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Status Active
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Guild undisclosed
Instance Prime

--This page approved by Qij The Good One, the player of Qij, and all affiliates of Qij, Qurious Enterprises, CirQus Menagerie, and Quality Qompanionship"--


You see Qij, a Gnome.
Qij has dark eyes. His dark brown hair is short and thick, and is worn unkempt. He has smooth skin.
He is tiny for a Gnome.
He appears to be an adult.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a pink coral medallion, a black mage's robe and a large primrose sack.


It has been 419 years, 259 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer.
It is the 7th month of Moliko the Balance in the year of the Crystal Snow Hare.
It is currently fall and it is sunset.
You're positive it's 12 roisaen before the Anlas of Phelim's Vigil....

You follow Qij southwest.

[Observatory, Third Level] A soft sitting mat covers the floor entirely, save for a narrow strip of anti-color bordering starkly on all sides. Painted onto the crystal hemisphere, a detailed star diagram spreads over your head, marking the constellations and their positions at various times of the year.
You also see the Guildleader Kssarh, an elegant silver stand with a guild register on it, a rounded archway and a tricolored scroll.
Also here: Qij.
Obvious exits: northeast, west.

Qij nods to the Guildleader Kssarh.

Qij says, "So we meet again."

Qij says, "I have some conditions."

Kssarh glares at Qij as he stalks about his office.

Qij says, "As I believe I am of the utmost value to this guild."

Qij says, "And should you dare to not meet them."

Kssarh glowers at Qij and waves impatiently.

Qij says, "I shall take my talents back to the sewers."

Qij asks, "Am I understood?"

Qij gazes at the Guildleader Kssarh.

Qij nods to you.

You nod to Qij.

Qij says, "Leilanie, tell him my first condition."

Qij folds his arms across his chest.

You say, "Ummm..."

You fidget nervously.

Qij says, "It's ok."

Qij nods emphatically.

You hesitantly ask, "He, ummm....we wants to cause mayhem?"

Qij nods.

Qij says, "Yup."

Qij says, "And if you try to stop us..."

Qij shakes his head.

Qij says, "We walk."

Qij folds his arms across his chest.

Qij asks, "Ok?"

Qij says, "Second condition, LL."

Qij gestures at you.

Qij gazes at the Guildleader Kssarh.

You slowly ask, "He wants sweet peas to be readily available?"

Qij says, "Yup."

Qij says, "READILY."

Qij says, "Available."

Qij says, "If that's not something you can provide, then I question your guildleaderliness."

You say, "In an organic garden."

You nod emphatically.

Qij says, "Organic."

Qij says, "Or-Gan-Nick."

Qij says, "And tell him about the gidii."

Qij nods to you.

Qij gazes at the Guildleader Kssarh.

Qij folds his arms across his chest.

Qij leans over and whispers, "welcome at all guild affairs"

Qij leans over and whispers, "and moon mage functions"

You loudly exclaim, "The gidii is the new mascot!"

Qij says, "Exactly."

Qij nods emphatically.

You shake your fist!

Qij says, "I'll give you a moment to consider."

Qij says, "This is a serious affair."

Qij says, "Not like the last time."

Qij leans over and whispers, "do you think he gets it or should we head to the sewers"

Qij gazes thoughtfully at you.

You whisper to Qij, "I think he gets it, maybe"

Qij squints.

Qij leans over and whispers, "you're right. he's tough to read"

You smile at the Guildleader Kssarh, revealing the dimples in your cheeks.

Qij squints.

Qij smiles as Kssarh whispers something to him. After a few roisaen of glaring at each other, attempting to appear stern, they exchange a handshake and appear to relax.

Qij says, "Then it's settled."

You hum happily to yourself.

Kssarh bends over and hisses something at Qij.

Kssarh suddenly hauls off and slaps Qij upside the head!

You laugh!

You quickly clasp both hands over your mouth.

Qij dusts himself off.

Kssarh looks up at Qij and says something to him.

Qij adjusts his coral medallion.

Qij removes a pink coral medallion from his neck.

Qij hangs a pink coral medallion around his neck.

Qij snuggles up to the pink gidii, who tucks Qij under one wing.

