Nidia's Floral Arrangements (3)

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Nidia's Floral Arrangements
Festival Ice Festival
Owner Nidia
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Florist shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Nidia's Floral Arrangements, Front Area]
A long dirt-covered path winds from the entry towards the back of the tent, with multiple types of flora from across Elanthia planted in the gardens on either side. Trellises burdened with vines hug the sides of the tent, while small bushes surround the rows of single flowers in a curving U-shape.
You also see an exit flap and a large bucket of gloop.
Obvious exits: north.

In the eastern garden
Item Price Done
purple iris 45   !!
pink carnation 81   !!
deep blue azalea 50   No
white oxeye daisy 18   No
yellow honeysuckle 37   DG
purple almagarus 100   No
snow-white geshiloira blossom 250   No
bright red jungle lily 375   No
golden sunflower 100   No
bright orange tiger-lily 375   No
Katamba-black rose 625   No
In the western garden
Item Price Done
deep coral geranium 521   
fiery red clematis 568   No
delicate crimson rose 358   
pale yellow rose 381   
fire-red scorpion blossom 562   
delicate orange blossom 561   No
blue amaryllis 322   No
black orchid 158   
shalyria blossom 457   No
pale yellow rishyarla blossom 400   No
golden daffodil 585   No
starry white narcissus 573   No
crimson carnation 173   No
yellow-bearded iris 331   No
vibrant red-orange marigold 502   No
dark crimson flamerose 546   No
silvery chrysanthemum 186   No
yellow dahlia 165   No
blooming yellow melilot 540   
amethyst vine bloom 523   
shar'nath blossom 132   
golden lyrandia blossom 201   
lilac butterfly blossom ?   
deep crimson sharktooth blossom 278   
azure dahlia 477   No
white orchid 430   
snow white lily 461   No

[Nidia's Floral Arrangements, Tent]
Potted plants and chimes hang down from the roof, spreading a gentle fragrance throughout the tent. Seeds and gardening tools fill a waist-high cabinet along the wall, situated beneath a porcelain vase of red almagarus flowers.
You also see a Nidia list, a whitewashed sign, a thick curtain and a small red-leafed bush residing in a large plot of dirt.
Obvious exits: south.

A whitewashed sign reads:

~~Nidia's Floral Arrangements~~

Greetings! For those that desire to try their hand at basic flower arrangement, on the cabinet there 
are multiple patterns to create circlets, bracelets, and more! While we regret that preserved and herbal 
flowers are too difficult to manipulate to fit into these patterns, we're sure that you'll find our 
available selection more than sufficient to create your perfect floral masterpiece. The vial included 
with the pattern contains enough preservative to guard your entire piece from time and the elements, 
as well as conserve its fragrance for eternity! Note, though, that only the foremost flower you place 
on the pattern will be visible from afar when the pattern is complete.

For those desiring personalized work by me:

-- At various times during the day I will be out and about looking for samples of rare and precious flowers 
for my garden. For the people who can bring me back a _fresh_ flower not on this list, I will be offering my 
skills at seamstry, topiary, and floral arrangement for a reasonable fee. I reserve the right to make any 
artistic changes that I perceive necessary and to move on to other customers if one takes too long.

-- The following are a list of the flowers I have in the eastern garden at this time:

Irises, carnations, blue azaleas, oxeye daisies, red, white, pink, and Katamba-black roses, 
honeysuckles, red and purple almagaruses, geshiloira blossoms, jungle lilies, tiger-lilies, sunflowers.

Note: Due to the sacred nature of the roses of Bosque Deriel, I will not be collecting them for private growing.

-- The following are a list of the flowers presented to me by various patrons, planted in the western garden:

Snow-white lilies, white orchids, azure dahlias, crimson sharktooth blossoms, and lilac butterfly blossoms.

The next time I will be serving customers is at the third anlas of the 14th of Shorka. 
(11:00 PM EDT on April 29th.)

-- Sincerely, Nidia Etone, Proprietress 
On the waist-high cabinet
Item Price Done
basic wristlet pattern 4,275   
basic anklet pattern 4,050   
basic tailband pattern 4,050   
basic headband pattern 4,275   
basic circlet pattern 4,275   
basic necklace pattern 4,162   
basic armband pattern 4,387   
basic bracelet pattern 4,275