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Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime


You see Celitha Wirenfala, Mountain Shadow of Ilithi, an Elven Ranger. She have an oval face with pouting lips, pointed ears, tilted almond-shaped eyes, one emerald and one blue-green and a straight nose. Her deep blue-streaked, dark, auburn hair is long and thick, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a silver haircomb shaped like a water sprite holding a purple jade lotus blossom. She has lightly tanned skin and a curvaceous figure. She is average height for an Elf. A faceted emerald leaf rests on her forehead, just above her eyes. She is an adult. She has a tattoo of a dryad leaning against an ancient silver-black willow, a kestrel and a merlin are perched upon her shoulders. In another scene, she frolics with a water sprite near a pond filled with violet lotus blossoms near a crystal tower. Frogs, hummingbirds, butterflies, and dragonflies flutter around them, and in the background of the scene is a dark mountain inked on her back.

She is wearing a pair of dangling Elven silver swan earrings set with sapphires, an Elven silver choker studded with ilithi emeralds, a purple alexandrite lotus flower pendant with a swan nestled within, a forest green brocade corset accented with silver and gold leaves, some creamy white jasmine, a white oak badge embossed with a quill resting across a curled scroll, an Elven silver and Ilithi emerald pilonu featuring sapphires and purple alexandrite, a watersilk baldric sewn with icesilk swans, a leather furrier's rucksack elegantly embossed with platinum stitching, a black Elven silk harness embroidered with a centaur fighting a dragon, a tawny gold buckskin corset intricately beaded with an emerald fern motif, a ruffled blouse of forest green Elven silk, a blackened steel bracer etched with the insignia of the Ilithi Night Watch, some warding beads, a lifesculpted banyan and zulnatha ring set with a gemstone swan and hummingbird, a black steel mourning band inlaid with ivory lilies, a small leather book and file satchel, some black nightsilk pants accented with purple Elven silk, an Elven silver manacle accented with an Ilithi emerald and electrum scrollwork and a pair of Elven stalking and riding boots with Elven silver spurs.


Her mother was a Mountain Elf Empath, her father a Forest Elf Trader. She lost them at a young age due to an invasion in her village which included ogres. She survived due to being in the nearby woods collecting flowers, herbs, ingredients and such. She was led by one of the survivors to live with her aunt on her father's side. The aunt's guild was that of a Bard, she lived with her and her cousin for a few years. The Bard after losing a second husband, a Human to old age, died in grief, leaving a daughter from her first husband, an Elf, and her niece alone.

Her aunt had attempted to instruct her in the arts of music and performance, while she had some interest, and talent, she lacked the dedication to instruments, and the ability to connect with or even tolerate an audience, usually. She also lacked the innate precision to control and weave elemental magics, fluidly.

Celitha tried unsuccessfully against her choice, very briefly, to be a Thief, she lacked the temperament for such an occupation. She was made an indentured servant, at one point, involuntarily, to a Human man, a Paladin of Aldauth, for a time. Which is at least in part, probably the origins of her apprehension of being tended.

She wanted desperately to be able to fight off invaders, so she trained in a combat-oriented guild. Therefore she joined the Ranger guild, it being her best option with her natural attunement to the life energies. While still an obnoxious young scout, she met the Paladin Leucius, who took her hunting in various areas, and encouraged her to take up shield, though somewhat unusual for a Ranger in those days to be an avid user of this, she listened to this advice, which would come to serve her well in future battles. She did not like him at all, at first, it should be noted, his Ranger jests, rather irritating in her mind. She came in time to reconsider her initial assessment. Although, the casual disparaging remarks about Rangers, still annoy her in all fairness. She began eventually admiring and trusting this Human Paladin, though some other Elves would curse her for it.

Her Mentors within the Ranger guild, those not Guildleaders, were Pathlone, his life partner Evetriall, Forgenash, Aleyden, Valynn, Xelten, Pfanston, and especially Aroamer. She was shamed and tricked at one time, by a seductive and cunning Human woman Thief, named Sebastienne, who she later went on to work with, when the Ferdahl saw fit to hire her and was deceived again along with many others. The Thief is quite notorious and securely married to a Necromancer woman of her own race.

Nuark, a former Commander, Envoy, and Empath Mentor known for adopting numerous children, helped to teach her about Elothean culture and customs. He would enlighten her as to general history, and sometimes share personal experiences as well.

General Information

She has won two skinning contests, she enjoys writing both, in public and private. She is an emerald knight, having accomplished that quest with the assistance three Human men, those being Leucius, not yet her Commander, Pfanston, and Xand, the then Liasion to the Military. she investigated the issues in Dark Hand and Corik's wall with Guildleader Tomma. She has participated in various Militia training proceedures, some rather stress-inducing.

During her Military career, she was exiled to Muspar'i for many days, for an erratic infraction, and demoted in rank. Finding the urban location far from Ilithi, in close proximity to the despised Outcasts, abhorrent, she tried to serve out her sentence as well as she could. She was mainly alone, if she hunted, her life was at risk, with no Cleric or Paladin. Nothing to climb, no trails to travel, and no sources of water for swimming, almost no plant-life, this was indeed, a Ranger's worst case scenario. However, she did find moderate solace in the library,there.

