Elahkti's Metal Arts (1)

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Elahkti's Metal Arts
Festival Ice Festival, Temple Reopening
Owner Elahkti
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Armor shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Elahkti's Metal Arts]
Storm-grey velvet draperies lined with silver brocade panels cloak these tent walls, the raised patterns of the brocade sparkling with the warm light of lanterns suspended from leather-wrapped poles. Fresh-cut rushes crackle softly underfoot, their green scent blending pleasantly with the tang of metal and the mellow fragrance of oils and polishes used to keep Elahkti's creations in top form.
You also see a tent flap, a polished ironwood stand with some stuff on it and a copperwood shelf with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the ironwood stand
Item Price Done
darkened silver mail set with a hammered gold chestplate fashioned in a sunburst design 44,000   
deep blue chain patterned in silvery-white steelsilk with dazzling stars entwined among hemlock blossoms 64,000   
silvered chain woven over the heart with steelsilk links forming a white dove bearing a broken sword 64,000   
silvery blue mail set with a burnished gold chestpiece edged in snow opals 44,000   
ebony mail interwoven with golden steelsilk links forming a cascade of lightning bolts 44,000   
silver-gilt mail bedecked with loops of ornate pierced gold chain 44,000   
blued steel mail edged with ornate pierced silver chain 44,000   
On the copperwood shelf
Item Price Done
pale golden tabard stitched with the image of an ebon-skinned warrior carrying a desert falcon on her gauntleted fist 9,302   
black velvet tabard emblazoned with a glittering crystal spire rising from a circle of deep purple lotus blossoms 15,356   
cloth-of-silver tabard emblazoned in raised silk patterns with a brilliant white gladiolus over a field of blue 9,302   !!
azure watersilk tabard stitched in metallic silver thread with a circle of sharks over twin crossed harpoons 34,171   !!
gold-highlighted crimson velvet tabard embroidered with an ornate crown suspended over a triple-bladed dagger 13,162   !!
azure-highlighted jade silk tabard depicting a golden ram's head circled by ivy vines 11,391   !!
sable velvet tabard flame-stitched with a majestic lion and lioness standing side by side under crossed golden lances 11,391   !!

[Elahkti's Metal Arts, Showroom]
Graceful steel tripods in the corners suspend glowing braziers that fill the room with gentle warmth and illuminate heavy tapestries lining the walls,each celebrating the timeless patterns of heraldry. Ash tent poles have been sanded smooth and wrapped with a rainbow of ribands and banners from tournaments past.
You also see a tall oak table with some stuff on it, a polished satinwood stand with some stuff on it and a heavy silver rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the oak table
Item Price Done
twilight-blue helm with a darkened silver visor and somber black heron plumes 18,750   
deep black steel-visored helm embossed with a golden rising sun 15,625   
gleaming silver helm edged with pierced blued-steel chain 12,031   
burnished silver helm engraved with an ornate bronzed triskele 13,750   
obsidian helm with a burnished silver visor and scarlet gryphon plumes 17,875   
polished silver helm with a hinged visor of dark steel 10,312   
snowy white helm edged with thin pierced-gold chain 10,875   
On the satinwood stand
Item Price Done
twilight-blue gauntlets with black leather cuffs worked in raised silver 5,625   
articulated obsidian gauntlets edged with thin gold chain 3,750   
deep black gauntlets looped with narrow platinum chain 3,750   
polished silver gauntlets cuffed in deep blue leather with silver chain lacings 6,187   
burnished silver gauntlets with sable leather cuffs edged in thin bronze chain 6,187   
gleaming silver gauntlets looped with twisted red gold chain 31,250   
pure white gauntlets cuffed with sable leather stamped in gold scrollwork 7,031   
On the silver rack
Item Price Done
dazzling pure white plate engraved over the heart with a regal emerald-eyed lioness in a circle of olive branches 103,125   
ornate silver court plate bedecked with loops of polished red-gold chain 137,500   
polished blood-red plate emblazoned with an ebon gryphon sinister over a field of silver stars 137,500   
burnished steel-riveted silver plate blazoned with a ruby-centered triskele 137,500   
mirror-finished silver plate bedecked with loops of blued steel chain 137,500   
mirror-finished obsidian plate blazoned with a crimson dragon rampant over a rising sun 85,937   
twilight-blue plate etched with a dark heron silhouetted against a silvery full moon 103,437   !!