Quartzi's Magic Goods

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Quartzi's Magic Goods
Event Ice Festival
Owner Quartzi
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Magic shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Quartzi's Magic Goods]
Tall, skeletally thin and benign, Quartzi stands in the middle of his black curtained shop, smiling at visitors. The fact that his webbed fingers sport inch-long talons and that his long, black ringlets are threaded with tiny ornamental daggers seems to counter his efforts at public relations, though. Quartzi's staff eyes him skeptically, whenever they have time between shuffling inventory, counting out sales on an iron abacus, and lighting white tapers that gutter out all too soon. You also see a black tent flap, a laminated rejects shelf with some stuff on it, an iron sundries chest, an oaken peg with a black onyx anklet on it and a jewelry display case.
Obvious exits: none.

On the rejects shelf
Item Price Done
lead ring shaped like a spider 25,000   No
silver pendant of a blank-faced moon mage 25,000   No
In the sundries chest
Item Price Done
ruby-colored ocular set in a fine silver frame 25,000   No
small blue cone with a pair of delicate white wings 25,000   No
finely wrought crystal wand with a damascened gold star at its apex 2,750   No
amber wand that lightly crackles with concealed energy 125   No
On the oaken peg
Item Price Done
black onyx anklet shaped like a pair of curving and crossed scimitars 250   No
On the display case
Item Price Done
shadowy pendant 25,000   No
blue alexandrite amulet whose image appears to have been effaced 3,125   No
ring displaying a leaden shield 25,000   No
bronze diadem bearing a single winged ruby eye 25,000   No
star sapphire pendant on three entwined silver chains 250   No