Auction Tent - Ice Festival

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Auction Tent
Event Ice Festival
Owner Raelani, Tifflenut, Sputkin
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Auctions
This store only accepts Kronars

[Auction Tent]
Deep crimson silk lines the tent's walls and brightly colored ribbons wrap around the poles, giving the impression of festivity. Benches line the interior of the tent, and the central area remains open, enabling the auctioneer to display the wares for sale. You also see a slate board, a wooden board, a large board, a tent flap, a large auctioneer's display table and an auctioneer's podium. Obvious exits: south.
Obvious exits: south.

Item Buyer Platinum
outstretched hand realistically carved from a midnight-blue piece of xibaryl Keverick 250,000
glimmering cloth with sparkling threadwork arranged to depict a wren soaring through cloud-filled skies Kortny 60,000
leather-bound book Zaxor 500,000 Inheritance Quest run
sparkling platinum flask Durah 400,000 Auctioneer Raelani says, "A marvelous platinum flask! You can fill it with what you like."
Auctioneer Tifflenut exclaims, "This is a wearable item!"
pair of rose-tinted spectacles Gwynell 200,000
soft green parasol Lundgaard 920,000
sleek-edged broadsword with a blackened crocodile skin hilt Xiaa 1,200,000
etched sunstone pyramid suspended from a fine gold chain Sandraya 500,000
smooth round amulet shaped like a platinum kronar Valloa 1,500,000 Holds 2-3(?) coins
Zareen appointment ticket Larisah 470,000 This ticket entitles the holder to one private fortunetelling session with Zareen Rezvani at a time of both Lady Rezvani and this ticket bearer's convenience. Lady Rezvani cannot be held responsible for what will happen to the ticket bearer as a result of the consultation.
snake charm Kalira 1,900,000
brass juggling plates with light engraving Cuff 700,000
erythrite signet ring bearing the crest of the Cleric Guild Gabela 1,100,000
lead sling bullets Wonn 760,000
large rucksack decorated with skulls and crossbones Gembol 1,800,000 Contained :a leather aventail depicting gnarled neck bones, some leather vambraces painted with the image of skeletal arms, a leather mask depicting a grinning skull, some leather greaves painted with crooked shin bones, a pair of leather gloves designed to resemble fleshless hands, and a breastplate garishly painted with a spine and ribcage.
leather-bound book Tenion 650,000 Inheritance Quest run
steel shield painted with a green bell pepper Elybane 220,000
gilded plumwood lute case with a braided leather strap Hobard 550,000 Contained :a plumwood lute with a carved soundhole of twining modwyn vines and a gilded plumwood pick.
delicate crystal gladiolus with ruby petals Enchantria 540,000
set of rugged and extremely well made leathers Veldehar 3,100,000 Auctioneer Raelani says, "They cover arms, legs, and torso.", "And I was told they've been designed with barbarians in mind."
glass globe Dhawn 250,000 Sputkin shakes a glass globe, causing miniature steel blades to swirl about a statue of a mail-clad warrior encased within the globe.
engraved ebonwood belt charm Egill 500,000
Halfling-sized plate armor engraved with a bold thunder ram upon the chestpiece Shannodoah 460,000
leather-bound book Padaxes 1,000,000 Inheritance Quest run
dessicated ur hhrki'izh bones wrapped with a scaly cover of enruned snakeskin Michael 1,300,000 You recognize the bones as a divination tool of Moon Mages.
Bonded to first person to use them.
Sputkin ticket Goobam 780,000 Dis rag means you get one free lock mechanism placed on da container o' yer choice by Sputkin da Great! Yay for you!
exquisitely carved woodsman's longbow Shiyana 2,900,000 Auctioneer Sputkin says, "Appears as if it is reasonably balanced and reasonably suited to gain extra power wit ya muscles."
wire-banded platinum ring Veleda 850,000
faceted snow quartz staff marbled with icy-blue sapphire veins Tyden 1,350,000 Auctioneer Sputkin says, "Dis staff has a strong aura of icy elemental magic about it! It won't be destroyed when da last bit o magic is used up, either"
Auctioneer Sputkin says, "It even has a nifty shoulder strap so's you can wear it like so"
Auctioneer Sputkin says, "It has icy elemental magic within it, an lots of it, too! Dats all I know."
