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Caution.png Note that the following article is not necessarily accurate due to this group's status as a player-run organization. Because these types of articles are maintained by players about players, there is always the risk of alteration due to malice or desire for anonymity. This page will be monitored by the staff; please do not allow it to become a battleground. -The Elanthipedia Moderators


The primary purpose of the Idon Raiders is to engage in player-run provincial invasions (as opposed to GM-run "drone" invasions).

Raiders' Mission Statement: The Idon Raiders do not consider themselves "griefers" but simply a group of players who have a passion for role-playing criminal characters. The Raiders' goal is to provide entertainment for everyone involved in their raids - including the defenders. The Raiders hope to inspire a positive response from their victims and to have fun with the many RP possibilities that emerge during their events.

Raider Emblems: Some Raiders wear a bloodstained leather armband embossed with a large black heron or anything else Idon or Heron related.

Worship of Idon

The Idon Raiders view Idon as the patron saint of raiding parties. It is not a requirement to worship Idon exclusively, just that Raiders demonstrate fealty and enthusiasm for Idon during raiding events

No-report policy

All members of the Idon Raiders are required to be PvP Open. The Raiders have a strict "No Report" policy -- once a person has joined, the reporting of a consent policy violation is prohibited and will result in the immediate removal of that person from the Raiders.


These were the only words scrawled on the yellowed, battered, and oddly grease-stained parchment that has become known as "The Accord of the Idon Raiders." To this day the origins of the words are unknown, but the parchment itself was produced from the leg of Ragran's pants the moment a need for such a thing arose. The words were hastily scrawled across the top with many corrections, false starts, and entire lines scratched out, but in the end these stately words were the original contract that bound the members of the group together.

After several years of inactivity, the Raiders resurfaced in Dolefaren 400 when they retaliated against Shard for neglecting to pay homage to Idon during their recent vigil for the dark gods.


The Raiders have minimal structure and are an informal organization. At most, they consider themselves criminals who agree to cooperate for a common goal. They can be likened to "land pirates" that follow a code that dictates an equal say for all.


Last updated: June 5, 2011 (29 Dolefaren 401)


It is the policy of the Raiders to welcome every guild into the group. Stealing skill is not required. The Raiders believe that a combination of talents is important to the success of any invasion force. The single most important virtues of an Idon Raider are gumption and a desire to have fun.

Raids and events

Date 6 Arhat 400 (2/20/2011)
Target Shard
Description The Raiders retaliated against Shard for neglecting to pay homage to Idon during their recent vigil for the dark gods.
Raiders Erixx and Ogdaro
Defenders Allye, Devoria, Heucuva, Jairem, Liurilias, Rablan, Sendithu, Syllanthis, Uthgaar, Ventuul
Notes The Raiders were assisted by Hackett, Marssi (triage), Zamn, and Zandrith.
Log Post:Raiders Restore Faith To Shard - 2/20/2011 - 21:04:50
Date 28 Arhat 393 - 35 Arhat 393 (2/25/2009 - 2/27/2009)
Description In this event, the Goose family declared war on the Idon Raiders. Most of the fighting occurred in The Crossing, but there were skirmishes as far south as Shard and as far north as Therenborough. The war ended with a ceasefire agreement.
Raiders All
Defenders Goose family, with occasional assistance from Jhime and Tyrun (for their own reasons and not as allies of the Goose family).
Deaths Both sides made many kills. On the Raider side, Ternith was the most prolific killer. On the Goose side, Gothus and Vannir made the most kills. Darukamo walked the Starry Road at the end of the war.
Date 13 Nissa 392 (12/23/2008)
Target The Crossing
Raiders Dinran, Ezly, Raenue, Serchah, Theale
Defenders Darkgaze, Gothus, Krugler
Date 37 Skullcleaver 392 (12/09/2008)
Target The Crossing
Description Pick-up raid
Raiders Angelean, Gothus, Ragran, Sarkranis, Serchah, Slimm, Tehryn
Kills Kelwynn, Spookey, and Whispe
Date 25 Skullcleaver 392 (12/06/2008)
Target Shard
Description The Raiders were hired to test Shard's defenses. The objective was to acquire and maintain control over a pair of socks.
Awards Leucius (RPA), Tsinlee (Best Invader), Tyrun (Best Defender)
Raiders Angelean, Baudolino, Caelane, Camalita, Caxz, Denstimar, Dondaldinho, Dryzt, Gronten, Kaity, Momus, Ragran, Sarkranis, Sendithu, Serchah, Subai, Synyster, Tsinlee
Defenders Abison, Arwinia, Asrion, Bahbtahrol, Celitha, Druesyllia, Eoworfinia, Hanryu, Kyudo, Leucius, Pormithius, Qij, Ragefire, Rience, Saet, Tyrun, Xelten
Date 29 Arhat 392 (11/17/2008)
Target Riverhaven
Awards Moogle (RPA)
Raiders Caelane, Caelfind, Denstimar, Dondaldinho, Khalikryst, Moogle, Ragran, Rivenmist, Sendithu, Serchah, Slimm, Synyster, Tsinlee
Defenders Order of the Dragon Shield, Order of the Theren Guard; Drexella, Kleis, Marsais, Mordibar, Sebestyen.
Notes Drexella, Commander of the ODS, was captured.
Date 33 Ka'len 392 (10/9/2008)
Targets The Crossing and Riverhaven
Raiders Dondaldinho, Fyddle, Ragran, Serchah
Defenders Drexella
Notes Drexella killed Ragran; Serchah killed Drexella.

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