Beyond the Barrier: The Devastation of Lyras

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You thought she was gone for good.

You thought that she was finally and truly destroyed.

You were wrong.


A cry of help has come from the far west, further than even Forfedhdar. What was once the wild highlands of the Prydaen is now the wasteland left behind by a long and brutal war. Too few in number to finish the war themselves, the last of the Claw of Tenemlor will rely on you to rid the land of the scourge of undead once and for all, and restore both life and peace to a dead land. From cleansing the land of its corruption, to aiding the Claw in their work, your help is needed. And ultimately, the last remnant of Lyras waits...for you.

Do you have the courage to go Beyond the Barrier?

Aid the Claw of Tenemlor in the last fight against the corruption that Lyras wrought on the far west. Battle the undead, travel to the Sunfell Hub, and put an end to the Remnant of Lyras once and for all! This quest lasts roughly four hours, and has a maximum size of ten people.

EARLY BIRD BONUS! All questers who participate in one of the first thirty (30) quest runs at the introductory price will be able to choose between two very special limited edition items that will never, ever be offered again!

HOLIDAY SPECIAL (2014)! Successfully completing the quest during December 2014 will give participants their choice of one of three limited edition, epic Siegery Figurines!




Quest Intro

The world shifts into darkness, and for a long moment you can see and hear nothing. At all. Then you feel, rather than see, a wave of corrupt magic echoing from the distant West. The magic pulls your vision steadily Westward, until you clearly see the Great Barrier, roiling and seething with the curse placed upon it. Your eyes are drawn to a very visible tear within the Barrier, allowing a glimpse of the blighted lands beyond.

A lone Prydaen girl wages war against the countless undead that have managed to escape through the lingering rift in the enormous wall of magic.

As quickly as it started, everything begins to return to normal again. As the vision fades, you hear a soft voice say, "Please, Easterner. Help us."

A slight pain twinges in your forehead, and you hear a voice hiss softly in your head, sounding dim and distant. "You are not welcome here." The hiss is accompanied by a flash of a female Prydaen, her mane in wild tangles mussed with dry leaves and her clothes all in thin rags. But most unsettling of all are her glowing yellow eyes, which burn with an intense hatred reserved by the dead for the living.

As she hisses, you get the feeling that whatever inhabits the unfortunate corpse is distinctly *not* Prydaen. The vision begins to fade away again, along with the mild headache.

Some unknown force interrupts your normal sight, and you soon feel your consciousness being pulled inexorably Westward. Your sight flies toward the corrupted Barrier, then through the tear in it, flies low over a dead, devastated forest.

After a long moment, your sight zeroes in on what appears to have once been a Prydaen hub. Most of the buildings are broken or ruined, but the overall structure of it still lingers.

Your vision centers on a Prydaen woman with light grey fur. She locks eyes with you for a long moment, then smiles slightly and nods as if in thanks. Your vision fades away again, although a reassuring feeling comes over you.

You hear a soft voice in your head that sounds like an elderly Prydaen woman. She quietly whispers, "I am the Claw Matron, and I thank you for volunteering to aid us. I will open a gate for you in 5 roisaen."

You hear a soft matronly voice in your mind. "Greetings, Easterner. I know where you are, and I will have a gate prepared for you in 3 roisaen."

You hear the soft matronly voice in your head once again. "Greetings again, Easterner. I am casting the spell now to bring you to the far West, which should take effect very shortly. I look forward to meeting you."

A shimmering silvery gate snaps open in front of you, and you recall that you've agreed to aid the Claw of Tenemlor in a struggle to the far West. With a bit of trepidation, you step through the gate. Magic unlike any you've ever seen in the East quickly surrounds you, and you find yourself walking to a distant point through a tunnel of pure light. Old whispers and echoes surround you, and soon you find yourself at a second gate, identical to the first. Stepping through it, you find yourself...

NPCs of Note

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