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Edword's Accoutrements
Event Ice Festival
Owner Edword
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Weapon shops, Armor shops, Clothing shops, Shield shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Artful Accessories

[Edword's Accoutrements, Artful Accessories]
Silk-leaved trees, boxes of flowering plants and a sculpted carpet woven to resemble a stone path meandering through the room provide the illusion of a courtyard garden. Quiet gentility marks the manner of the patrons who stroll about carefully inspecting the latest fashionable offerings. A smartly outfitted attendant responds to special inquiries of gentlemen and their ladies, disappearing now and then through a row of stone-painted wooden arches closed off by gathered draperies. You also see a masonwork bench with some stuff on it, a low garden wall with some stuff on it, a garden gate, a sprawling white trellis with some stuff on it and a granite statue with some stuff on it.

On the masonwork bench
Item Price Done
belted leather baldric 4,450   !!
azure belted leather baldric fitted with a burnished silver crescent moon buckle 15,407   
mahogany brown belted leather baldric accented with a fire-gilded lion's head buckle 28,007   !!
rich sable belted leather baldric embellished with ornate bronze studs and fittings 19,020   !!
belted leather baldric adorned with an antiqued silver ram's head buckle 15,050   !!
belted viper-skin baldric fastened with a chiseled iron dragon buckle 15,285   !!
brightwork greatsword scabbard with a fire-gilded king snake wrapped down its length 22,110   !!
On the garden wall
Item Price Done
stylish green leather riding boots with fire-gilded steel spurs 29,340   No
royal blue cougar suede boots with golden cordons dangling from the cuffs 26,917   No
silvery grey suede boots with tufted snowbeast fur cuffs 21,312   No
rich azure leather boots with gleaming silver-scaled cuffs 22,410   !!
supple bucket-topped leather boots with burnished brass buckles 18,300   No
cuffed ebon leather boots shadow-tooled with emerald-eyed panthers 39,502   No
polished hardened-leather hobnail boots with embossed bronze toe caps 17,820   No
supple mahogany brown cavalier boots buffed to a soft sheen 18,250   No
jet black parade boots polished to a reflective shine 22,000   No
On the granite statue
Item Price Done
wide leather war belt riveted with decorative beaten bronze disks 32,440   !!
azure double-wrapped leather sword belt embossed with sinuous sea serpents 11,115   No
blue-bellied crocodile skin sword belt with antiqued silver buckles 15,375   No
iron-studded leather war belt with an ornate fire-gilded dragon buckle 47,937   !!
elegant split-strap sword belt with rich black velvet accents and delicate carved ivory buckles 18,750   No
double-wrapped leather sword belt riveted with chiseled brass lion's head medallions 15,800   !!
double-wrapped leather sword belt riveted with ruby-eyed wrought silver dragon medallions 16,300   No
hip-slung leather sword belt with ornate bronze buckles and fittings 9,900   No
shadow black viper-skin sword belt with fire-gilded buckles and fittings 29,870   No
On the white trellis
Item Price Done
brass-riveted leather travel pack 6,000   !!
iron-riveted oiled-leather travel pack embroidered with the ominous image of a ruined keep sitting atop a dark snow-bound mountain pass 16,330   !!
storm grey leather travel pack emblazoned with a charging silver-horned golden ram 52,623   !!
regal blue leather travel pack emblazoned with a black tower encircled by a ring of seven gold stars 41,902   !!
brass-riveted leather travel pack embroidered with golden lutes and wandering rose vines 18,900   !!
rich crimson leather travel pack emblazoned with a rampant gold lion 26,985   !!
rich sable leather travel pack emblazoned with a scintillating prismatic dragon 35,787   !!
deep ebony lambskin travel pack embroidered with a sprawling stand of ancient sana'ati trees 18,900   !!
brass-riveted leather travel pack painted with a clever mongoose stalking a sinuous adder 16,500   !!

