custom is quite strange to me.

Bardic Blood Knot

-- The Blood Knot is a Knot of mourning and sadness. It is worn by the Bard who has lost a loved one, usually kin. After the Wheel Song has been sung, the Bard who is left behind wears this Knot to show their mourning. Often, colors are used, either in the form of ribbons attached to the Knot, or a gem in the Knot itself. Emerald is for a parent lost, amethyst for a child, red for a mate, blue for a guildmate.
From what Seralor tells me, many Prydaen Bards have worn these of late.

This Knot appears to be a cluster of circles, all intertwined with one another, without end.

Bardic Spirit Knot

-- The Spirit Knot is worn by most Bards, as it is quite often gifted to them when they join the guild, usually by their proud Bard kin. From the way Seralor spoke of it, it was a token reminder to keep the Bardic Spirit with them always. I have no doubt that an enterprising merchant will soon have a robust business in these parts with them.

A simplistic Knot, with a faint image of a bell entwined in the sea of strands.

Bardic Soul Knot

-- This Knot, the Soul Knot, is one of bonding. Usually gifted to a Prydaen Bard when they bond to another as mate, and usually gifted by that mate.

This Knot, although complex in its form, portrays an image of two tails twining about each other, almost as if one.

Bardic Fate Knot

-- Seralor would not elaborate on the meaning of this knot, but only said that few of their Bards are able to wear them. She herself wore one in the form of an amulet, and indeed took it from her neck and offered it to me as a gift. I declined. I have quite enough Fate of my own, thank you.

Although I didn't get a close look at this Knot, it appeared to be extremely complex in nature.

Seralor explained that there were more Knots than these four, but unfortunately our limited time together prevented her from speaking more on them. I do not understand how the Knots of the Prydaen became entangled with their Bards. Seralor only said that the Knots were an ancient Prydaen Bardic tradition, and would not go into their origins. Perhaps even she doesn't know them. She did say that most Knots were made of metal - usually pewter, silver or gold - but were sometimes carved from wood. The metal Knots are small, and reserved for jewelry that can be worn. The wood carvings were often large, more intricate, and hung in the homes of Prydaen Bards as decoration.

From my contacts, I have learned that Seralor has returned to her place in the west along with her husband. However, I do not think we have seen the last of either. Tread warily, friends, for my twitching ears tell me there is more to this than we can possibly know.

By my hand,

Bard Silvyrfrost