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Erixx Voorhees
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Shiriann, Rekon, Mystylaine, Raeyel, Dainera


You see Arcane Deathslinger Erixx Arkarm, Elemental Terror of Elanthia, a Human.

Erixx's skin has taken on a greenish granite-like sheen, roughening his features and lending him the forbidding appearance of living stone.
Erixx has an angular face, dark pupilless eyes and a crooked nose. His russet-streaked blue-black hair is long and straight, and is worn cropped short on top, longer in the back and sides. He has tanned skin.
He is slightly under average height for a Human.
A black diamond with the words "Idon Raider" in silver script rests on his forehead, just above his eyes.
He appears to be in his prime.

He has a tattoo of multicolored elemental flames flowing from symbols resembling arcane sigils, the dark markings beginning at his wrists and spiraling up both arms to his elbows. Towards his shoulders the fire becomes more pronounced, swirling across his chest into the silhouette of a perched heron. The bird jealously clutches a bulging gem pouch in its long beak, holding its prize just above the muscles on his shoulder.

He is wearing some plate greaves, a well-made blight-ogre cowl, some lumium heavy plate gauntlets, a blue-grey steel staff acid-etched with geometric runes, a lumium ceremonial shield, a midnight black torturer's sack interlaced with barbed wire, a supple black leather backpack with a silver skull clasp, a battered nightsilk duffel bag with a crude silver "Idon Raider" clasp, a pair of blood-red wood fangs, a sigilated platinum ring, a pair of tyrium-studded black boots with ruined soles, a pair of tyrium cufflinks molded into flames, a steely grey cloak lined in deep red velvet bearing the Arkarm family crest, a pair of shadowy black leather pants, an open-collared grey shirt, a lifesculpted glossy ebony durgauldite and tyrium band, a black leather naphtha holder with vial slots stitched to the sides, a blue-lacquered ghast skull, a bloodstained leather armband embossed with a large black heron, a blued-steel wrist knife with a golden gryphon-shaped hilt, an expertly folded black silk tie with a gold ram's head clip, a sooty black firesilk sash fastened by an electrum scarab, some enameled elbow spikes, some pitted steel-toed footwraps, a golden finger claw, a polished silver badge etched with the phrase "I burn with a passion for blazing destruction!", a brushed platinum ring etched with the emblem of the Idon Raiders, some spiked knuckles,.

You affirmed your vows with Shiriann before the gods in the 6th month of Arhat the Fire Lion in the year of the Iron Toad, 424

A Journey Thru the Life of An Elemental Terror

“Excuse me!”

Clearing her throat loudly an Elothean moon mage pushes her way through the crowd. She motions for the crowd to gather round as she pulls a name badge labeled “Sunny” from a pitch-black bag at her waist.

“We are a little behind schedule so I need you all to listen! The first of the moongates will be opening in a moment, just hurry through and we will get started!”

A moongate opens up with the flick of her wrist and smiling politely she begins to shove people into the astral gateway. Bewildered cries can barely be heard as the accidental tourists are ushered into the first leg of their trip.

“There we go,” she says as she breaches the portal and the gate collapses behind her. “So, sorry for the late start, moons can be temperamental at times, making you wait and all.” Waving her hand distractedly she continues, “But, enough of that, let’s go, I know you are anxious to get started!"

The people in the small crowd look from one to the other, no one quite sure what is happening. Taking note of the towering wall just beyond the trees they realize that they are just outside of the bustling town of Rivercrossing. A run down shack sits, crumbling, at the edge of the woods.

Motioning to the deteriorating home, the woman begins speaking in hushed tones. “Beginnings are the best place to start, and we are all children to begin with, so, we are here. This is his childhood home."

“Not everyone is born into a life of luxury, and our hero is no exception. He was unwanted and neglected, forced to work to support a family that held nothing but disdain for him. His mother attempted to show him kindness, but her husband knew the boy was not his, so he paid the ultimate price at the hands of his step-father.”

Nodding solemnly at her audience, and completely ignoring the confused questions directed her way, Sunny begins chanting under her breath. A moongate opens and the bewildered crowd finds itself being herded through once more.

“You people will need to get with the program a little,” she announces with an authoritative nod. ”Moongate means move, we don’t want to be at this all day.”

Now in a dirty alley in Crossing, the tour guide kicks at some of the rubble near her feet before beginning to speak again, “So, motherless, the boy was found bloody and beaten, somewhere near here.” A shudder rolls through the crowd at the thought of a child in such a place.

“Found guilty of the heinous murder of his wife, the child’s step-father was thrown into prison. No one in the family claimed the boy, his real father did not know about him, and he was left to the mercy of the kind warrior mage that found him."

