Cacophony of Silver and Glass (3)

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A Cacophony of Silver and Glass
Event Ice Festival, Temple Reopening
Owner Kymme, Derque
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Jewelry shops, Miscellaneous shops, Drink shops, Container shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[A Cacophony of Silver and Glass, Kymme's Display]
A birch stand sits alone in the middle of the room, a centerpiece displaying a particularly fine set of wares. The many colorfully embroidered tapestries hung behind them dispel the somber hues of tables covered in black velvet and dark mahogany cases along the walls. Bright oil lanterns hang from tent poles high above to shine upon the displays. A darkened alcove lays off to one side, while a white velvet curtain leads deeper into the tent. You also see an exit flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the birch stand
Item Price Done
silver ivy leaf pendant strung on a long silver chain 4,800   
slender necklace of deep green marquise emeralds 153,675   
pair of faceted emerald teardrop earrings 68,500   No
silver earcuff engraved with ivy vines bearing deep emerald leaves 30,730   
diadem formed of an emerald teardrop on a twisted silver chain 22,275   
The diadem on this stand is one designed to be worn in the hair. Please note that if you do not have any hair you will not be able to wear it.
On the dark mahogany case
Item Price Done
woven silver choker sprinkled with marquise diamonds 72,185   
woven silver choker sprinkled with dark emerald teardrops 27,975   
woven silver choker sprinkled with small ruby ovals 59,535   
woven silver choker sprinkled with tiny sapphire beads 22,235   
On the birch display table
Item Price Done
wide silver bracelet engraved with a broken cutlass 6,400   
intricately engraved bracelet of polished silver 6,720   
engraved silver bracelet portraying a musical staff sprinkled with notes 6,400   
wide silver bracelet with an elaborately engraved scene 6,400   
matte silver bracelet engraved with a Dwarven blacksmith 6,720   
polished silver bracelet engraved with a blooming rose 6,720   
wide silver bracelet engraved with a sailing ship 6,720   
matte silver bracelet engraved with an erupting volcano 6,595   

[A Cacophony of Silver and Glass, Darkened Alcove]
Light suffusing the room comes from the many oil lanterns hung from the tentpoles above. Twin tables draped in white velvet reside along the walls, one supporting a large birch case with glass panels. Violet and blue drapes along the walls lend this room a hush not found in the outer ones. A part in a set of ebony velvet curtains reveals the way back into the rest of the tent. You also see a large parchment sign resting upon a silver easel.
Obvious exits: none.

A large parchment sign reads:
Due to the time and effort put into creating these wares, 
only a certain amount of them are available for sale. 
Enjoy. -- Kymme and Derque 
On the birch display table
Item Price Done
pair of delicate slippers crafted from flawless crystal 10,175   
elegant ball gown of pale blue velvet trimmed with icy white lace 20,500   
pale blue felt mask edged with white owl feathers 27,825   
On the polished birch case
Item Price Done
burnished silver jewelry box enameled with a crimson dragonfly 44,400   
silver jewelry box with stained glass panels of aquatic hues 40,000   
silver filigree jewelry box enameled with a leaping frog 44,000   
delicate silver jewelry box inlaid with a golden phoenix 222,075   

[A Cacophony of Silver and Glass, Derque's Studio]
Warm light pooling in this room reflects off walls of amber and white. Its source is easily found in the gaily colored glass lanterns hanging from the tent poles above, each worked in the shape of a rearing dragon. A pile of cushions sitting in one corner of the room allows visitors a place to rest while a velvet curtain leads to another part of the tent. You also see a large parchment sign resting upon a silver easel, a slender glass display stand, a delicate glass tray sitting on one of the tables, a paneled silk screen and a long table of stained glass.
Obvious exits: west.

A large parchment sign reads:
The inkwells and quills upon the table were handcrafted from the finest glass to help decorate your homes, 
as were the larger of the mirrors on the screen. I regret to say that the inkwells contain no ink, 
but you should find that quills sold in this shop shall fit inside of them easily. Enjoy. -Derque Geratt
On the glass stand
Item Price Done
egg-shaped paperweight of mottled red glass set with a slumbering indigo salamander 13,845   
rounded paperweight of translucent green glass topped with a brightly colored butterfly 13,845   
rectangular paperweight featuring a rearing bear with a silvery fish clutched tightly in its claws 13,845   
silver and glass hawk feather quill 9,675   
silver and glass swan feather quill 9,675   
small glass paperweight featuring a fiery red frog atop a marbled orb 10,725   
On the glass tray
Item Price Done
deep amber glass tiger lily infused with opalescent slivers 5,877   
long-stemmed glass rose with translucent onyx petals and delicate crystal thorns 7,808   
long-stemmed glass rose with opaque ivory petals and delicate crystal thorns 24,608   
long-stemmed glass rose with translucent ruby petals and delicate crystal thorns 4,331   
On the silk display screen
Item Price Done
oblong mirror surrounded by leaping flames of crimson glass accentuated by slivers of gold 102,225   
elegant glass hand mirror infused with tiny golden fireflies flying in storm of cerulean shards 31,725   No
enameled hand mirror surrounded by a frame of silver water lilies floating in a glassy indigo pond 15,031   
simple glass hand mirror composed of obsidian glass and embedded with golden stars 31,725   
oval mirror clasped on either side by long platinum claws 420,875   
ornate glass mirror embedded with tiny gold suns eclipsed by inky moonstone shards 143,033   
On the stained glass table
Item Price Done
delicate inkwell embellished with spiraled hues of cobalt and silver glass 5,708   !!
squat inkwell composed of clouded periwinkle glass topped with a crystal raindrop 8,858   !!
elegant inkwell swirled with bits of amber glass and topped with a diamond-cut stopper 5,026   !!

[A Cacophony of Silver and Glass, Amber Room]
The faint scent of incense lingers in the air and lends it a slight haze in the warm lamplight. The side of the wagon can be seen here at the back of the tent, with a set of polished rosewood steps leading to its single door. Haphazardly scattered around the room atop a wide embroidered silk carpet are several large velvet cushions in various shades of amber. In the center of the room sits a dark walnut table bearing drinks in swirled glass bottles. You also see an ornately carved birch pedestal.
Also here: Derque
Obvious exits: east.

We will gladly add the finishing touches to your plain silver and/or glass items if you adhere to a few of our rules. 
One: We won't work with the skins of dead animals, so don't bother asking. 
Two: Don't bring us your gems. 
Unless you have purchased one of surpassing quality from another craftsman, you will have to buy one of ours. 
Three: We reserve the right to deny service to any person for any reason at any time. 
Thank you for perusing our shop! ~\ Derque Geratt and Kymme Ambyra /~ 
No one is waiting on this scroll.

Up to 8 people may sign up on the tattered scroll.

The tattered scroll is closed.
Leaving the game for more than a few minutes is NOT allowed.
Leaving the room is NOT allowed.
You may only be on ONE list at a time. Joining another will remove you from the first.
On the walnut table
Item Price Done
a cranberry glass bottle of wine wrapped in silver wire 0   No
a frosted gold and green glass bottle of cordial 0   No
a swirled amber and crimson glass bottle of brandy 0   No

On the birch pedestal is a rearing dragon of faceted crystal and ruby glass with brushed silver scales. (NOT for sale)
The dragon's wings are swept back as if about to take flight, while its piercing onyx eyes stare menacingly forward. Clutched in its silver claws is a small amber medallion delicately etched with a gladiolus in full bloom.
A rearing dragon reads:~~- Handcrafted and Designed by Derque Geratt and Kymme Ambyra-~~