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Premium Token Raffles are raffles that take place in Fang Cove's sky-blue tent, and are inherently different to other raffles held by Jisi and other GMPC/NPCs. Any Premium subscriber may participate in the raffles by visiting the tent and choosing to purchase a token from the raffle counter. Also within the tent are Estate Holder gifts.

Raffle Controller

The raffle controller is a GMPC known as Peddler of Curiosities Jico. Jico is present in the tent during every name pulling and remains there until the new item goes into the display. Jico is responsive and will answer questions if able.


Tokens are located for sale on a raffle sales counter in the sky-blue tent in Fang Cove, just by the portal. Tokens are responsive to the SHOP command.

  • Tokens will always be priced at 5 platinum Dokora for Premium token raffles.
  • Token purchase are limited to 1 per account.
  • Tokens may be purchased right up until the drawing begins. Jico will close sales and reopen once the new item is set up.
  • You do not need to keep your token. The system will remember your purchase each month.

The Raffle Drawing

Raffles last one month and conclude around the first of the month, when Estate Holder gifts are refreshed. When gifts get shifted over, Jico will be IN GAME to draw the name. This is an event and you are welcome to attend or not.

  • The item being raffled vary each month and may be more than one item. Informational cards may be displayed ON the raffle display at times.
  • You can win even if you are not present.
  • If you win and are not present, your winnings will be delivered to you on your next login. If for some reason we cannot utilize this delivery method, a GM will contact you in game.
  • There are no restrictions on how many times you can win. Winning one month does not mean you cannot participate next month.

Claiming a Prize

If you are a winner, and not present at the raffle drawing, you will receive your prize when you first login after the raffle is completed. A note will appear on your screen (after the NEWS banner) indicating this has happened. For example:

      * * *  NOTE  * * *

A GM has returned to you the following:

a burlap bag has been placed in your inventory containing some items.

      * * * * * * * * * *


Year Month Item Prime Winner Plat Winner TF Winner Notes
2020 July luminous black gold crown enveloped in gaethzen flames Holds 48 mana
2020 June small leather-bound book titled "A Fisherman's Guide to Elanthia" Fully unlocked textbook
2020 May small voucher painted with a glass perfume vial Salubrie 1 custom perfume, to be created by Perfumer Zanrah
2020 March shifting Phinara voucher Annandale Cosmetic changes and add, remove, or alter an existing EZATMO message for 1 item
2020 February lustrous goldweave lootpouch clasped with a dragon's heart ruby Melindrha Teryn holds 50-items and is worn on the upper arm.
2020 January charred flamewood throwing hammer with a dragon-shaped head Gamalon Phez HB/HT with Fire Flare
2019 December jolly green duffel bag stitched with holly leaves Rhorgul N/A Contains 3 potency and crystals 3 infuser stones
2019 October small blue covellite dragon covered in imbricated scales Thires Rhas Lighter
2019 September custom challenger's drink voucher N/A design the look and taste of their drink
2019 August glittery diamond-hide moneybelt clasped with a platinum dragon Rhra Faerek This moneybelt will hold 100 coins.
2019 July glittery mirror voucher bearing dark gold font Karissa Amythyste Good for one custom feature
2019 June silver furniture voucher with thick black lettering Tennman One home furniture alteration
2019 May monkey comb Vladmirr Uzmam Prefab monkey alteration
2019 April A matte black dragon carved out of cassava root Vivalynn Divult Empathic Shock Gauge
2019 April B burnished red dragon carved out of cassava root Ghanan Uzmam Empathic Shock Gauge
2019 April C emerald green dragon carved out of cassava root Zephyrial Struther Empathic Shock Gauge
2019 March intricate arm cuff of interlocking platinum and onyx lockpicks Larzick Rubicante Locksmithing trainer
2018 December kertig-bound chronicle richly embellished with chased scrollwork Heartsfyre Rhas Fynmenger Fully unlocked textbook
2018 April? mirrored voucher Askanda Morpion 4 feature alterations
2018 March bright red voucher with gold lettering Uzmam atmospheric alteration with Grellia
2017 November small voucher with elaborate sketches across its face Devish Morpion N/A atmospheric alteration with Grellia
2017 October fuzzy grey voucher Wierdwood Articus Rellie Kitten, pig, or rat (and their home) alteration
2017 September spherical arm pouch stitched with a detailed map Dathosian Tenerion N/A ?
2017 August steel parry stick inlaid with cambrinth bands Elendas Tenerion Ryh 25 mana cambrinth
2017 July painted voucher depicting colorful furniture Aislynn Arathael Rellie 3 furniture item alterations with Liave
2017 June elegant folio bound in pale leather Kivian Damian Copernicus 30 spell/25 copy scroll stacker
2017 May small golden dragon with iridescent scales Hssanh ? N/A Lighter
2017 April bright yellow voucher with indigo lettering ? ? N/A The voucher is good for a session with Liave to include three alterations.
2017 March bizarrely bifurcated Gnomish gadget case with a rackensprocket-shaped steel latch Morlen Beronica N/A Contained three single-use embiggening devices
2016 November Dindobeld voucher ? ? N/A Full custom siegery piece including customized messaging.
2016 October tiny golden dragon pin ? Rebecka N/A Omni-hider
2016 September home voucher Morlen ? N/A Home redecoration and limited to 10 total alterations.
2016 September 250 Hollow Eve tickets Whechard Struther N/A
2016 May burlap bag Kythryn Cim N/A Contained a horn card, a blackened silver necklace set with a trio of brilliant red libger's eye stones and a libger-shaped horn (summons 1 horde of libgers).
2016 April glittery spidersilk twine with black beads Coeur Uzmam N/A Perception training twine.
2016 April braided black string Hazelnut Dorea N/A A customizable cat's cradle game to train Perception.
2016 March custom challenger's drink voucher Cined Beronica N/A One ENDLESS challenger's beverage with custom SHORT, TAP, LOOK, and flavor.