maggot-white spidersilk cloak with a moonstone spider-shaped clasp on it Medikia 4,200,000
heavy oak alchemist's tool crate Idora 850,000 Contained: a lustrous obsidian mortar chiseled to resemble a leucro's clawed paw, a polished black obsidian shard, a lustrous obsidian poultice jar chiseled to resemble a leucro's fanged maw, an etched obsidian mixing stick, an obsidian poultice-mixing bowl, a polished obsidian unlonchai bucket inset with a swirling pattern of ice-blue sapphires, and a chiseled obsidian Wayerd pyramid that gleams with a freshly-polished lustre.
ivory bodice made of the softest suede trimmed with seed pearl fleurs-de-lis Windsliver 550,101 Contained: a bodice dagger
embroidered nightweaver-silk sack Revelia 1,500,000 Contained: a sling of nightweaver silk and some sturdy crystalline globes. (15).
deep brown tooled leather moneybelt Isoe 4,000,000
leather-bound book Namastae 2,000,000 Inheritance Quest run
deep green pouch expertly tooled with the crest of the Trader's Guild Canten 900,000 The pouch can be reversed. The other description is a black leather pouch emblazoned with a shadowed crest.
darkened steel kris with a la'tami-hide wrapped grip Pathyn 700,000 Auctioneer Sputkin says, "It appears as if it be a decent jabbin weapon dat will keep you reasonably balanced, and might do some low puncture damage."
Auctioneer Sputkin says, "It has icy elemental magic within it, an lots of it, too! Dats all I know."
tiny blue parakeet charm Valumn 6,300,000
green sack (1) Yannica 1,800,000
narrow-bladed ceremonial dagger Kapi 2,000,000 Auctioneer Raelani says, "It's light enough for some displays of dexterity."
Auctioneer Raelani says, "The rest of what it can do, you'll have to discover for yourself."
Auctioneer Raelani says, "It's excellently balanced, but not much for getting strength from your power."
dark silken lockpick satchel clasped by a midnight-blue crystal nightingale Rayfe 2,520,000
iridescent purple hunting leathers embossed with a gleaming silver unicorn Nuich 1,000,000 Auctioneer Raelani says, "They cover arms, legs, and torso."
Auctioneer Raelani says, "And protect good from puncture, slice, and impact."
Auctioneer Raelani says, "Absorb punctures and slices fairly, and impacts moderately."
doehide-covered pannier with brass bands and fittings Karrissa 930,000 Contained: a silver fox fur hat, a colorful ribbon bodice and white velvet gown, some sheer silk stockings, some white velvet slippers with colorful multi-ribbon laces, a pair of black velvet high-button boots with silver fox fur cuffs and silver buttons, a quilted black wool cloak with silver fox fur trim, a silver fox fur muff, and a silver velvet jewelry pouch with a festive cloisonne clasp.
snowflake-shaped sapphire pendant Nystarn 1,250,000
platinum mesh dagger harness interwoven with lustrous blue strands of steelsilk Natu 2,370,000 Contained: a slender Elven shavi with a bejewelled platinum hilt.
Auctioneer Sputkin says, "It is imbued with a strange magic to keep it extremely light, as well as stylish."
Auctioneer Sputkin says, "De harness can be strapped to de chest."
Auctioneer Sputkin says, "The harness cannot be closed."
pale golden satinwood humidor inset with intricate silver filigree Mykas 2,550,000 Contained: a laquered golden satinwood pipe with filigreed silver bands on the stem, a petrified satinwood key, a telgi cigar, a hara cigar, a sungrown cigar, a shadegrown cigar, some Riverhaven Red tobacco, some black ribbon tobacco, some Baron's Choice tobacco, some vanilla tobacco, some mint tobacco. (5 each of cigars and tobacco.)
periwinkle silk parasol Mystfire 750,000
silver kaleidoscope etched with a pair of dueling dragons Shiffira 1,500,000
midnight-blue silken satchel embroidered in silver with an owl perched atop the twisting branch of a sanrisi tree Allarsk 2,350,000 Contained: a silver owl key, an ice-blue celestite runestone, a smoky zengalmi runestone, a narrow scheelite rod,a kirmhiro draught, a scintillating lemicule runestone, an iheaneu'a runestone.
oblong amulet suspended from a heavy bronze chain Aleximarus 420,000
leather-bound book Mycal 1,500,000 Inheritance Quest run
long petrified bone bearing strange claw and scratch marks Jeremiaha 3,000,000 Auctioneer Raelani says, "It's about medium weight and would be good for bashing people over the head with."
