Flynia's Fanciful Forest of Fineries

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Flynia's Fanciful Forest of Fineries
Event Ice Festival
Owner Flynia
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Toy shops, Weapon shops, Barbarian shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Flynia's Fanciful Forest of Fineries, Foyer]
A surreal sight meets the eyes upon entering this tent, almost making one forget that they are in a shelter. The walls are of a billowing brown material, shaped into the trunks of trees and closing the area in. A canopy of silken leaves blow about above, and below lies a soft green grassy carpet. Near one side of the clearing, a rustic log bench sits next to a duo of out-of-place looking guards, watching the entrance deeper into the forest.
You also see an elegant silk partition watched over by two guards and a tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

[Flynia's Fanciful Forest of Fineries]
Emerging from the forest to the south, the silken walls here are painted with an expansive meadow scene carpeted with wildflowers. Cottony clouds hang from the blue ceiling overhead, and in the middle of the meadow rests a circle of items. Cubbyholes and tables rest in the grass among the flowers, all holding goods for sale.
You also see a sanded oak stand, a sturdy weapon rack made of fine steel with a very important-looking notice on it, a silk partition and a shimmering curtain.
Obvious exits: none.

In the cubbyholes
Item Price Done
smooth duck slippers with short fuzz smoothed back to look like feathers 5,266   !!
grey fuzzy bunny slippers with pink noses 5,266   No
fuzzy black slippers with stuffed toy rat heads 6,361   No
wooly black and white slippers with toy sheep heads 5,266   No
feathery white slippers with toy chicken heads 5,266   No
greenish leathery slippers with warty toy frog heads 6,417   No
On the table
Item Price Done
elegant mechanical bank adorned with a slender cloaked figure 91,766   !!
brown mechanical bank set with a beggar on a street corner 64,903   No
blue mechanical bank set with a smooth silvery dolphin 76,543   No
grey mechanical bank adorned with a tiny cloth shh'oi paguur puppet 69,353   No
green mechanical bank painted to look like a TogBall field 73,048   No
On the stand
Item Price Done
A note card:
"Each of these are flags. If you wish to order one, order by naming the staff. Such as ORDER SILVERWILLOW STAFF. Thank you!"
smooth silverwillow staff with a multi-hued flag rolled around it 80,302   No
crooked oak staff with a white flag rolled around it 76,722   No
simple cured driftwood staff with a black flag rolled around it 72,053   !!!!
On the weapon rack
Item Price Done
thick-handled warrior's axe with a wide acid-etched steel blade 286,681   No
A very important notice:
"Attention customers! This axe has been specially forged so that it can ONLY be held by those with a strong inner fire. If you go handing it off to someone who lacks inner fire, or if you try to purchase this axe without having inner fire, we will NOT be responsible for wounds and/or losses. There will be no refunds for any reason. Ever. Thank you."