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Women at Arms
Event Ice Festival, Temple Reopening
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Weapon shops, Jewelry shops, Armor shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Women at Arms]
An assortment of custom dyed armor, along with matching, color-coordinated outfits, is displayed on the mannequins in the outer area of the tent. All armor and clothing is carefully tailored to fit a woman's figure, allowing the wearer to move freely without giving up style and grace.
You also see a heavy curtain, a silver and amethyst mannequin with some stuff on it, a ruddy gold mannequin with some stuff on it, a simple black mannequin with some stuff on it, a forest green mannequin with some stuff on it, a sea-blue mannequin with some stuff on it, an ash-grey mannequin with some stuff on it, a silvery-white mannequin with some stuff on it, a small sign and a tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

A small sign reads:
Welcome to Women at Arms, purveyors of fashionable clothing, weapons and armor for the feminine warrior. 
  Most of the clothing and armor sold by Women at Arms is cut to fit the curves of a woman's body -- 
       while men may be able to squeeze into the helms, little else we sell will fit them. 
    Given our large inventory, we recommend that shoppers be sure to specify which mannequin 
       holds the item they wish when ordering (BUY <item> ON <color> MANNEQUIN). 

On the silver and amethyst mannequin
Item Price Done
supple silver-spurred leather riding boots 4,268   
amethyst velvet surcoat embroidered with white Therengian roses 9,300   
silvery steel gauntlets with decorative cutwork cuffs 7,262   !!
silver-washed field plate inlaid with wreaths of enameled violets 95,593   !!
silver-gilt great helm with amethysts and topaz 13,387   No
On the ruddy gold mannequin
Item Price Done
low scarlet suede boots with polished ebonwood heels ?   
multi-layered black and gold silk gauze skirt ?   No
gold-beaded black leather gloves ?   
golden hunting leathers embossed with scarlet firebirds ?   !!!!
scarlet leather hood edged with layers of gold-beaded raven feathers ?   !!
On the simple black mannequin
Item Price Done
calf-high black suede boots with silver clasps 4,651   !!
billowing silvery silk trousers 631   
high-necked black silk tunic with silver piping 5,606   
blackened mail gauntlets worked with silver gryphons 7,518   !!
blackened chainmail robe edged with silver filigree links 62,368   !!!!
blackened chain coif with a silvery steel eye-guard 3,412   !!
On the forest green mannequin
Item Price Done
fringed moss-green suede falconer's gauntlets 968   
dark green suede boots with rawhide laces 1,592   
layered grey-green silk gauze skirt 11,187   No
creamy high-necked linen shirt 11,187   No
padded green suede jacket embossed with a pattern of oak leaves 10,618   No
deep green leather mask decorated with tiny feathers 1,243   
On the sea-blue mannequin
Item Price Done
lightweight chainmail robe fashioned from deeply hued rings 99,972   No
pair of scallop-edged mesh handguards 7,500   No
scallop-edged chain balaclava 11,026   No
pair of fitted suede leggings with crystal beading on the pockets 2,208   No
sea-blue suede bodice with mermaid-shaped emerald clasps 1,276   
On the ash-grey mannequin
Item Price Done
ash-grey sharkskin thigh boots trimmed with a scarlet fringe 7,276   No
deep black sharkskin mask 2,471   
quilted ash-grey sharkskin tunic embossed with delicate scarlet-tipped anemones 12,820   No
kick-pleated black woolen skirt 1,588   No
On the silvery-white mannequin
Item Price Done
silvery-white tower shield etched with the image of a reclining lioness 30,000   No
set of silvery-white plate brigandine etched with the image of a reclining lioness 131,738   No
pair of silvery-white mesh gauntlets 18,750   !!!!
silvery-white helm with a tawny gold horsehair crest 43,750   No
darkened tower shield inlaid with copper filigree 43,750   No
gold-plated shield encrusted with rubies and amethysts 150,000   No

[Women at Arms, Accessories]
Tables and cabinets of varying descriptions fill this part of the tent, each piled high with clothing and accessories for the well-dressed woman. Like the garments offered in the outer area, all items sold here are carefully tailored to fit the wearer while still allowing freedom of movement.
You also see a marble column with some stuff on it, a small sign, a jewelry box, a wooden boot-rack with some stuff on it, a polished oak armoire, a louvered teak cabinet, a sturdy oak table with some stuff on it, a simple clothes rack with some stuff on it, a cedar-lined wardrobe, a cedar kilt tree with some stuff on it, a heavy curtain and a sandalwood screen.
Obvious exits: none.

A small sign reads:
Welcome to Women at Arms, purveyors of fashionable clothing, weapons and armor for the feminine warrior. 
  Most of the clothing and armor sold by Women at Arms is cut to fit the curves of a woman's body -- 
      while men may be able to squeeze into the helms, little else we sell will fit them.

