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Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime


You see Stargazer Jairem Daan'sawil of Ilithi, a Dwarf.

He has a square-jawed face, slightly pointed ears and silver-flecked sapphire eyes. His silver-streaked black hair is shoulder length and straight, and is worn tied back in an intricate five-stranded braid. He has tanned skin and a pot-bellied build.

He is short for a Dwarf. A set of reflective stars float lazily around his left arm, glowing with a lustrous sheen against his skin.

He is an adult.

He has a thick bushy mustache that droops heavily on his upper lip and a long shaggy beard. He has a tattoo of a shadowy black moongate rippling beside a messy red splotch on the ground on his shoulder. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a perfect bison-hide cowl, a strip of Dwarven beard braided together with dried flesh, a pair of round glasses with a beaded neck chain, an enveloping pall of stark black grogram embroidered with a goldenrod Katamba, a pallid blue moonsilk astronomer's robe mottled with glistening fishscales and clasped by seordstone talons, a dark blue sash of rich Elven silk wrapped with a thin platinum chain, a scholar's satchel made of leather and embroidered with silver, a black tower shield carved in the appearance of a fleshless skull, an elegant spidersilk traveler's backpack, a blue-scale buckler, some saffron yellow gloves, a heavy silver commander's ring, a dark hairy spider, a gold ring, a fine silver ring with blackened etchings surrounding a huge grey thealstone, a finely braided leather belt evenly studded with glittering black diamonds, a pale blue moneybelt set with an exploding white Grazhir clasped by dragon claws and some slimy boots.


Jairem was born in the year 337 to a Dwarven Moon Mage mother. Who his father was is a mystery. It was something only hinted at and then dismissed within Jairem's family circle.

Family Ties

Jairem's family lived in the mountains of Forfedhar until Jairem was aged two. Shortly after his second birthday the family began their yearly expedition into the Dragon Spine mountains to search for a rumored vein of gold that had long been told of in stories around the family hearth. Nearing their destination, with hopes of great wealth in their minds, a high wind howled down the mountain-side sending an avalanche of snow and ice upon them. Jairem's parents were never seen again. Somehow Jairem's life was spared, and he was found perched upon a makeshift altar the very next morning by an Elothean scholar and his wife. To this day he attributes his survival to have been the work of Drogor. The man and wife took pity upon the Dwarven child and returned with him to the city of Shard in the province of Ilithi. Quickly adopted and urged to pursue a career as a scholar, Jairem soon found his eyes drifting toward the moons and the stars. It was not long after this decision when a cousin of Jairem's found him sitting upon a massive boulder, telescope in hand, gazing at the sky. The cousin informed him that his very own mother had been a moon mage in her youth. Jairem decided then that he would follow in her footsteps. He was thirty-seven years old.

Later Life

In his sixties, Jairem stopped roaming the lands, finally settling in his adopted homeland of Ilithi. Retirement was a brief idea that soon came to an end. War was brewing and Jairem would not stand for his beloved city and province to be destroyed. He joined the local militia and soon became a Private under Commander Leucius and Lieutenant Liurilias. Qucikly moving up the ranks, Jairem found himself promoted to Lieutenant, when his immediate superior was made the new Militia Commander. Two years and some days later, Jairem found himself as the new Commander of the Ilithi Militia. Three wars, countless skirmishes, the battle with Lyras herself and her eventual destruction, there was peace at last and it settled quietly across the four provinces.


Between the war with Lyras and her generals, Tachid, Klusarlaik and Gurglesnout, the Inquisition's vehement accusations that Jairem was a dark sorcerer, and the thousands of deaths he witnessed, it all proved too much for him. Unbeknownst to many, Jairem, along with Captain Cierzen, had been tortured by the Inquisition during the war with the Necromancers. Jairem pushed this event deeply into the recesses of his mind, realizing he could never do his duty as Commander if he did not. He spoke of it to no one. All of these events proved to be devastating to Jairem's psyche. Too great was his pain, that he could not bear to remain in Ilithi for much longer. He knew what was coming. What he must do to heal, and once Lyras and her generals were destroyed and the province safe, he decided it was time to step down and retire from public life. One day, he simply walked away and headed into the western mountains. It would be nearly four years until he returned. Somewhat whole again, and with knew knowledge of his passion obtained.