Once Possessed (3)

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Once Possessed
Festival Ice Festival, Platinum Anniversary Festival 412
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Toy shops, Housing shops, Miscellaneous shops, Jewelry shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Once Possessed, Superior Used Items]
Piles of used items lie stacked around the room, covered in translucent black material making them appear to be dark rolling hills. Papier-mache tombstones stick up on the piles with skeletal hands planted before each, reaching upward like possessed beings rising from their graves. Various branches hang from the ceiling, covered in mosses and dim lanterns, one even being the perch of a stuffed raven with deep red marble eyes. You also see a poorly constructed wooden coffin and a dull door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the wooden coffin
Item Price Done
worn dark green leather desk pad 667   
crudely carved wooden yak figurine 431   
three-wheeled toy caravan 661   
rusted copper wire bracelet coated with a layer of brownish-green patina 816   
cloudy cut crystal vase 177   No
chipped glass marble 33   No
tarnished silver amulet engraved with odd symbols 942   
long faded cloak covered in colorful patches and shiny beaded appliques 1,553   
balding stuffed bear missing a button eye 92   No
torn canvas painting 353   
threadbare blanket 97   !!
mud-caked wooden pattens 155   No
scuffed dragon statuette 1,052   
battered straw broom 468   No
frayed burlap table cloth 177   No
frayed burlap gamantang 266   No