Kharson's Tent

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Kharson's Tent
Festival Ice Festival
Owner Kharson
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops, Container shops, Thief shops, Jewelry shops
Restrictions Thief
This store only accepts Kronars

[Kharson's Tent]
Dark musty silk hangs suspended from the tents smooth center pole which is festooned with strange mystical amulets in silver and gold. A thick layer of pungent incense smoke flows from a charcoal brazier on the ground, covering the floor like a low-lying fog and filling the air with a rich earthy scent. A solitary lantern hanging overhead throws scant light into the gloomy interior.
You also see a low covered table with some stuff on it, a bronzewood display rack with some stuff on it, a narrow stand with some stuff on it, a small crate with some stuff on it and a large sign.
Obvious exits: out.

On the covered table
Item Price Done
ivory keyblank 1,062   
soft iron keyblank 125   
bronze keyblank 187   
mother-of-pearl keyblank 875   
pewter keyblank 750   
ironwood keyblank 1,875   
soapstone keyblank 187   
golden-hued keyblank 12,500   
silver-hued keyblank 6,292   
platinum-hued keyblank 26,256   
On the small crate
Item Price Done
soft leather lockpick case with a shadowy crest burned into it 8,250   No
small soft leather lockpick case embossed with intertwining snakes 9,625   
dark leather lockpick case embossed with crimson scorpions 12,995   
ironwood lockpick case with a panther stalking a mage carved upon it 15,312   
On the display rack
Item Price Done
sleek brass-plated knife 16,125   No
gleaming silver-white knife 13,750   No
pitted and rusty knife 6,250   No
greyish blue marble-hilted knife 12,675   No
blackened-steel knife 17,025   No
On the narrow stand
Item Price Done
warped nail 61,955   !!
bent metal hairpin 54,831   
old iron lockpick 62,652   !!