On the marble column
Item Price Done
A parchment note reads:
"Garters are narrow ribbons of fabric, suede or leather, worn below the knee to keep one's stockings up. You may be able to slip a single dagger or small blade between the garter and your calf, however the management assumes no responsibility for any damage to your person if you choose to do such a thing, nor is it responsible for any costs incurred in cleaning blood from your garments as a result."
pure white velvet garter with silver buckles 5,000   
leaf-green suede garter with criss-crossed laces 5,000   
narrow brown leather garter with rawhide laces 4,375   
deep violet garter with silvery silk ribbons 5,000   
soft gold suede garter with a ruby phoenix buckle 5,000   
black suede garter with narrow silver buckles 5,000   
ash grey silk garter edged with red piping 5,000   
deep blue satin garter threaded with narrow black ribbons 5,000   
soft scarlet leather garter with tiny gold buckles 8,743   
dainty black velvet garter 5,000   
sea green spidersilk garter with turquoise and carnelion beadwork 15,000   
deep red velvet garter with iridescent sequins 10,000   
ivory spidersilk garter edged in Elven lace and tiny seed pearls 24,993   
In the jewelry box
Item Price Done
brooch depicting a nightingale with crystal tipped wings 6,831   
silver wristcuff with an engraved clasp 3,750   No
gold wristcuff with an engraved clasp 15,000   No
burnished platinum wristcuff with an engraved clasp 149,993   No
carved silver ring 2,400   No
carved gold ring 24,000   No
carved platinum ring 150,000   No
On the wooden boot-rack
Item Price Done
pair of thigh boots with turned-down cuffs and emerald mermaid clasps 308,356   No
pair of waterproofed hipboots with merfolk and sea monsters hand-painted along the upper edge 2,343   No
In the polished oak armoire
Item Price Done
purplish-grey silk bodice with black lace inserts 5,000   No
silvery silk bodice trimmed with embroidered ribbon violets 8,750   
tawny gold suede bodice trimmed with scarlet boobrie feathers 4,375   No
lightweight green silk bodice with full elbow-length sleeves 5,250   
dainty white batiste bodice embroidered with pale blue sirese blossoms 2,625   No
crisp blue satin bodice with a low scalloped neckline 3,281   
crinkled cream silk bodice with ivory lace trim 5,000   
fitted black silk bodice with a lace-filled sweetheart neckline 10,250   No
In the louvered teak cabinet
Item Price Done
soft fur-lined black velvet tunic with silver gryphon buttons 6,375   
deep red velvet tunic with a white rabbit fur shawl collar 3,750   No
fitted knee-length grey silk tunic with a high black suede collar 6,700   No
clinging hip-length blue silk tunic with silvery lace trim 4,625   
softly-draped sleeveless white silk tunic 4,000   No
On the sturdy oak table
Item Price Done
crisply-pleated grey wool trousers with a lion-shaped gold buckle 8,300   No
deeply cuffed charcoal wool trousers 475   No
crisply pleated mauve wool trousers with a wide violet suede belt 812   
finely woven claret-colored woolen trousers 400   No
finely woven deep blue woolen trousers 406   
nubby grey tweed britches with brass buckles 350   No
close-fitting black tweed britches 425   No
silvery-grey wool britches fastened by narrow leather buckles 550   No
On the simple clothes rack
Item Price Done
snug grey suede leggings with a narrow scarlet belt 1,062   No
soft black suede leggings embroidered with coppery leaves 2,437   No
snug dark green moleskin leggings with rawhide lacing 1,368   No
deep green leather leggings embossed with a subtle leaf pattern 1,656   
deep amethyst suede leggings with a silver-buckled black belt 1,937   
tawny gold suede leggings trimmed with gold-beaded raven feathers 1,625   
sea-blue suede leggings laced with rawhide thongs along the sides 1,437   
pale gold moleskin leggings with an ivory suede belt 1,618   No
In the cedar-lined wardrobe
Item Price Done
crinkled grey silk skirt with a silver-buckled claret suede belt 3,675   No
kick-pleated black linen skirt fastened by a silver kilt pin 1,781   No
full black wool skirt with a wide red suede belt 1,500   No
finely woven forest green woolen skirt embroidered with tiny white starflowers 3,062   No
jade green spidersilk skirt with frothy white batiste petticoats 8,312   No
swirling lavender spidersilk skirt shot with silvery threads 6,937   
swirling scarlet spidersilk skirt shot with glittering golden threads 6,937   
full dark blue suede skirt with lace-trimmed petticoats 3,500   No
pale blue spidersilk skirt with an ivory suede belt 7,493   
On the cedar kilt tree
Item Price Done
ivory and jade plaid kilt fastened with a silver ivy wreath pin 3,750   No
grey and violet plaid kilt fastened by a silver thistle pin 3,750   No
scarlet and black plaid kilt fastened with a golden dragon pin 13,125   No
green and blue plaid kilt fastened by a silver arbelog claw 3,750   No
grey and red plaid kilt fastened with a heavy bronze lion pin 3,500   No

[Women at Arms, Weapons Display]
Sales clerks bustle about, replenishing stock on the various display racks around the room. The scent of leather mingles with the faint tang of oiled steel as customers move in and out of the back room of Women at Arms, examining the weapons and shields on display.
You also see a wooden display case, a sword rack with some stuff on it, a sandalwood screen and a weapons stand with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

In the wooden display case
Item Price Done
polished coral throwing spike with a wire-wound sharkskin grip 3,062   
bronze-bladed katar etched with intertwining anemones 1,868   
silvered dagger with a twisted narwhal horn handle 2,743   No
curved bronze dagger with a shimmering blue water opal pommel 4,962   !!
slender damascened bodice dagger 5,625   
On the sword rack
Item Price Done
razor-sharp steel axe with a double-clamshell blade on a polished driftwood haft 708,750   !!!!
obsidian-hilted bastard sword etched along the blade with hideous blackened unicorns 421,875   !!
On the weapons stand
Item Price Done
water-etched steel sabre with a leather-wrapped hilt 10,350   
lustrous pearl-pommeled damascened broadsword 127,500   !!
diamond-edged steel longsword with a wire-wound water opal hilt 26,437   
curving silver-etched falchion with a wire-wound leather grip 273,000   
polished coppered oben with a lapis-inlaid hilt 37,500   No
scallop-edged oben with an iridescent abalone-inlaid pommel 43,750