Ice Festival Map

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Ice Fest.gif

Shop Key

Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
1 a shabby caravan painted with crooked zombie-like figures Once Possessed Jewelry, Toys, Clothing No
1 a colorful arched-roof wagon with a broken wheel Chizelli's Charms Jewelry, Charms No
2 a black silken tent Quartzi's Magic Goods Jewelry, Magic No
3 a worn tent Memory Lane Toy, Historical type of items No
4 a smoke-scented grey tent Kindled Spirit Smoking, Fireplace wood No
5 a gaudily clothed barker Ring Toss Game, tossing rings Yes
6 a tent nestled into the tree line Grubby's Mole Smashin' Emporium Game, Smashing Moles Yes
6 inside of Grubby's, possibly roaming Polished Ebonwood Pushcart Jewelry, Clothing No
7 a burly roustabout Strength Test Game, Test your Strength Yes
8 a massive crimson tent Auction Tent Preview for Auction Yes
8 Possibly roaming Drevun & a strange metal contraption unknown Yes
9 an azure tent with billowing yellow flags Zareen's Fortune Clothing, Weapons No
10 a wheeled pushcart Hilabete's Delicious Predictions Fortune cookies Yes
11 a red and gold canvas tent Royale Cart Food, Drink No
12 a red canvas tent Szarn's Imported Writing Equipment Ink, Quills, books to write in No
12 a ragged lean-to Semtrach's Art To Order Rubbable lockets No
13 a gold and blue striped tent Tent of Avnel the Glassblower Clothing, Gaethzen, Jewelry, Housing No
13 a large wheeled walnut-trimmed wagon Monyah's Miscellany Jewelry, Magic, Clothing, Dolls No
14 an icicle-covered promenade Snowdrift Gambling Park slot machines Yes
14 a gaming tent unknown unknown Yes
15 a wart-faced barker Three Frog Monte Game Yes
15 a canvas tent painted with brightly colored birds Bettin' Birdies Game Yes
16 sturdy red brick building Unknown Unknown Yes
16 an elegant cinnamon silk tent Icemelt Lounge Food, Drink No
17 a sandstone hall Selmor Naronas Waerd Hall Game Yes
17 an icicle-covered promenade Snowdrift Gambling Park slot machines Yes
17 a large gaming tent with dice stitched on the flaps BlackDrake Tent Game Yes
18 Secret! Kharson's Tent Locpicks, Keyblanks, Containers Thief No
19 a rounded ice dome Ice Dome Ice carving contest area No
20 a small green building with apple-shaped swinging doors Gnoshy and Sons Food No
21 a thorn-covered arch with a sign on it Tunnel of Sorrow ride Ride on boats Yes
22 a ramshackle cabin Hairy Chest food No
23 a large snowy white tent with multi-colored pennants on the corners Festival Pavilion God themed items No
24 a bright orange tent shot through with golden threads Shay Naideen's Clothing No
24 a tall wooden wagon From Top to Bottom Boots and Hats No
25 a dark grey tent Nefari's Emporium Alchemy No
26 a sagging rotten leather tent Sputkin's Splendors Lockable containers No
26 a grubby hide tent Palactra House of Fine Forgery Barbarian Makers Marks Yes
27 a billowing sorrel pavilion with ochre satin pennants Modesty's Lair of Marvels Upscale animite jewelry No
28 a small poorly patched wagon Tryllm's Wagon Tankards, Steins, Instruments, Clothing, and Armor No
28 a vibrant scarlet tent with fluttering silk banners Women at Arms Women only Clothing, Armor No
29 a scarlet silk tent Isfahni's Paradise Dancing skirts, jewelry No
29 a silvery velvet tent flying gold-edged sable pennants Elahkti's Metal Arts Metal armor No
30 a gaudily painted wagon Matter of Magik Love potions, Magic Jewelry, and Cambrinth No
30 a silver-threaded tent Marnie's Elegance In Wire Candles and Candle holders, Luck jewelry No
31 an elaborately painted wagon Iprilu's Emporium Wagon Shields, Jewelry No
32 a shaggy fur tent Twansic's Tent Prydaen items Yes
32 a brightly painted merchant's caravan Nytingale's Instruments Clothing, Instruments No
33 a rickety wooden cart with a small sign tacked on the side unknown unknown Yes
33 a very small door leading into a brightly painted wagon Tisk's Wagon Gnome size gear No
34 a voluminous royal blue tent flying golden pennons Edword's Accoutrements Containers, Armor, Shields, Weapons No
35 a large moss green wagon Seiryn's Transformations reversible items No
35 a white latticework gazebo Grooming Gazebo Kits for shaving, Towels No
36 a flower-print tent Nidia's Floral Arrangements Flowers, Flower jewelry patterns No
37 a sturdy wooden wagon with an enclosed silk awning set up in front of it Cacophony of Silver and Glass Jewelry, Mirrors, Writing gear No
37 a green-checkered tent Shawgril's Bolt Goods Cloaks No
38 a light yellow tent Pozen Sebel Magical figurines Yes
38 a shadowy black lean-to Grieving Grave Jewelry, Clothing Yes
39 a multi-colored patched tent Rossana's Roost Food, Drink No
40 a gentle pink tent Flynia's Fanciful Forest of Fineries Inner Fire weapon, Banks, Animal-head slippers No
41 a small battered yurt Feleah Family Crafts Doll, Jewelry No
42 a sturdy smoke-stained caravan Kaihidzuks's Caravan Weapons, Armor No
43 a mottled tent Packrat's Paradise Containers No
44 a large golden tent with a crimson pennant flying atop Andriane's Face changing masks for the ball, Clothing No
45 a large cake-shaped tent with pink canvas overhangs formed to look like icing Fromage's Delights Food Yes
45 a large wagon with a chimney rising from the rear Swelin's Gourmet Cafe Custom food and drinks Yes
roaming Portable Stove Drinks Yes