Monyah's Miscellany (1)

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Monyah's Miscellany
Event Ice Festival
Owner Monyah
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Toy shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Monyah's Miscellany, Front Room]
An eclectic collection of items lies around the room on cases and racks in this entryway. Cutting down the center of the jumbled lot, a long runner directs traffic north to the back of the wagon, and a velvet curtain covers an alcove off to one side. An expensive-looking cut crystal lamp hangs in the middle of the ceiling, spreading a soft light over the area.
You also see a smooth mahogany door, a padded bench with some stuff on it and a parchment sign.
Obvious exits: none.

a parchment sign reads:
"These items are all collectable antiques from past merchants that visited the realms. 
I am not a merchant, but a private collector, so don't try to complain to the Brotherhood 
if you think my prices are too high. All these items are in their original states and have 
been kept in excellent condition along with the rest of my collection. I have very limited 
quantities of some items, so if the clerks say they can't find any more, then that's it." 

On the glass case
Item Price Done
pair of misty pink elbaite toe-rings 129,056   
silver talisman engraved with the sigil of Tezirah 26,681   
black iron medallion engraved with an image of Dergati 20,405   
onyx medallion engraved with an image of Damaris 24,290   No
opal medallion engraved with an image of Phelim 26,167   No
pair of opal earrings shaped like moons 16,302   !!
blue lapis tailband inlaid with opals and garnets 24,935   No
silver signet ring bearing the seal of the Celestial Compact 30,390   No
On the cloak rack
Item Price Done
hooded blue reaver fur cloak 91,556   No
On the padded bench
Item Price Done
starry-robed Moon Mage doll 6,766   
noble-looking Paladin doll 6,766   
wand-bearing War Mage doll 6,766   
richly-clad Trader doll 6,766   
fierce-faced Barbarian doll 6,766   
winking Bard doll 6,766   
white-robed Cleric doll 6,766   
smiling Empath doll 6,766   
green-clad Ranger doll 6,766   
shifty-eyed Thief doll 6,766   

[Monyah's Miscellany, Private Alcove]
Small yet well-designed, this alcove is home to Monyah's private collection. Surrounded by cases, a large leather chair sits at the back of the alcove, giving Monyah a comfortable spot from which to examine her treasures. Hanging above each case is a small lamp that sheds just enough light to highlight the items, but still leaves the remainder of the room covered in a gentle glow. A plush exotic rug covers the hardwood floor, providing the necessary accent to pull the room together.
You also see a long curtain leading back to the main room, an ebonwood wardrobe, a tall armor stand with some stuff on it, a long weapons rack with some stuff on it and a small yet important-looking plaque.
Obvious exits: none.

a small yet important-looking plaque reads:
"The five cases in here contain my most treasured items, these items are NOT for sale for any price. 
You may look in each case to see the items, but don't touch. 
The armor and weapons are on secure racks so that no one may take them, but they may be appraised. 
I may come around to answer questions you might have about my collection." 

In the square case

In the glass case

In the spherical case

In the long case

In the crystal case

In the ebonwood wardrobe

On the armor stand

On the weapons rack