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Shay Naideen's, Fine Clothing
Event Ice Festival
Owner Naideen
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Shay Naideen's, Main Showroom]
Squawks of "Grek! Grek!" emanating from a large brass cage assail your ears upon entering the fashionable Shay Naideen's. From the thick-furred floor skins dyed bright orange to the glittering multi-faceted crystal ball hanging from the tent roof, every detail bespeaks unimaginable elegance. Two beaded curtains, one made of tiny seashells and the other of vividly tinted glass globes, entice shoppers to discover the mysteries beyond. You also see a marquetry table with an elegant sign on it and a tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

~*~*~*~ !! WELCOME !! ~*~*~*~

The Incomparable Naideen will be offering private fashion consultations at the following times:

Saturday, April 29th, from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm (eastern), and
Saturday, April 29th, from 9:00 pm until midnight (eastern).

Patrons may sign up for the list in Miss Bonsolairre's waiting lounge for a fee of 20 plat kronar. 
Please be aware that if you request this consultation with Miss Bonsolairre, and then sign up for 
another appointment list elsewhere before you have had your consultation, your name is automatically 
and magically removed from her appointment list and you will be out your twenty plat kronar! 
So please plan your appointments wisely!

Miss Bonsolairre is a woman of impeccable taste and refinement; however, there is the rare client who 
just cannot be helped. Should Miss Bonsolairre and a customer not be able to come to an agreement upon 
suitable fashion, the customer's 20 plat will be retained as a consultation fee, and the customer will 
be escorted out of Miss Bonsolairre's salon.

Prices for Miss Bonsolairre's services will begin at 25 plat kronar. This is a separate fee from the 
consultation fee paid to join Miss Bonsolairre's list. A bank runner will be available for those who need one.

Miss Bonsolairre specializes in embellishing cloth items only. She is not an armorer nor a weapon smith, 
and therefore unable to sharpen, balance, temper or otherwise improve the quality of your equipment. 
However, she will (for a suitably fashionable price), break your equipment and render it useless.

*~*~* You can't dress trendy unless you spend a lot of money! *~*~*

[Shay Naideen's, Fine Clothing]
Multi-colored pastel bunting streams from the ceiling to the tops of the walls, then flows to puddle on the floor. The billowing drapery is tied with slender golden cords trimmed with tiny metal stars and fake coins. Some spotted short-haired floor skins are layered into a makeshift carpet and a full-length mirror is set on one side of the room. Clothing -- men's, women's and some indeterminate -- is displayed around the room. You also see a velvet mannequin with some stuff on it, an armoire with some stuff on it, a full-length mirror, a seashell curtain, a wooden mannequin with some stuff on it, a bentwood hatstand with some stuff on it and an open sock drawer.
Obvious exits: none.

On the velvet mannequin
Item Price Done
headband adorned with twists of green silk rose leaves 1,000   !!
elbow-length green satin gloves covered with rose-figured lace 5,000   !!
dusky rose satin gown overlaid with wisps of soft chiffon and gathered at the waist by a deep rose velvet ribbon that flares in the back and forms an enormous bow resting at rump-height 136,875   !!
On the armoire
Item Price Done
The armoire contains a selection of cloaks made of the softest velvet and vibrantly painted with popular images.
black velvet cloak painted with a sad-eyed kitten playing with a ball of yarn 62,500   !!
black velvet cloak painted with a picture of a pouty-lipped bard wearing spangled white hunting leathers and playing a gittern 62,500   !!
black velvet cloak painted with a picture of a sad-eyed clown smelling a daisy 62,500   !!
black velvet cloak painted with a sad-eyed puppy holding a bone in its mouth 62,500   !!
On the wooden mannequin
Item Price Done
There are a set of leathers and several matching accessories on the mannequin.
black and burgundy striped backpack with a golden starburst clasp 11,375   !!
black cendal pouch dotted with golden beads 43   No
burgundy and gold striped camocas cloak with black soutache trim 6,250   No
burgundy leather boots accented with beaded gold starbursts 1,250   !!
golden leather quiver deeply tooled with spirals 125   No
burgundy leather gloves stitched with small golden sunbursts on the tops and cuffs 2,250   No
burgundy leather mask with gilt features and a starburst in the middle of the forehead 50   No
burgundy leather sheath accented with gold stitching and tipped with a gold cap 3,125   !!
full double leathers dyed a warm burgundy and decorated with bright yellow sunbursts 7,500   No
On the bentwood hatstand
Item Price Done
green felt flat-hat adorned with an immense sheaf of gidii feathers 1,250   No
double-horned headdress fashioned of golden velvet and wire netting interspersed with fake jewels 1,250   No
floppy fabric bonnet bedecked with a profusion of silk flowers 1,250   !!
knitted stocking cap with earflaps 1,250   !!
wide-brimmed hat mottled with rain stains 1,250   !!
fuzzy plaid beret with a pom-pom on top 1,250   !!
In the open sock drawer
Item Price Done
mismatched socks 1,558   !!
knitted tan socks with eyes embroidered on the shin and floppy felt ears attached at the tops 1,558   No
dark blue socks embellished with golden star charms 1,558   !!
white ankle socks trimmed with wispy pink feathers 1,558   !!
socks embroidered with faces 1,558   !!
orange socks trimmed at the top with vibrant green lace and loops of crystal beading 1,558   No
black socks embellished with Ilithi diamond stripes around the top 1,558   No
loosely knitted black knee socks with small white velvet bows accenting the back seam 1,558   No
loosely knitted black knee socks with small crimson velvet bows accenting the back seam 1,558   !!

[Shay Naideen's, Lounge]
Paisley floor cushions scattered about the coarse-haired floor skins offer visitors a comfortable place to rest, and large knotted wall hangings add a lacy touch to the tent walls. Clear glass sculptures with water and a vibrantly colored substance sealed within are lit from the bottom by tiny candles. The heat from the candle flame gives the water motion, while the glow lends bright illumination to the swirling color. You also see a beaded glass curtain and a fringed curtain.
Obvious exits: none.

[Shay Naideen's, Studio]
Strings of sequins, beads and feather boas litter the work table, along with fabric swatches, spools of thread, and vials of glitter. A raised dais stands in the center of the room, ready for one of Naideen's graceful assistants to model clothing and accessories for their discriminating clientele. Overstuffed chairs sit between the dais and worktable at a convenient angle to observe either Naideen's artistry, or the model's attractions.
Obvious exits: south.