Kindled Spirit (1)

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The Kindled Spirit
Event Ice Festival
Owner Dimlin DimgrogDimlin Dimgrog
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Smoking shops, Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Kindled Spirit]
The interior of this austere tent consists solely of the furnishings necessary to display the merchant's wares. The rich scent of tobacco permeates the area, giving hint to what lies within. You also see a smeared sign, a white velvet pedestal with a ruby pipe on it, an open flap, a wooden screen, a wood bin, a display case with some stuff on it and a covered table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

A smeared sign:
The proprietor, Dimlin Dimgrog, is known to do some special pipe carvings on a whim. 
She prefers to work on previously uncarved pipes (drab white). 
You can request that other woods be used from her extensive collection. She can add gems 
-- however, because of time constraints, no gems will be carved into bowls. 
Please remember that pipes have a small space on which to work. 
Magic can not be added to the pipes. 
Good manners are highly recommended in this and any other store. Thank you!
On the velvet pedestal
Item Price Done
ruby encrusted pipe with a carved ruby bowl 1,002,075   No
In the wood bin
Item Price Done
silverwillow log 375   No
whitethorn log 375   No
cherrywood log 375   No
red-maple log 375   No
deobar log 375   No
golden oak log 375   No
hickory log 375   !!
rotting beech log 187   !!
walnut log 375   !!
lemon-tree log 375   !!
zulnatha log 375   !!
cedar log 375   !!
copperwood log 375   !!
elm log 375   !!
pine log 375   !!
These logs have been carefully harvested to preserve their natural aroma as they are burned. Just add to your home fireplace and light to enjoy! Note: The last log you put in will be the flames' aroma. To make the aroma last longer, fill your fireplace with other fuel and put the log on last.
On the display case
Item Price Done
cinnamon honey tobacco 312   
Ilithi tobacco 437   
seaweed tobacco 187   
taffelberry tobacco 625   
rich chocolate tobacco 625   
herbal tobacco 437   
Prince's Ransom tobacco 6,250   
Grunt-quality cigar 6,250   
silver-banded cigar 375   
ratgut cigar 187   
whiskey-laced cigar 937   
broadleaf Tiger Clan cigar 312   
On the covered table
Item Price Done
fancy curved pipe decorated with crystals 11,866   No
dolphin pipe 7,657   No
drab white pipe 2,552   
rose pipe 7,657   
serpentine pipe 7,657   
pink and green pied pipe 7,657   
cherrywood pipe with a phoenix design 7,657   
polished copper pipe 2,552   
rustic stone pipe 7,657   

A servant nods deferentially as you follow Dimlin out of the room.

[The Kindled Spirit, Back Room]
The smells of wood and tobacco invade your nose from all parts of the room. Crates and bags of fine grown leaf sit in the drier central area, while various types of wood outline the outer walls. Several logs have been pulled upright to make stools, standing near desk of scrap material that harbors the merchant's work tools. You also see a wooden screen, a log chair and a log stool.
Obvious exits: none.