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Kyudo Kenka
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime


You see Arcane Wraith Kyudo Kenka, Sigilmaster of Elanthia, a Human. Kyudo's features are hidden by a bushy wig and a mask of a wild-eyed man whose mouth, dripping red from the corners, is open in a scream of rage.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a great helm, a crocodile-skin buckler, a shadowy black mage's robe shot through with silver and red threads, a pair of white ibis-winged boots, some shalswar claw handwraps, a soft velvet haversack encased by a net of cambrinth beads, some wasp stinger knee spikes, a pair of midnight black gauntlets, a huge celpeze skin with ruby eyes, a sigilated platinum ring, a dark grey suede war belt with an interlocking clasp of ivory fangs, some bleached bone footwraps, a studded greatsword harness, some gryphon talon elbow blades, a smooth dragonwood ring wound with a thin strand of dragonfire amber, a worn leather book bag bearing the crest of the Asemath Academy, a steel-plated ironwood crossbow with a sculpted dragon-head cranequin.


            Name: Kyudo Kenka
          Spouse: No Info
 Roleplay Stance: Heavy
      PvP Stance: Guarded
           Quote: "Time is the fire in which we burn."