"The mage took it upon himself to to bring the boy into the guild, where he learned at the hand of Gauthus. He was found to be something of a prodigy in elemental magic and combat. However, his fellow students and mentors alike claim to have felt something dark brewing under the surface of the eager pupil."

“Shortly after he turned 18, his step-father was released from prison. The young man vanished, and his father was found brutally murdered. His hand was severed and nowhere to be found.”

Pausing for effect the moon mage looks out at her audience grimly. Noticing that a couple of people seemed to be attempting to sneak away, she quickly begins spell preparations and conjures a new moongate that appears in front of them. Hastily shoving people through it, she glances over her shoulder at an approaching guard. Passing through the portal herself, it snaps closed, cutting off the shouts of the angry guardsman.

Finding themselves outside the temple in Crossing, the group quickly gathers their dropped belongings before turning their attention back to their guide.

“Little is known about the young man for quite some time after the death of his father. Rumors of murders and dismemberment were often associated with him, but no one could be sure. He lived in obscurity until he emerged again as a member of the Idon Raiders. The group thrived, attacking unsuspecting citizens and robbing them of their coin and, frequently, their lives. They invaded Shard in retribution for not giving Idon the due they felt the god deserved."

“The young mage was a fierce fighter, and gives little regard to his victims. He waged war on the Illithi Inquisition, decimating them in front of the empath guild leader Annael. This action resulted in his banning from the guildhall."

“As the Raiders drifted into obscurity, he began to seek out a new place to call home.”

Once more a moongate opens and this time the group moves through quicker, if only out of desire to avoid the shoving. Happy to see that her audience is finally catching on, the moon mage passes through the gate behind them and into the middle of the Promodo Village.

“Loyalty is something that the Elemental Terror had begun to value above all else. He had aligned himself repeatedly with the Arkarm Crime Family, and as the last of the Raiders drifted away, he found a new home at their table."

“Quick to act and never one to back away from a fight, the human warrior mage quickly became an integral part of the tight knit family. His propensity to rain fire from the sky and admirable combat skills gave him a good position within the family, and it was during this time he found out about his family and sought out his half-brother.”

Smiling brightly at her captive audience, the enigmatic tour guide realizes that several people are holding their hands in the air awkwardly.

A slight woman near the front of the group steps forward when acknowledged. “While this is all very interesting, if you don’t mind, we were all wondering,” fidgeting nervously she glances at her fellow travelers before continuing. “... who are you talking about?”

Breaking into a wide grin, Sunny laughs as she announces, “Erixx Arkarm, of course.”

Suddenly the air around them takes on an eerie calm, a palpable panic takes hold of the group as the moon mage disappears in a flash of light. The sky darkens and a rumble rolls from the heavens, just before a rain of fire falls from the sky in a hellish downpour.

Great Balls of Fire, an Artists Rendering

depiction of the massacre, Erixx Arkarm


After Arkarm

Like all crime families, the Arkarms came to an end as well.. leaving Erixx to find his way in the Realms again. Having met his half-brother during the height of his crime filled days he wondered about forging a relationship there. Badly damaged by the torturous treatment of his step father it had warped his young mind, and with the powers gained from his guild he was considered a bit crazy (psycho was the term that was most thrown around in regards to him) though no one dared to say it to his face, he was far to dangerous and volatile.

His brother had been the one exception, tell him how it was and actually expressing concern for the path he was on with the Arkarms once they discovered they were related. Though they were at odds when they met, his brother was a 'fine upstanding Paladin', one of the Baron's best.. if not the best in the Realms. Erixx had actually heard of him, he was quite the force in the wars, and had been surprised to learn of their common parentage, who'd ever thought a boy from the streets was brother to The Lion of Chadatru, Rekon Rincon.

Determining he'd spent enough time in the jails of the Realms, he'd been wanted in every providence, usually at the same time.. usually for multiple murders... he set off to see if family loyalty meant to his brother what it meant to him.......

Erixx is currently wanted in all provinces

  • Pilfering
  • Pickpocketing
  • Felony Stealing
  • Murder
  • Assault
  • Hooliganism
  • Endangering the Public
  • Crimes Against the State
  • Aiding and Abetting
  • Forbidden Practices
  • Enemy of the State

Looking back, Erixx was glad he'd made the decision to reach out to his brother. Despite his trepidation, Erixx sought out Rekon and the brothers became close. Rekon helped Erixx get out of crime and become a slightly more respectable citizen. Part of this change was in his name. Knowing that bearing the Arkarm name kept him tied to a past he intended to move on from, he decided to take a different last name. The name Rincon was considered and discarded, though he was proud to call Rekon brother, he'd not known their father and it didn't feel right. Talking to his brother about it, he settled on a name of his own making. A changed man with a new name, he was now Erixx Voorhees. He was no less the viscous psycho killer, but he was far more controlled now... and had for all intents and purposes left that part of his life as his past. Settling into a routine, that was as odd as it was comforting he finally had the family he never did as a child, he now rarely went on rampages and mostly hunted with his brother or went to spars.