Auctioneer Raelani says, "Nice blunt weapon."
Auctioneer Raelani says, "Once again, it looks to do heavy damage on impact. The balance is poor, but it's reasonable good at gaining power from your strength."
Semtrach voucher Smegul 2,050,000
polished teak chest Mordril 4,000,000 Contained: some splendid gold court plate bedecked with loops of burnished platinum chain , a polished gold great helm with a burnished platinum faceguard and a sweep of dazzling white plumes , and some polished gold gauntlets with spiked platinum knuckle-guards and white leather cuffs embossed with heraldic lions.
silver medallion bearing the likeness of Sirolarn Tirof-Sorvendig Thomasi 260,000
supple leather case fastened with a coral dolphin Myrtie 720,000 Contained: a pale blue chamois cloth and a carved bamboo hichiriki banded with pale blue coral.
black velvet sack trimmed with silver satin piping Kain 1,630,000 Contained: a black wool cloak clasped at the shoulder with a Zoluren emblem medallion, a pair of highly polished boots with golden heels, some black satin dueling pants, a finely tailored ivory shirt with billowing sleeves and clasped with ruby studs, and a platinum ring displaying a large star ruby encircled by diamonds.
tiny saar par decorated with deep green emeralds and star rubies Ravennesque 1,200,000 Divining device, usable by all, but best by clerics or moon mages.
black walnut-handled bearded war axe Magdar 1,820,000 Auctioneer Sputkin exclaims, "It appears to be an axe ya must weild wit two hands, and will do severe slice damage, and heavy impact damage as well!"
Auctioneer Sputkin says, "It appears to be poorly balanced, and reasonably suited ta gain extra umph wit ya muscles"
thin selenite tailband dusted with crushed ice-blue sapphires Viperas 1,200,000
steel tower shield painted with a hubbard squash Baldric 550,000 Auctioneer Sputkin exclaims, "It appears dat it will impose moderate maneuvering hinderance and will ofer low to great protection, since it be a tower shield!"
silver ring bearing the sigil of Zoluren Psychi 700,000
slender steel lance with a fiercely-honed obsidian point Joubeyrt 2,000,000 A Katamba-black leather weapon strap studded with tiny silver stars was attached.
battered leather hat with a wide upturned brim Gossford 1,500,000 Holds 50 coins.
silver-buttoned pleated silk vest with the crest of Zoluren embroidered on the back Alexria 475,000
engraved hanger with an elsralael-wrapped hilt Tensyl 1,700,000 Auctioneer Raelani says, "It looks like it'll slice moderately well and is fairly balanced."
large suit of heavy ringmail with interlocking gold and platinum links Relvinian 1,500,000 Auctioneer Sputkin says, "It will cover de full body except for de head, neck, hand, an eyes."
Auctioneer Sputkin says, "And I believe dat only de larger races may wear it."
leather-bound book Burlock 1,235,290 Inheritance Quest run
gold-etched sabre with a flaxen-wrapped hilt Ironjonn 1,310,000 Auctioneer Sputkin exclaims, "It appears to be a medium edge weapon dat will poke your foes to death wit its moderate puncture damage!"
Francke fashion consult card Chrystian 2,000,000 This card entitles the holder to one fashion session with Francke Brentley. Mr. Brentley specializes in fashion, armor detailing, and hilt work. He will work with you to find the perfect look.
snake charm Domineer 2,800,000
lily-white spidersilk cloak Algion 6,350,000
leather-bound book Razputin 1,000,000 Inheritance Quest run
elegant black leather moneybelt with an etched golden buckle Ketrianna 4,400,000
silk-covered book Sharuul 3,410,000 Assisted Wedding
supple white leather pouch Clauddvon 14,003,293 contained a snow marnet