Semtrach's Art To Order (1)

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Semtrach's Art To Order
Event Ice Festival
Owner Semtrach
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Semtrach's Art To Order]
This ragged lean-to is stained in odd places with vibrant colors. Dabs of paint and smears of charcoal decorate the walls in random streaks that almost form recognizable shapes. Semtrach may still take pride in his work, but he's obviously long past caring about the cleanliness of his tent. You also see a small placard, a deobar rack with some stuff on it, an easel with some stuff on it, a sign and a tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

A sign reads:
"By special arrangement with the Pattern Mage Jiniskaal, the lockets on the rack are imbedded with a mirroring spell. 
Buy a locket from the rack, rub it, and your own picture will appear inside!" 
On the deobar rack
Item Price Done
delicate enameled oval locket 7,500   
heart-shaped golden locket 7,625   
diamond and platinum locket 18,750   
pale blue oval cameo locket 7,125   No
marqueterie copperleaf locket 5,875   
simple platinum locket 15,000   No
embossed copper locket 6,500   
gold and silver filigree locket 8,750   No
brushed silver locket 6,500   No
gold-banded lapis lazuli locket 7,687   No
simple golden locket 6,500   
blackened steel locket 6,500   No
A small placard reads:
"Semtrach will only be working for those with vouchers." 
On the easel
Item Price Done
colorful painting of a sailing ship on the Reshal Sea -   No
bold painting of a pitched sea battle -   
faded sketch -   !!
A note reads:
"I bring my artistry to you, offering sketches on my own paper ONLY. Lovely as gifts, remembrances, to hang on your wall, or in miniature within lockets to carry near your heart. Locket pictures are one platinum kronar. Pictures for homes are one platinum, five gold."

The following items were probably from this shop, but have not been confirmed:

large painting of a Gorbesh battle scene -   
Oak-framed painting of a peaceful meadow -   
Copper-framed painting -