Kaihidzuks's Caravan

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Kaihidzuks's Caravan
Event Ice Festival, Monger's Bazaar Festival
Owner Kaihidzuks
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Weapon shops, Armor shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Kaihidzuks's Caravan, Displays]
Neatly organized racks and tables display a variety of ironmongery. Overhead, a clever series of vents in the ceiling funnel the ever present smoke from the forge out of the caravan. The thick oak planks of the floor are coated with a light dusting of soot. Dominating one wall are large bins holding bar stock, sheet metal and raw ores. You also see an iron framework with some stuff on it, a sturdy oak bench with a silver-plated bulhawf on it, a polished steel stand with a finely balanced kastneth on it, a woven reed basket, a sturdy oak table with some stuff on it, an iron weapons rack with a long-hafted war hammer on it and some worn wooden steps leading outside.
Obvious exits: west.

On the iron framework
Item Price Done
blued steel mail with a padded leather gambeson 25,000   !!
golden chain mail bearing interwoven blackened links forming a raven in flight 43,750   
silvered chain mail reinforced with an interwoven layer of blued steel links 35,000   
On the oak bench
Item Price Done
silver-plated bulhawf bearing the etched form of a raven in flight 15,125   
On the steel stand
Item Price Done
finely balanced kastneth adorned with a carved granite pommel in the form of a raven 212,500   
In the reed basket
Item Price Done
polished steel band inlaid with darkened steel ravens in flight 3,750   
On the oak table
Item Price Done
short-hafted hunthsleg adorned with green and brown spidersilk streamers 10,000   !!!!
two-handed war hammer adorned with raven feathers dangling from spidersilk threads 75,000   
steel war hammer wrapped in twine 3,125   No
black ironwood-hafted mace wrapped in fine blue leather 37,743   
white ironwood-hafted mace wrapped in fine grey leather 37,743   
On the weapons rack
Item Price Done
long-hafted war hammer adorned with falcon feathers dangling from spidersilk threads 175,000   No

[Kaihidzuks's Caravan, Forge]
Neatly racked on the walls are a vast number of hammers, clamps, and thongs overshadowed by a large bellows hanging from the ceiling. Arranged in stations around the floor are a variety of specialized anvils. Everything is covered in a fine black soot. You also see a large printed sign, a Kaihidzuks list, a large ironbound barrel, a neat stack of partially formed armor plates and a heavy canvas curtain.
Obvious exits: east.

Let it be known, for a fee of one platinum kronar, a limited number of people may join Kaihidzuks's list. 
Selection of who shall be served will be RANDOM, and the craftsman will pick a number of people at the same time. 
Having been picked does NOT guarantee service. 
It guarantees only that, provided time, the one picked will be able to confer with the craftsman. 
Kaihidzuks is a smith of some note and works solely on enhancing the APPEARANCES of metal weapons and armors. 
No one is waiting on this list.

   Up to 50 people may sign up on the Kaihidzuks list.

   There is a charge of 10000 Kronars to sign up on the Kaihidzuks list.

   The Kaihidzuks list is closed.
   Leaving the game for more than a few minutes is NOT allowed.
   Leaving the room is NOT allowed.
You may only be on ONE list at a time.  Joining another will remove you from the first.