Dashing Defenses

[Edword's Accoutrements, Dashing Defenses]
This elaborate display area has been constructed to appear as a crowded street before a palace gate. In the center of the room, two armor-clad foes are locked in mortal combat. A dark ironwood knight lifts his weapon overhead, preparing to cleave down upon a peerless gnarled oak paladin. Other wooden figures stand nearby observing the contest. You also a dark walnut mercenary with some stuff on it, a chiseled ash soldier with some stuff on it, a distressed heartwood squire with some stuff on it, an elegant ebony ruffian, a weathered lunat veteran with some stuff on it, a polished rosewood minstrel with some stuff on it and a pitted hickory gladiator with some stuff on it.

On the dark walnut mercenary
Item Price Done
rich sable dress leathers fitted with an ornate fire-gilded sword arm guard 173,250   !!!!
boar-crested brightwork conical helm with a darkened chain camail 11,456   !!!!
sable leather dress gauntlets with rampaging drakes tooled on the cuffs 5,700   !!
On the chiseled ash soldier
Item Price Done
golden muscled lorica with plaited copper sleeves and lambrequins 294,875   !!!!
burnished bronze helm crested with a stiff fan of azure horse hair 31,358   !!!!
bronze scale gauntlets augmented with antiqued silver lames 18,450   !!
laminated bronze shield embossed with a mongoose and cobra locked in mortal combat 22,500   !!!!
On the distressed heartwood squire
Item Price Done
lustrous blued-steel sallet accented with gilded foliate scrollwork 35,718   !!!!
azure pageant shield emblazoned with a gold dragon 28,125   !!!!
lustrous blued field plate etched and gilded with foliate strapwork bands 578,250   !!!!
lustrous blued-steel mitten gauntlets with gilded foliate scrollwork etched on the cuffs 17,062   !!!!
On the elegant ebony ruffian
Item Price Done
pair of sleek black hardened-leather boots with embossed fire-gilded knee guards 76,350   !!!!
double-breasted black leather doublet with fire-gilded buttons and emerald green pickadil trim 62,375   !!!!
ebon leather cowl shadow-embroidered with emerald-eyed panthers 23,670   !!!!
leather dueling gauntlets tooled to resemble black panther paws with fire-gilded claws 20,000   !!!!
On the weathered lunat veteran
Item Price Done
blued chain tunic overlaid with a mantle of fire-gilded scales 249,375   !!!!
blued chain coif crested with a fire-gilded king snake circlet 30,027   !!!!
blued chain gauntlets with fire-gilded fluted steel cuffs 20,025   !!!!
bronze rondache embellished with fire-gilded bosses 37,500   !!!!
On the polished rosewood minstrel
Item Price Done
brass-buttoned red satin jupon embroidered with a gold dragon 242,400   No
silvered chain balaclava crested with a rose-tinted copper welkin knight 27,731   No
silvered chain gauntlets engraved on the cuffs with lutes and wandering rose vines 6,200   No
silvered rondache emblazoned with a colorful welkin knight 21,375   !!
On the pitted hickory gladiator
Item Price Done
spike-knuckled leather gauntlets with dragons tooled on the cuffs 2,535   No
iron-bound steel target shield with a spiked central boss 3,453   No
oiled leather armor reinforced with darkened steel plates and spiked guards 139,218   !!
iron-banded leather helm with a depending segmented neck guard 28,125   No

Gallant Garments

[Edword's Accoutrements, Gallant Garments]
An expanse of faux marble flooring and muslin-covered columns painted to resemble fluted granite suggest a palatial reception hall. High above, a three-tiered wrought-silver chandelier sways slightly, its myriad of flickering candles filling the chamber with a warm light. A full-length cheval glass offers patrons the opportunity to inspect their appearance, while those weary of waiting can rest upon a pair of grand high-backed mahogany chairs that sit before a large hanging tapestry. You also see a gilded wall display with some stuff on it, a walnut cloak rack with some stuff on it, a long mahogany banquet table with some stuff on it, a gilt-edged mahogany breakfront with some stuff on it, a baroque display pole with some stuff on it and an antique chestnut valet with some stuff on it.

