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Prydaen can now obtain the favor of the Three (Eu-Demrris-Tenemlor).


The location of the Altar is in Sorrow's Reach just before the river.

[Wildflower Meadow, Before the Gods]
Wildflowers circle a leafy bush and a large, flat boulder, the surface of which is rounded due to years of exposure to the wind and rain. Lush grass blankets the ground like a living carpet that softens footfalls. A faint path heads toward the tree line to the north, while the field drops off elsewhere in the other directions.
Obvious paths: north.


To obtain a favor, one must pray to the boulder that serves as the Altar of the Three. Upon doing so, one of three things will occur.

  • A bud will sprout indicating Demrris is paying attention.
  • A twig will wither and die indicating that Tenemlor is paying attention.
  • A trillium blossom will grow and fall indicating that Eu is paying attention.

Once the above occurs, you may place a sacrifice on the boulder. The sacrifice used should be for which ever of the Three is paying attention at that time. Sacrifices for one of the other three may be placed on the boulder but this will require additional experience to be absorbed into the symbol to fill it as a favor. The blossom that indicated Eu's presence can be used for the sacrifice to Eu. Undead pelts and skins are offerings to Tenemlor. Pelts and skins from once living creatures are offerings to Demrris.

Place one item on the boulder, and the symbol or token of that aspect of the Three will appear. Take it, as it will be what you sacrifice to obtain favor.


It takes a moment to notice, but one of the twigs on a nearby bush has begun to rapidly die before your eyes. What was a perfectly healthy portion of the plant a minute ago is now completely dead and brown.

You reverently place a (undead <skin/pelt/hide>) on the boulder and watch as it changes before your eyes into a shariza symbol.

No reaction is immediately visible but before you give up, a nearby bush sprouts a new twig complete with leaves in a matter of seconds.

You reverently place a (<pelt/hide/skin> from a non-undead creature) on the boulder and watch as it changes before your eyes into an iladza symbol.

You notice a plant quickly begin to sprout and extend upwards. When it has extended itself a little over a hand's span up, the tip rapidly blooms into a heartsblood trillium blossom which falls to the ground while the plant that it fell from withers as rapidly as it grew. Within seconds the blossom is the only proof that anything actually changed.

As you place the blossom onto the boulder you suddenly begin to feel weaker as if the life were being drained from you and you lose consciousness. (NOTE: you DO fall unconscious at this point, and you lose 90% of your current vitality.)

A resonate voice comes out of the darkness of your dream to state:

 "Demrris told us before he left
  A promise of a life beyond our deaths
  The Great Old One must have known
  That the world is too wide for one life alone"

A second voice joins the first as they state:

 "So though this soul goes to Tenemlor
  Soon it shall return to us once more
  Passing from her blessed home
  Back to the plains with us it will roam"

More voices join the others, and together they say:

 "And wander the forests and drink down the wind
  And sing this song with us again.
  And when the wheel has turned once more,
  It will hear this song, as it did before."

Even more voices join in, as if all the souls in Tenemlor's Realm were reciting in unison:

 "Hear us, hear us, hurry along,
  Take your rest, but don't stay long.
  For leaves fall to ground and nourish the tree
  The leaves come back, and so shall we!"

As the voices fade from your hearing and thoughts, you feel your senses returning to the real world.


a faiyka symbol - LOOK A small stone disc colored white which bears three narrow rays in bas relief.
Experience from all skillsets is drained upon invoking.
a shariza symbol - LOOK A small stone disc colored blue bearing a pair of crescent moons in bas relief.
Experience from Magic and Lore skillsets is drained upon invoking.
an iladza symbol - LOOK A small stone disc colored yellow which bears a multi-rayed sun in bas relief.
Experience from Weapon, and Survival skillsets is drained upon invoking.



Invoking the item granted by the Three will drain field experience. You must hold the item to invoke. Once it is filled, it will disappear, and you will have been granted another Favor. You do not need to remain at the altar to receive the Favor.

Filling messaging
invoke symbol
You invoke a faiyka symbol, offering yourself to the Triquetra and feel a part of yourself flow into the faiyka symbol. The experience is curiously painless.
Completed messaging
invoke symb
You invoke a faiyka symbol, offering yourself to the Triquetra and feel a part of yourself flow into the faiyka symbol. The experience is curiously painless.
With a flash your faiyka symbol vanishes, though you feel more complete than you did a moment ago.


To see how full the symbol is you can study it.

study symbol
You peer into the heart of your faiyka symbol, mentally asking Eu-Demrris-Tenemlor to show how worthy your gift is. In response, the faiyka symbol glows faintly.


A Prydaen cleric who has gained their last favor in this manner will show the following message when resurrecting someone:

As PrydaenCleric murmurs a quiet prayer to the Gods, his hands begin to glow faintly silver. He extends a glowing hand towards your body.

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