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Status: Alive
Guild: Barbarian
Race: Prydaen
Gender: Female
Location: Fayrin's Rest (Ranik Map 64)

Sathralor is the Barbarian pit master that formerly taught the secrets of the Panther Dance. She resides near Fayrin's Rest north of Shard.


You see a lithe Prydaen Warrior waiting patiently at the opposite edge of the circle, silver streaks in an otherwise black mane complementing her brilliant silver eyes. She shifts slightly, moving in her hunting leathers as if she had been born in them. Her exposed claws gleam in the dim light, and you hold no doubts as to how those training models received their scars.


The last few words she speaks to you after learning the dance.

Go from this place with the knowledge that there are powers in you that no mage could ever conjure. Walk with pride, Warrior, for you have earned it on this day," Sathralor says.

"May the Panther of Demrris inspire you in times of hunt, and shelter you in times of need. Go well, Barbarian."