Barren Soul meets a Frozen Heart

There was something in the air that morning. Maybe it was serendipity, maybe it was fate. His brother was getting married and....for the first time in a long time, Erixx felt a small smile tug at his lips. He would be there to support his brother, though he was still looked as an outcast by some, he wrapped himself in a long dark cloak, only the Gods knowing what would happen that day.

He didn't expect it, in his life the only time he was ever short of breathe was when Gauthus hit him with a lightning bolt during training as a young lad, till now. Standing in Mystylaine's house with her and his brother, there came a knock at the door. That's when she entered, careful that his hard eyes not spook her, he tracked her out of the corner of his eye, hair the color of honey with delicate blonde streaks and eyes of blue-grey like a stormy sea framed by lush dark lashes. She was more beautiful than any bard ever sang of in any Inn he'd ever visited in the lands. He couldn't breathe, his heart pounded in his chest like a blacksmith's hammer, and he slipped out of his cloak, "Wow its hot in here all of a sudden" he thought puzzled.


For you see till now Erixx had never shown emotion or known real love....but that was about to change forever.

Through dinner, he learned her name.....Shiriann...Shiriann....but everytime her name was spoken, something inside him growled and echoed MINE. He couldn't take his eyes from her. When dinner was done and they were leaving, fear, actual fear gripped him that he might never see her again, so he took the biggest leap ever saying "Ma'am? Would you walk with me?".

Time stood still, she gazed at him, her eyes a torrent of thoughts and feelings, he flinched under her scrutiny, mever had he felt such intensity in a gaze, her gaze reached inside to see his soul...and then after seconds that seemed an eternity......"Yes"... it came like a whisper on the wind, had it not been dead silent he would have certainly missed it.

Before she could change her mind he took her hand. They strolled through the night, neither saying anything, yet everything at once, single sentences speaking lifetimes. The night ended and his heart seemed to stop beating at the thought of not seeing her again, he showed her to her door, and Erixx knew he needed her, that this beautiful Cleric....would be the one to save his soul. With the ache in his chest choking him up "he asked “Can I see you again?". Shiriann graced him with her rare smile warmer than a thousand suns and said yes with a wink before disappearing into her house. As Erixx walked home...he didnt feel heavy..rather like he was floating or flying...Erixx......was in love.

Days flew like he never knew. The sun warmer on his skin. Her seldom heard laugh music to his ears. Erixx shared secrets with her that not even his brother knew. Each time, fearing she would rebuke him... though she never did, instead she shared back, and he saw the same in her eyes. Closer and closer they drifted to one another, a warm feeling washing away their coldness like waves upon a shore. During a walk in the forest...he led her to a place where the birds sang and the sky and sun peeked through the trees. He took another leap of his new found faith, faith he’d found in her.... taking her hands in his before he lost his nerve he said "I love you Shiri". Erixx swore he could hear his heartbeats echo through the forest, everything was in slow motion, "is this it?" he thought "did I go to far and ruin it?". Then as if the Gods themselves blessed him, she gave another rare smile and said "I love you too."

The next morning, they met at her house yet again, but this time, Erixx had a plan. He wanted her like he wanted nothing before in his life, and he wanted to be the reason she smiled for the rest of her life. He pulled her into his arms and asked "Up for a trip?". Gazing into his eyes Shiriann smiled and nodded. The morning raced as they traveled finally coming to the cliffs on the shore of Acen Mara. Here, the Warrior mage of Fire and Lightning shed all of his shortcomings, all his fears and threw caution to the wind..... he again took her hands in his and said " are my world, the very air I breathe, I would ask you be with me until the end of time.....Marry me Shiriann?” She was silent as she gazed at him, her stormy eyes a sea of emotions... and finally she nodded. His heart leapt with joy, pulling her to him and kissing her till they were both breathless . Erixx and Shiriann were bonded on a boat off the coast of Aesry. Two halves finally whole, pieces of the puzzle finding their place....together.

Only one thing remained, "How the hell am I gonna explain this to Rekon?" he thought with a sigh...

Erixx's Theme Song

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...........And Other Music That Suits His Unique and Deadly Personality
His Torture....


She is Life Changing....

Artwork Credit

Earlier Artwork by Crayzeke Arkarm, prodigy. New Artwork by Mystylaine