Comfortable Rakash (1)

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Comfortable Rakash
Event Hollow Eve Festival 417
Owner Kulivas
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Rakash shops, Clothing shops, Container shops
Restrictions Rakash
This store only accepts Dokoras
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[Comfortable Rakash, Form is Function]
The open floor plan of this shop provides customers with freedom to move around without fear of knocking anything over or damaging the goods for sale. A series of odaj-clad mannequins stands in the center of the room, interspersed with racks holding various pieces of traditional Rakash clothing.
You also see a painted door.
Obvious exits: east.

On the platinum rack
Item Price Done
lush zibeline rantija trimmed in silveress 173,184   !!
sweeping farandine rantija pinned with silver at the shoulder 360,800   !!
Feature Hiding Cloaks
On the golden rack
Item Price Done
black rantija with a heavily embroidered hood 4,510   !!
deeply hooded sky blue camlet rantija with a windstorm gossamer overlay 1,298,880   !!
Color Changing Cloaks
On the large silver rack
Item Price Done
formal dark blue odaj caught with a spray of crow feathers at the shoulder 4,510   !!
formal purple odaj adorned with tapestry panels 4,510   !!
airy teal sunkissed chiffon odaj edged with gold trim 1,082,400   !!
resplendent green dragonar odaj adorned with carved ivory fangs 730,620   !!
Color Changing Robes
On the diamondique rack
Item Price Done
leather josta woven with a multitude of amulets 180,400   !!
intricate josta of myriad silks fettered by an orichalcum disc 216,480   !!
pair of knee-high suede nauda with low heels of pale pink kapok 360,800   !!
golden pard skin nauda studded with orichalcum 144,320   !!
On the series of mannequins
Item Price Done
odaj of deep red eolienne with golden embroidery 784,740   !!
blue jaspe odaj gathered by a thick copper brooch 793,760   !!
Katamba-black cire odaj adorned with gold 360,800   !!
ceremonial goldweave odaj with a single elaborate pauldron 234,520   !!
exquisite lava samite odaj 1,371,040   !!

[Comfortable Rakash, Function is Form]
A pair of racks stand at either side of the room, holding a practical selection of Rakash-style robes and cloaks. Near the back wall resides a life-sized statue of a Rakash in moonskin, its pose and proximity to a Katamba-embroidered curtain reminiscent of a guard.
You also see a wooden stand with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the statue of a Rakash in moonskin
Item Price Done
laborer's drab cotton odaj 2,000 tickets   !!
The odaj on this statue is made especially to store specific tools. It is suited to hold up to five of any of the following -- hammer, saw, shovel, pickaxe, axe, greataxe, shaper, bellows, tongs, chisels, rifflers, drawknife, knife, rasp, sieve, clamps, pliers, awl, scraper, rod
On the cloak rack
Item Price Done
enveloping rantija of raw silk 4,510   !!
camlet rantija with a prominent hood 216,480   !!
Feature Hiding Cloaks
On the robe rack
Item Price Done
oilcloth odaj 2,255   !!
deep grey odaj of unadorned armure 432,960   !!
simple cotton odaj dyed purest black 2,706   !!
simple cotton odaj bleached to purest white 2,706   !!
Item Hider Robes
On the wooden stand
Item Price Done
pair of calf-high nauda 90,200   !!
suede nauda 90,200   !!
pair of rugged nauda 90,200   !!
sturdy nauda 90,200   !!
pair of supple nauda 90,200   !!
patchwork leather nauda 90,200   !!
Can attach up to 4 knives, daggers or blades to each pair.

The area beyond the Katamba-embroidered curtain is Rakash AND Estate Holder only.

[Comfortable Rakash, Pack Mentality]
A trio of hooks is mounted to the elaborately painted walls, their shining steel securely holding traditional Rakash-style packs known as rugursora. Standing alone in the middle of the floor is a long table bearing refreshments, built low to the ground to prevent it from obstructing the view of the mural. The heady scent of spiced apples fills the air.
You also see a Katamba-embroidered curtain.
Obvious exits: none.

On the low table
Item Price Done
dish filled with brandy-soaked apples 0   
decanter of aged fratvarit 0   
large crow-etched bottle of Rakash golden ale 0   !!
platter of roasted pork sandwiches 0   
On the steel hooks
Item Price Done
rugursora covered in fine silversteel chainmail - Contains: some smooth howlite beads interspersed with crow feathers, a silvery wool krekls laced by howlite-tipped suede, a pair of black twill vikses edged in silveress and some dark suede nauda with thickly padded soles. 750,000   !!
slender rugursora buckled with mistglass butterflies - Contains: some silken vines with tiny mistglass butterflies, a shimmering krekls of soft spun glitter wool flecked with oravir, a pair of cerulean raw silk vikses bearing elaborately embroidered cuffs and some soft-soled nauda affixed with buckled straps. 450,000   !!
single-strapped hiro bear pelt rugursora - Contains: a strip of leather pierced with petrified badger claws, a heavy wool krekls with diamond-hide sleeve bindings, some simple vikses having a wide calfskin waistband and a pair of hiro bear pelt nauda held by sinew ties. 488,040   !!
Each backpack contains a hair accessory, krekls (shirt), vikses (trousers) and nauda (boots).