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The Goose Family Crime Syndicate is also commonly called the Goose Family or the Gooses.

Operation and purpose

  • Based out of Crossings, Zoluren.
  • Specialize in theft, bribery, extortion, etc.
  • Hired assassins and mercenaries available.

Current family members

As of 399, the members of the Goose family became classified. As of 420, at least three named members of the Goose family and several close ("made") associates have returned to the realms in sacred pilgrimage.


Turf war with Idon Raiders

  • An open war began between the Goose Family and the Idon Raiders.
  • In order to ceasefire, blood money was paid to the Goose Family. The final death tally was ninety dead Idon Raiders to an unknown but significantly fewer number of deaths of Gooses.
  • Quotes from the residing Matriarch at that time:

"After reports of raids on Crossing by the Idon Raiders, The Goose Family felt it was time to let this group of misfits and miscreants know that there are bigger dogs that prowl this playground. Two days ago in a brilliant display of violence war was declared on the so-called Idon Raiders. Deaths were reported far and wide, from the remote Islands all the way to Shard and even as far north as Theren. If there were Raiders to be found, we hunted them down and executed them.

Once we felt our message had been heard a meeting of leaders was arranged and an agreement was reached. For a sum we, the Goose Family would agree to a temporary cease fire of sorts. Half of this was paid up front with an understanding that in 4 days, if both parties have abided by the agreement the other half shall be delivered. This is obviously still a quite volatile situation, both sides keeping their swords close at hand on the off chance the silence is broken by either party.

As the Goose Family has no true loyalty but to themselves and the highest bidder however, the Raiders were warned that we shall remember their names for the future and shall they cross us or if the proper payment is offered, they shall see us standing over their graves once again."

War with Fervid Shade

  • Open war was once again declared for the Goose family. Fervid Shade's arrogance thoughout the provinces could no longer be tolerated.
  • After many days of war, what was thought to have been a truce was formed.
  • There were deaths to be had on both sides, but the Goose family came out on top. There is much to be said about provoking their ire and bloodlust.
  • Pushing their luck, a few select members of the Fervid Shade continued to assault smaller members of the Goose family. That alone provoked Goose-aquaintances into joining the fray. Members of the Rippentropp and Dane families soon joined in alliance with the Gooses, along with many other individuals. The war resumed on an epic level.
  • After many more days of fighting, the Patriarch of the Goose family (Gothus Goothe Goose) met with their friends and the leaders of the Fervid Shade to reach an agreement to ceasefire.
  • It is said that the Fervid Shade disbanded shortly after the war concluded.

Alliance with the provinces

Rumors abound of the Crime Syndicate joining an Alliance to defend the provinces against Lyras, were just that, rumors. Due to several underhanded insults throughout the negotiations with the Alliance a decision was reached not to aid the defenders in any way. Individual Gooses have gone on to fight the undead throughout the provinces, however an organized assault remains put on hold until such a time that adequate payment can be gathered for their troubles.

Mascot, emblem, family items etc.

A curious grey goose of the Goose Family Crime Syndicate. He is rumored to be under command of the Goose family Matriarch and sightings of Booze are an often omen of impending death. Beware the Goose. Fear the Goose.

a platinum ring bearing the Goose family crest
Along with the name Goose, each member bears this ring.
Set solidly into the brushed platinum ring is the image of a vicious grey goose flapping its wings and honking violently at a passerby. Faint etching of words in block letters can be read on the inside of the band.
A platinum ring reads:
"Fear the Goose."

a thigh pouch embroidered with a flock of geese flying in a V formation
Puffy clouds are embroidered on the sky-blue fabric, the flying geese offset against them. One goose is lagging slightly behind the rest, making one line of the V a bit longer than the other. Near the bottom of the pouch, a hunter hides in the grass aiming a crossbow at the flock, but it looks like his aim is much too bad to be able to possibly hit anything.
There appears to be something written on it.
A thigh pouch reads:
"Vannir and Avrii Goose, the Year of the Bronze Wyvern 393."