She served in the Ilithi Militia for years, she fought in the Crusades, in a unit lead by Commander Leucius,her first Commmander, one of the two commanders she was to serve. The other being Commander Liurilias. she was Court Assistant for a term, under Handmaiden Amaldriel Anduwenahle. She fought in the war against Lyras and her Risen, diligently, across several Provinces, although the defense of Ilithi was always foremost in her mind.

The Ranger participated in Temple orb chargings regularly, held by the Flying company during the Lyras apocalypse, in Crossings. She was present when the Handmaiden Amaldriel summoned the avatar of Hodierna, and also at the last stand, when the Lady, was chosen of Chadatru.

She has assisted in various community building projects, ranging from the Elothean Houses, to shops in Muspar'i, to even gates, forts, Trader Plazas and blockades. She finds Lunar Magic both fascinating and perplexing. She finds the company of Mages, strangely, often preferable to that of her own guild. She has never taken part in a so called "naked" Ranger race, this is by choice. She finds the stereotypes of dirty, lost, simple, coarse, ill-mannered Rangers to be annoying.

She went to see the dance of the flames, performed by Terra Meigus, in Muspar'i a Bard of extreme talent. She has attended several plays in Therengia, prior to the strained relations. She has seen several performances. She has been a guest at multiple weddings and parties, although she is always rather reserved and stand-offish. She was a member of the White Rose order for a time, until it seemed they wanted her loyalty to that group, to be above that of her devotion to Ilithi, so they parted ways.

She was assassinated by dragon priests, around the time prior to the crusades, when they sieged the provinces repeatedly. She has fought Xerasyth, Vigther, the adan'f leaders, on several occasions, such as she was able. She was kidnapped by Vigther, Zaevas, and Iszanua, tortured and multilated. The latter has crafted two dolls of her, both of which she still has as far as it is known. She fought against the vykathi queen, Izlixtrixh. She battled the Xala'shar brought by Veyne.

She has been honored to meet, Her Majesty, Queen Morganae, once. She has met Prince Fayne a few times, and Captain Herrick. She worked with the former Emissary to the Mountain, Ysselt, which she found a rewarding experience, she also found it rather tolerable to have interacted with Issus, another Bard, who was with the Court of Ilithi. She tried to do everything her former Commander, the Paladin Leucius, asked as Advisor. She found Malzard, an Elothean, Moon Mage to be interesting to work with as well. She found Rainea, a Gnome and relative newcomer to the scene, the Militia recruiter to be a versatile and highly energetic person.

Celitha admires the former Emissary, Lady Ayrell a War Mage. She holds the Rose Sisters, of Ain Ghazal particularly, Lady Vethine, in high esteem. She sympathizes with Maiden Alrina for her unfortunate predicament.


She does not drink, dislikes being touched in general, even injuries tended. She is fond of tea,both drinking and making it, she favors orchids, fae, hummingbirds, silks, music,especially stringed,lotus flowers, swans. She is intrigued by history, customs,language, art and crafting. She studies the habits and behavor of fauna, researches flora of different regions. She is is heavily interested in magic, of most types. Though shy by nature, she prefers to throw parties at times, and other social events.

She is not very well matched, with her lupine, charge, being more of a feline and avian person. She is skilled with training horses and caring for them. She is fond of frogs, dragonflies and butterflies. She has an interest in the culinary, medicinal and magical properties of plants as well as their industrial use. She occasionally fishes, trains both melee and ranged weapons, she also cooks reasonably well.


She was married twice, first to an Elven man, Yavus, a Moon Mage of great skill. It was more a friendship than anything. They grew apart, so she sought a divorce blade. The second marriage was to Milav, a Kaldaran Paladin woman, who left abruptly seeking something from her homeland. Celitha has no children, no siblings and only a cousin or two she speaks to occasionally, as far as known living family. Her old Commander Liurilias, now the Court Cleric to Shard, performed both her weddings, and her subsequent divorces. Her first Commander, Advisor Leucius, was in her first wedding.


Taught to worship Faenella by her aunt, she also came to honor Kuniyo when she learned the ways of nature. The early harsh Paladin told to revere Aldauth, which is a habit, that she occasionally pays homage to at times. She admired, respected and was quite fond of the late Handmaiden, she now gets favors at times from Chadatru, her deity of choice, in rememberance of her life and sacrifice. She acknowledges the avenues in which the Goddess Harawep influences her life. She pays respect to other deities when proper and relative. She often attends religious events, when she is able.


Dismissed from her position with the Court, due in part to negative outlook and some apparent lack of self control issues, she passes time as she is capable. Hunting Necromancers where she may find them, she continues to serve Ilithi as she is permitted. She is currently a Sergeant in the Ilithi Militia. She currently belongs to the Order of the Apostles as well.