Wizened goblin leaning on a cane (2)

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wizened goblin leaning on a cane
Event Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Crafting shops
This store only accepts tickets

[The Baby Metal Arachnid, Middle Abdomen]
Hollow metal columns rise from the platformed floor to the domed ceiling, forming a makeshift skeletal structure that holds up the roof of sliding steel sheets. Walls rise up on either side of the hallway, stopping very short of the concave dome high above. Small puffs of steam filter through the floor on the eastern side of the room, creating rust streaks that mar the corrugated metal.
You also see a wide shelf with several things on it, a closed wooden chest with several things on it, a wooden table with a couple of things on it, a wooden counter with several things on it and a wizened goblin leaning on a cane.
Obvious exits: north, south.

On the wide shelf
Item Price Done
goblin doll 350 tickets   !!
goblin whistle 750 tickets   !!
simple black cloak 1250 tickets   !!
large wooden splinter 5 tickets   !!
wax musk hog doll 350 tickets   !!
withered troll claw 350 tickets   !!
ill-fitting jacket 300 tickets   !!
shaman's rattle 1250 tickets   !!
dead rat on a string 250 tickets   !!
crude yo-yo 1 tickets   !!
A simple note reads:
"A Goblin craftsman of some repute, if there is such a thing, reportedly crafted these items quite some years ago. A merchant with ties to this particular tribe has relayed that the craftsman has passed, and these items may very well be the last of their kind. While we do not believe them to be of any particular functional value, the aesthetics may appeal to some.

No refunds, but we hope you enjoy!"

On the wooden chest
Item Price Done
ornate platinum sigil 3,500 tickets   DG
oily green potion 3,500 tickets   DG
intricate red seal 3,500 tickets   DG
blue vial 3,500 tickets   DG
A parchment reads:

"These items are used to bond with particular types of items. Each one costs 3500 tickets. Each adventurer is limited to 5 total purchases from this chest. You may mix and match as you please, but any combination of them cannot exceed 5 total purchases.

1) These allow for 30 INVOKEs, they are *NOT* permanent bonds.
2) READ them carefully before purchasing to ensure you get the right one.
3) No refunds or exchanges.
4) You CAN sell or trade these as you like."

On the wooden table
Item Price Done
treasure map 1,500 tickets   
A notecard reads:

"These treasure maps may be purchased for 1500 tickets without limit or restriction. We make no promises to what you may or may not find."

On the wooden counter
Item Price Done
small chest 2,000 tickets   
sturdy backpack 2,000 tickets   
large chest 2,500 tickets   !!
leather pouch 2,000 tickets   
traveler's knapsack 2,000 tickets   
large canvas sack 2,000 tickets   
woven sack 1,500 tickets   !!
A sign reads:
"These containers were assembled by Seamstress Zasele and associates. She did not disclose what was contained within, other than a random assortment of gems, coins and materials. They may be purchased without limit or restriction. NOTE the following:
  • small chest - dyes
  • backpack - bone stacks
  • chest - metals
  • pouch - fabrics
  • knapsack - leather
  • canvas sack - stone
  • woven sack - random
On the wooden table
Item Price Done
simple blue pouch embroidered with an ihean mysanda - contains an ihean mysanda 1,000 tickets   !!
simple red pouch embroidered with a vial of alyssum tea - contains a vial of deep purple alyssum tea 5,000 tickets   No
simple green pouch painted with a colorful folded tricorn - contains a piece of colorful foil 250 tickets   No
dusty craftsman's pouch - contains some lootbag instructions 70,000 tickets   No
"Each pouch contains something related to its design.
* craftsman's pouch - tailoring instructions for a cloth lootbag (2 uses)
* green pouch - single piece of foil to craft a special hat that others will enjoy
* red pouch - a single, but potent, dose of alyssum tea
* blue pouch - a single-use, very low quality mind crystal to save your memories for the future (you choose the skill)