Iprilu's Emporium Wagon

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Also see Iprilu's Emporium.
Iprilu's Emporium Wagon
Event Ice Festival
Owner Iprilu
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Shield shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Iprilu's Emporium Wagon, Front Room]
Despite the small confines of the front room, meticulous care has been given to the lavish decor. The walls are lined with a rosewater silk and are artfully decorated with golden brocade roping. Suspended from the thick, dangling ropes are a scattering of elaborately engraved shields. Resting upon a small wooden counter is an ornate, frosted glass case from which brief glimpses of gold catch the eye, shimmering softly with the warm light cast from hanging lanterns.
You also see some watered-silk curtains tied back with a golden sash, a gold-gilted easel with the Iprilu list on it, a glass encased sign and a door.
Obvious exits: none.

A glass encased sign reads:
Welcome to the premiere of my Emporium! 
As a token of my appreciation I will be offering my inscription services 
for those able to join the waiting list. I will be checking back often. 
Thank you again for your business! Iprilu 
On the ropes
Item Price Done
golden kite shield engraved with ebony olive laurels 173,975   
shimmering silvery shield engraved with a prancing war horse 135,878   No
In the glass case
Item Price Done
heavy gold ring inlaid with a miniature silver shield 90,593   No
delicate gold filigree band set with small diamonds 150,000   No
delicate gold bracelet of tiny dolphins linked nose to tail 120,000   No
delicate silver filigree band set with small ruby stones 54,340   No
heavy silver ring inlaid with a miniature gold shield 48,400   No