Shaking in fear, the pink gidii runs in circles before finally figuring which direction to go. Honking loudly, it runs away.

Kssarh jabs Qij sharply in the chest.

Qij nods to the Guildleader Kssarh.

Qij says, "Yea yea."

Qij asks, "Where's my office going to be?"

Qij and Kssarh continue their conversation.

Qij asks, "Is that right?"

Kssarh extends a cupped hand to Qij for a moment.

Qij holds his hand up before his mouth and begins to cough, his shoulders shaking. Hope it's not contagious!

Kssarh whispers a few words in Qij's ear.

Kssarh glowers at Qij.

Kssarh smiles ever-so-slightly as he continues speaking to Qij.

Kssarh glowers at Qij.

Kssarh hisses a few angry words at Qij.

You hum to yourself.

Kssarh drops a book on a table and mutters a few choice words at Qij.

Qij nods emphatically.

Qij dusts himself off.

You follow Qij west.


1. You have just enough strength to mess up someone's crafting script by dragging them to the wrong room.
2. You have just enough stealth to set Evro on fire.
3. You have just enough stealing to get a blueberry tart for Nebby.
4. You have just enough magic to gate groups of people to Ratha against their will.
5. You have just enough backstabbing to ruin Fahijeck's hunting trip.
6. You have just enough evasion to hunt near Riverlynn and she's wearing your favorite pants.
7. You have just enough discipline to machine-gun gweth.
8. Your scripts work.

Qapers of The Qij

You patter north, leading your group.
[Orphanage, Playground]
A large climbing structure juts out of an enormous sandbox that provides a relatively soft landing for any who make a misstep. A teeter-totter has been wedged down on the ground with a large block for safe travel in the dark. You also see a wooden swing.
Also here: Pathfinder Kintryn and Ruven.
Obvious paths: south.
You settle yourself on the wooden swing.
You push with your feet, causing the swing to sway from the branch with a rhythmic creaking noise.
You say, "Ok."
You say, "Tell me your problems."
You smile sweetly.
Kintryn quietly says, "Qij."
Kintryn quietly says, "So help me."
Ruven glances at you.
You exclaim, "I will!"
You turn to face Ruven.
< Moving in gracefully, you lob a senci spear at Ruven. Ruven completely fails to block with his targe. The spear lands a very heavy hit that barely pierces the skin to nick the chest, lightly stunning him.
The spear falls to the ground!
[You're solidly balanced and in superior position.]
[Roundtime 3 sec.]

Kintryn quietly says, "Grumble."

You yell, "For Glory!"
Shenney says, "It is dark here, but you are my light."
You sling a senci spear off from over your shoulder.
You trace the Glyph of Light.

A brief burst of pain wracks your body and your soul feels somewhat diminished. Slowly, five globes of light extrude from your fingertips and begin to glow brightly.

The tiny balls of light swirl around you, darting around your body making your vision incredibly clear and lighting the area surrounding you.
Shenney gazes at you.
You clap your hands once in an august gesture of piety.
A blazing golden light erupts from the depths of your soul! Pulsating with thin grey fractures, the glow soon spreads to the whole of your body and your spear.
Also here: a calmed Shenney and a calmed Transcendent Paladin Garthur.
Obvious paths: southwest.
Shenney says to Garthur, "Qij is an awesome Paladin."
Shenney says to Garthur, "You should strive to emulate his light."

Telutci asks, "Hmm?"
>ambush slash
You are unable to surprise Telutci with your sneak attack!
You slip out of the shadows behind Telutci! Displaying controlled ferocity, you draw back before smoothly slicing at Telutci's leg with swift and elegant precision.

A shriek of pain follows an abruptly terminated attempt to nurse his injured limb, and Telutci collapses to the ground!
Telutci is stunned!
[You're battered, solidly balanced and in dominating position.]
Roundtime: 6 sec.

  • Driving in like an adept combatant, Telutci draws a haralun bastard sword at you. You badly fail to block with a small amber-scale shield with fitted seams. The sword lands a powerful strike that bites deeply into the left calf.

[You're near death, very badly balanced with opponent in strong position.]

You see Telutci start to back off just as you lose consciousness. The challenge has been satisfied!