On the gilt-edged mahogany breakfront
Item Price Done
dashing black dueling shirt with a shadow-lace ruffled neckline 8,500   !!
gallant white dueling shirt with a picot lace ruffled neckline 8,500   !!
storm grey leine embroidered with proud silver-horned golden rams 27,177   !!
finely woven crisp white shirt with pleated ruffs on the collar and cuffs 3,937   !!
comfortable rough-spun leine with billowing sleeves 6,775   !!
soft white leine with scintillating prismatic dragons curling down its billowing sleeves 17,312   !!
cerulean blue swordsman's shirt with golden foliate embroidery on the cuffs 10,968   !!
deep crimson swordsman's shirt laced at the neck with a woven silver cord 5,100   !!
silvery grey swordsman's shirt with full sleeves and laced cuffs 3,500   !!
handsome linen shirt with a gypsy knotwork embellished yoke 4,250   !!
On the baroque display pole
Item Price Done
midnight blue roughout hunting vest side-laced with golden cords 25,590   No
slash-sleeved coat of rich gold-trimmed suede 32,650   No
dashing black brass-buttoned doublet with studded sleeves and wine red shoulder rolls 16,375   No
handsome blue doublet embroidered with an intricate spun gold arabesque pattern 18,250   No
tailored cerulean blue coat with gold scrollwork-embroidered cuffs and ornate brass buttons 34,456   No
silvery grey brass-buttoned doublet with rich blue shoulder rolls and studded sleeves 18,250   No
On the gilded wall display
Item Price Done
ocean blue surcoat with silver dolphins leaping across the breast 5,456   !!
fiery red surcoat emblazoned with a glittering gold sunburst 26,468   !!
rich brown suede surcoat riveted with fire-gilded studs 13,950   !!
brilliant green surcoat adorned with golden fleurs-de-lis 21,656   !!
pristine white surcoat embroidered with a warrior maiden singing to a sleeping dragon 13,406   !!
royal purple surcoat of thick velvet embellished with a rampant gold lion and matching brocade trim 36,296   !!
handsome sable surcoat adorned with decorative silver quatrefoils and matching brocade trim 6,706   !!
azure surcoat emblazoned with a silver-horned golden unicorn 14,062   
gallant golden surcoat embroidered in blued-steel thread with a proud thunder ram 8,965   !!
On the antique chestnut valet
Item Price Done
rich red pleated wool breeches embroidered with golden lutes and wandering rose vines 27,318   No
scale-embossed black leather pants that hang in loose folds 15,320   No
regal blue breeches embellished with swirls of fire-gilded studs 25,050   No
charcoal-grey pleated wool dueling pants accented with subtle burgundy piping 14,600   No
flared black pants with a fiery phoenix rising up each leg 15,667   !!
heavy leather fighting pants riveted along the seams with ornate bronze studs 15,380   !!
handsome wine red lambskin breeches cross-gartered from ankle to knee 15,290   No
pleated black lambskin breeches trimmed with spun gold piping 32,280   No
soft ebon leather dueling pants shadow-tooled with rampaging drakes 15,320   !!
On the long mahogany banquet table
Item Price Done
A tasteful sign reads:

My guests and patrons are invited to partake of these humble culinary delights while exploring the possibility of purchasing some of my fine merchandise. -- Edword

silver platter holding a juicy haunch of roasted blue-bellied crocodile 0   No
engraved silver soup tureen surrounded by bowls of Riverhaven salt crab gumbo 0   No
bronze wire-wrapped basket of hot crusty rolls 0   No
fluted crystal flask of rich red Elven wine and goblets neatly arranged on a gilded tray 0   !!
ornate pewter platter of succulent braised lamb chops 0   No
On a walnut cloak rack
Item Price Done
An informative sign reads:

These fine greatcloaks are specially designed for dashing manipulation by the gentleman warrior. The wearer might consider trying the following maneuvers with his greatcloak: push, wave, roll, turn, kick, nudge, pull, punch, yank, hug, rub, poke and throw.

billowing midnight blue greatcloak embroidered with swirling patterns of silver stars 97,388   !!
rich sable greatcloak trimmed in ermine and fastened with an ornate fire-gilded chain clasp 100,800   No
voluminous black greatcloak embroidered with writhing dragons 89,331   !!
royal blue greatcloak trimmed with gold scrollwork and lined in crimson silk 79,367   No
colorful patchwork greatcloak embroidered in gold with musical instruments 48,675   !!
rich golden greatcloak trimmed along the bottom with wide bands of royal purple silk brocade 45,600   No
blood red leather greatcloak embroidered with hundreds of swarming golden locusts 90,212   No
storm grey greatcloak with a mantle of blue boobrie crest feathers spread over the shoulders 65,587   No
heavy forest green wool greatcloak fitted with a steel-studded deerskin mantle 58,642   No

Weapons of Elegance

[Edword's Accoutrements, Weapons of Elegance]
Brightly colored canvas facades give the impression of a teeming marketplace in some distant, exotic city. Painted backdrops covering the walls depict a ring of opulent palaces just beyond the market square. In the distance, a sinuous ivory-hued tower rises from the center of the city, reaching for the clouds. You also see a polished mahogany stand with a double-headed battle axe on it, a gnarled ironwood stand with a spike-bladed broadsword on it, a pole-arms rack flying colorful heraldic pennons, a velvet-draped sword merchant's table and an open wagon trimmed with gilded scrollwork.

On a gnarled ironwood stand
Item Price Done
spike-bladed broadsword with a fire-gilded dragon hilt 553,500   
On a polished mahogany stand
Item Price Done
double-headed battle axe with dragon-etched blades 368,700   !!!!
On a velvet-draped sword merchant's table
Item Price Done
acid-etched shamshir with a black onyx grip and gilded guard 231,097   No
gleaming schiavona with an ornate fire-gilded basket hilt 353,250   
skull-pommeled longsword with a crossbone guard 43,350   No
jade-hilted talibon with a gold-inlaid blade 200,025   No
watered-steel broadsword with downswept golden lion quillons 330,000   !!
double-bladed sword with a carved ivory wolf hilt 110,531   
On a pole-arms rack flying colorful heraldic pennons
Item Price Done
silvered glaive with wrought-iron dragon langets 97,537   !!!!
bat-winged corsesca 51,975   !!
Therengian pole-axe 112,500   No
ironwood sarissa with an embossed bronze grip (1) 18,500   
ornate crescent-bladed bardiche 47,756   
steel-tipped pilum with a leather-wrapped deobar shaft 9,351   !!!!
balanced boar spear chiseled with rampaging centaurs 43,593   
eagle-winged bronze spear 16,706   !!!!
ash-hafted partisan etched with silvered unicorns 65,052   !!!!
fire-gilded spear tethered with a dark blue pennon 67,190   !!!!
processional partisan adorned with bejeweled king snakes 174,402   !!!!
lion-engraved spear with a polished ebony shaft 51,201   !!!!
an open wagon trimmed with gilded scrollwork
Item Price Done
holy water sprinkler 25,312   
darkened steel hammer overlaid with silver decoration 52,500   No
triple-headed flail with a brightwork grip 34,051   
double-bladed thrusting axe acid-etched with scorpions 47,250   No
iron-bound mattock with a grotesque gargoyle head 54,843   No
steel war axe with an engraved crescent blade 115,500   No
cobra-hafted hammer 58,715   No
Therengian war hammer 118,335   No
massive watered-steel broadaxe 202,275   No