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Status: Alive
Aliases: Claw of Demrris
Race: Prydaen
Gender: Male
Location: Silverclaw Hub (Ranik Map 60c)
Associates: Vaelorn, Rayureko, Seryal

You see Eidola Bailon, a Prydaen.
Bailon has an angular face, tufted pointed ears, cat-slitted tilted moss-green eyes and a broken nose. His brown mane is long and wavy. He has tortoiseshell fur, a tufted slender tail and an athletic build.
He is average height for a Prydaen.
He appears to be elderly.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a hidden sheath, a reinforced white ironwood sniper's bow, a stiff leather pack, a heavily draped tunic with dagged sleeves, some dark green hunter's leathers and a simple hide quiver.

Bailon says, "I am Eidola Bailon, of the Claw of Tenemlor."
Bailon says, "I aid in the protection of our Hub, and the destruction of abominations that enter our territory."