> Willing your presence to be but a brief ripple in the pool of perception, you still yourself to silence once again.

>roll [12:23:52 AM] Your mind hears Acerild thinking, "{faintly}" "way to let us down, qij"
You're unconscious. Try again later, when you're not.

Vinjince says to you, "You owe me a new jelly bean."

Redeth quietly asks, "Did he eat it?"

Vinjince says to Redeth, "Yes."

Telutci visibly churns with an inner rage!

You pull Wealand close in a slow, lingering kiss.

>release life
You release your hold on Life.
Your death cry echoes in your brain as it quickly dawns on you that you have just died! Already, you feel the tug of eternity upon your soul and you struggle to remain tied to this world.

A chill crosses the surface of your soul as your remaining spiritual strength bleeds away steadily. You feel the eyes of the gods upon you and realize that none look upon you with favor.

Your body will decay beyond its ability to hold your soul in 10 minutes.

Congratulations Qij! You just received an award for roleplaying! Don't forget to review the RPA verb for how to use your award.

SEND: [Melete] Keep up the good work, Qij. You're moving in the right direction.

[12:07:52 AM] * Qij was just struck down!
[12:08:10 AM] * Bazzo was just struck down!
[12:08:16 AM] * Qij was just struck down!

You yell, "This game is hard!"

You patter north.
[Wilds, Pine Needle Path]
Birds dart in and out of the dense shrubbery here, calling to one another in cadences that are almost comprehendible. Responses seem to emanate from the wooden structure ahead, a timber building with ornately carved double doors, and seemingly without a roof. You also see a pile of branches, some braided grass, a waste bin and a tall wooden figure whose gaze seems to vigilantly scan the surroundings.
Also here: the body of Death's Messenger Misstep who is lying down.
Obvious paths: south.
A teal cloud eel glides in.
A milky cloud eel glides in.
An alabaster cloud eel glides in.
You say, "Looks like you had a big....nevermind."

You hear the ghostly voice of Misstep say, "Help."

You patter south.

You whisper to Annieka, "HE IS INVISIBLE"
You whisper to Annieka, "WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL"
Annieka rubs her head.
Annieka says to you, "Hush."

You say, "I should just be an Empath. I get hurt too much to be a Commoner."

Lalouisa says, "I get hurt to much for you not to be an empath Qij."

Cashmere says to you, "Dont do it."

Cashmere drops to her knees swooning from some incredible pain.

Digless just arrived.
You ask, "Oh hey, are you Digmo's brother?"
You ask, "If we get you a shovel, will your name change?"

Digless drops his rock in a waste bin.

You reveal yourself.
You gesture.
Color leeches from the skin on your face as you feel the bone structure underneath shift to accomodate changes on the inside of your skull. Crippling pain and nausea give way to euphoria as your mutation takes hold and the aetheric structure of the plane becomes visible in a blood haze.
"Burn him! Burn him!" You hear the cries echo around you as everyone in the vicinity suddenly moves away, giving you a wide berth! It goes without saying you'll be wanted for forbidden practices in Crossing now.
You feel fully rested.
You say, "WRONG BUTTON."
Your spell subtly alters the corruption around you, creating a blind spot once more.

>say /quiet }qij time to go dude...
To whom are you speaking?

[01:04:02 PM] Your mind hears Qij thinking, "Worst necromancer ever."

You say, "Hey guys who fixes crap in Shard."
Caidie says, "Ylono."
Riverlynn asks, "Like armor?"
Riverlynn says, "Yeah, him."
You say, "I agree, Caidie.  YOLO.  But who fixes armor in Shard please."
Jilette asks, "Metal or leather?"
Riverlynn says, "He does both."
Jilette says, "Well there's the one in the waystation just outside the north gate."
Jilette says, "Starts with a Y I think but I can't remember his exact name."
You whisper to Caidie, "hahahaha"
You whisper to Caidie, "Jilette is not. on. point."
Charlize says, "Ylono."
Caidie whispers, "jillette is a flapping v@&!%@"
Jilette says, "That's it."
You say, "Ok guys, YOLO. I'm gonna go find out who knows where to repair armor."
You patter south.