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Status: Dead
Aliases: Israulor
Race: Prydaen
Gender: Female
Associates: Ra'trel, Claw of Eu

Ra'sulor Israe is the author of The Triquetra Chronicles, Without My Pride, and Weaving the Wheel about the Prydaen. Known as the Claw of Eu.

From the foreward to The Triquetra Chronicles, Volume 1

Know me as Ra'sulor, once called Israulor before I ascended to the Priesthood under the dominion of Eu and received the blessing of name. We are not a people who record history as other races we have encountered, but rather hold to a verbal tradition, passing information down through time in various methods -- songs, chants, stories -- in order to keep fresh and unchanging this knowledge. What follows is an account of our beliefs in some small measure, in exception to all that has gone before, presented in written form. Much like the sapling that grows where winds blow strongly, one must bend to the whims of circumstance.