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Caelane Oyace
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime

Full Name: Caelane Oyace
Date of Birth: 11th day of Arhat 339 AV
Height: 6'4"
Titles: Warrior Priestess of Meraud
Celebrant of Idon

Recent Years

After many years tending to personal and family affairs, Caelane has returned to Elanthian society - somewhat mellowed. Her haughty nature subdued, she instead prefers solitude; serving at the altars of Meraud and Idon on her beloved Aesry or wandering the streets of Ratha, and only rarely venturing to the mainland. She is often seen in the company of her attendant, who rumor says may be her daughter.

Facts Concerning Her Clerical Life

Caelane’s first duty is to her Gods, Meraud and Idon, and all of the 39 Immortals. Her second duty is to herself.

She is first and foremost a Cleric of Meraud, having been chosen to replace her father after his death. In her early years, she served for two years at the Temples of Shard and then traveled to Crossing to join the cleric guild at age 42. Esuin encouraged her love of weapons and combat magic and today Caelane fights as a Warrior Priestess of Meraud.

Caelane caught Idon’s eye when she served in the Temples in Shard. Amused by her vanity, as well as her struggles as an Acolyte, Idon sent two of his clerics to take her under their wing and teach her the proper devotions and rituals with the understanding that she would now serve both Meraud and Idon

Caelane thinks of herself as very beautiful (though she is quite plain) and is often found wearing makeup, perfume, grooming herself and wearing expensive clothing. However her features are a mystery; Caelane believes that her lovely face is for her Gods and therefore keeps her face covered at all times.

True to Meraud’s thirst for knowledge, she is often spotted wandering the five provinces alone, overhearing rumors whispered in the taverns and inns, visiting libraries and exploring the quiet corners of villages and the wilderness. She has no reservations about putting herself in harm's way to gain even a glimpse of something she has not yet seen- often to the frustration of her cleric and empath friends. She firmly believes in the power that knowledge can grant to a person, and despises ignorance. She brings a neutral attitude towards most everything, only picking sides where it will benefit her or benefit the Gods.

Her dedicated and often fanatical service to the Gods was rewarded when walking along the streets of Riverhaven she received a vision of a white wolf and a voice whispering softly in her ear. Very soon after the same white wolf of her vision appeared to her in the flesh. Bringing a message of praise, Caelane was told Meraud was pleased with her devotion and hoped she would continue to serve for many years to come. When Caelane traveled to the High Temple of Crossing to give thanks for the blessing, the wolf appeared again and gave her a crystalline wolf statuette which she keeps close to her heart at all times.

Personal Life

Caelane rarely talks about her life before becoming a cleric. Her mother is a cleric of Aldauth, who lives among the lower classes of the Mountain Elves. Her father, a Celestian Elf, was killed by her mother in a jealous rage before Caelane was born. She was raised by her mother with the Mountain Elves, and occasionally visits her. She knows nothing of her father other than that she resembles him in looks.

She is very proud of her race, but does not align herself with any clan, again preferring neutrality and remaining loyal only to the Immortals. Once a citizen of Ratha and a Lieutenant in their military, Caelane has denounced both in favor of wandering Elanthia as she pleases.

Caelane is unmarried, but has had several affairs, giving in to Idon’s hedonistic pleasure. When she was 50, she gave birth to a child, the father is unknown, though there have been rumors. The child was given up to allow Caelane the freedom to continue her life unburdened. However, it is said Caelane checks upon her child’s progress and well being.

For unknown reasons, she has a deep dislike for Paladins, and considers their righteousness no more than a mask and a ruse placed over their corrupted souls.

She approaches people of all races with caution, and comes across as being very cold and reserved. She has been called self-righteous, single-minded, high and mighty, and vain. All of these things she doesn't deny, and instead embraces. As she once stated to a friend about her confrontational personality: "I'm not a bitch, but you better believe I think I'm better than you." That being said, she is often willing to assist people when it comes to matters concerning the Gods, and those few who are patient enough to gain her friendship, gain it for life.

Contrary to popular belief, she holds no familial relationship to the Moonmage, Caelumia.