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Shaman Sharalti Ahkves
Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: Prydaen
Gender: Female
Location: Kweld Gelvdael (Ranik Map 31a)

Sharalti Ahkve is Keeper of Kweld Gelvdael (Death Grotto) in the Zaulfung. She possesses profound knowledge about the Triad of Death, their rituals, the swamp and the temple itself. Presumably a high priestess of Eylhaar.


You see Shaman Sharalti Ahkves, a Prydaen Cleric.
She has piercing black eyes and pale violet fur on her face and paws accented by an elegantly flowing mane the color of an ebon pearl.
She is young for a Prydaen.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a simple silver talisman etched with the jackal of Eylhaar, a plethora of slender blue-silver bracelets, and a gossamer silken cowl and robe so dark that they resemble the sky on Midwinter's Eve.


About Sharalti
I fled here when Lyras began terrorizing my homeland several years ago. The entirety of my Hub was laid to waste, and not a single soul beside myself survived. I stumbled upon this grotto and learned of its power, and so to this day I sit -- holding vigil in Death's parlor, hoping my loved ones may find some pale solace in my faith.

About Eylhaar\Jackal
Sharalti lightly places her hand over her silver talisman and smiles warmly, "The maiden of peaceful death and departure, of course. If you wish to please Her, I would suggest returning a piece of Her heart to Her spirit." She smiles knowingly and draws a lustrous ebon pearl from her robes, thumbing it thoughtfully.

About Urrem'tier\Scorpion
Sharalti coils her tail neatly upon the ground and speaks low, "The enigma that is the scorpion is the central meaning of this grotto -- Death itself. It is to Urrem'tier that everything here ties back to, whichever side of Eylhaar or Aldauth you may sit with. As with the other two, Urrem'tier also has a small area where His energies are concentrated most. You may find it at the tip of the scorpion's stinger that overlooks the northern end of the swamp."

About Aldauth\Vulture
Sharalti raises an ebon eyebrow, "You do not know the Lord of Torment? If you wish to learn, you have but to study the basalt slab."

About Chest
Sharalti smiles, "This swamp is far too foul to grow plants of any useful nature, but I have managed to nurture a small garden of herbs here in the grotto. If you desire some, I would be more than happy to trade for some of the many artifacts of Kweld Gelvdael's past that litter the swamp's bottom."

About Claw
Sharalti shudders, "Those treacherous things will likely shadow your path someday if you decide to spend much time in this place. If you find a friend in need of rescue trapped within one, you may well be able to save them by breaking the curse on the skeletal enigma."

About Hounds
Sharalti frowns sympathetically, "While I harbor no love of the canine species, I cannot help but feel sorry for those creatures. They were once but simple wild hounds that roamed the marsh, and when trained they served as hunting dogs for the Druids of Kweld Gelvdael. The foul curse that has laid waste to the Zaulfung has taken its toll upon them as well, and they are but mere shadowy husks of their former living souls. Only at the hand of The Holy may they return to their origin and die rightfully by Eylhaar's grace."

About Lyras
Sharalti yowls madly and stalks off, her mane flaring with rage.

About Maelshyve
Sharalti nods sharply. "The defiled shrine near this temple is quite ancient, and was already defiled long before I ever found this place. It was recently revealed that the marks bear significance to the vile Maelshyve who has stolen Urrem'tier's altar."

Sharalti pulls you close and whispers quickly, "I have seen a strange ritual conducted under cover of night by hideous creatures who could only be her minions. They touch the altar, kneel, and pray. What happens next is quite horrible, but I suspect that is the only way to reach the caves beneath the swamp where she resides. If you're seeking Urrem'tier's altar, you may find it rewarding to mimic this foul rite."

About Murrula's Flames
Sharalti smiles cryptically.

About Pearl
Sharalti's tail flickers back and forth in an amused fashion, "The ebon jackal's heart pearl is a strange mineral spawned within the bowels of the Zaulfung itself. It is unknown what their exact origin is, but they were held in great regard by the Druids who constructed this holy place as a way to show reverence and devotion to Eylhaar. They must first be cleansed properly in the divine flame of the jackal's maw." She pauses briefly, squinting an eye at you as if sizing you up. "I suppose if you think you would like to show your worth to Her, you would need to sift through the muck at the very bottom of the swamp. The sludge at the top does hold no riches. Getting down there however, is another problem entirely."

About Pool
Sharalti shivers, "The pool's black waters are known as the Jackal's Spirit, the frigid essence of Eylhaar Herself. It is said those who bathe within it will receive visions if she is pleased."

About Resurrection
Sharalti nods. "A very powerful spell, indeed."

About Shrine
Sharalti nods sharply. "The defiled shrine near this temple is quite ancient, and was already defiled long before I ever found this place. It was recently revealed that the marks bear significance to the vile Maelshyve who has stolen Urrem'tier's altar."

About Slab
Sharalti nods gravely, "The black basalt slab contains an ancient prayer to Aldauth, written in a powerful language long forgotten to any who now walk Elanthia. The Druids who inhabited this place before Lanival's time were said to be able to summon His audience with the symbols etched into it."

About Sluagh
Sharalti flickers her tail peevishly, "Those brutes have tried to befoul this temple in the past, and they likely will again. The vulture's maw is quite functional in such times of duress." She smirks to herself.

About Starry Road
Sharalti smiles cryptically.

About Stinger
Sharalti's eyes glisten, "All in good time, <name>."

About Zaulfung
Sharalti wrinkles her nose and twitches her whiskers, "The swamp is too far gone to save. It is but a monument to Death now."

Traded Items

She will trade the following items for various treasures that are unearthed in the swamp.