Grubby's Mole Smashin' Emporium

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Grubby's Mole Smashin' Emporium
Festival Ice Festival, Shard's South Bridge Street Faire 411, Shard's South Bridge Street Faire 415, Fang Cove Game Night, Plokks’ Perspicacious Performing Panoply, Dwarven Culture Faire 419
Owner Grubby
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Game
This store only accepts Kronars

  • currency is generally in the province where the tent appears.

[Grubby's Mole Smashin' Emporium]
Stitched together out of everything from mud-stained flags and old sales fliers to clerical robes and even Gorbesh battle banners, the sides of the tent ripple as the wind outside blows, allowing but the merest of whistling breezes through the gaps in its poorly fashioned form. You also see a mole-smashing game.
Obvious exits: south, out.

[Grubby's Mole Smashin' Emporium]
Though frayed, taut ropes rise to the peak of the tent's tattered canvas, presumably holding its structure intact. A gust catches the tent outside, and, rather than felt, is seen as a curved wave rising up one side and washing down the other, sending the bristly ropes into an awkward dance and indicating that they are indeed fastened to nothing at all. You also see a mole-smashing game.
Obvious exits: north, west.

[Grubby's Mole Smashin' Emporium]
The thumps and whistles of games going off -- seemingly at random, and with no provocation from any visible people -- echo strangely in this back portion of the tent. The sounds mingle with the chatter of passing festival goers from beyond the canvas walls, punctuating their sentences fragmented in passing with hoots and ringing. You also see a mole-smashing game.
Obvious exits: east.


Bright splashes of color lash contrastingly across the surface of the game in patterns that only the insane or colorblind could ignore. Nine ringed holes are cut into the top, each home to a brilliantly shaded carved mole. Glimpses of wooden gears and taut twine can just be made out in the gaps where the moles rest. A small slot is carved into one side, next to the words, "100 dokoras". You could probably JOIN the game, and then POUND the <COLORED> MOLEs to play.

Several slips of paper create a makeshift counter which currently reads, "0".


fuzzy grey-green mole marionette
fuzzy lime mole marionette
stuffed lime mole