Hand of Glory (1)

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Hand of Glory
Event Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 428
# of Rooms 1
Store Type magic shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Abdomen, Corridor]
The crowds bottleneck at a thick steel door that is fused into the now spiked and ridged chitin of the walls. A pair of surly Gor'Tog guards flank the entrance of the First Arachnid Bank, eyeing everyone that passes with a suspicious leer. You also see an ostentatious placard painted cyan and magenta, a simple ring box, an ornate ring case and a plinth sculpted to resemble a hunchbacked crone with an intricate tyrium hand suspended from a cord of darkly glistening spidersilk on it.
Obvious exits: southeast, south, southwest.

  /                                         \
 /             Esteemed guests,              \
|                                             |
|  These enchanted rings will bolster your    |
|  physical and mental attributes!  For a     |
|  time, that is.  The ones in the case are   |
|  better than those in the box.              |
|                                             |
|  You can only wear ONE of these rings --    |
|  unless you have a Hand of Glory (offered   |
|  over there on the plinth!) which will      |
|  allow you to use two more (or up to five,  |
|  with potency crystals).  Even with a Hand  |
|  of Glory, however, no more than two rings  |
|  of the same type may be active at once.    |
|                                             |
|             haralun : strength              |
|            audrualm : agility               |
|           gloomwood : discipline            |
|              alerce : intelligence          |
|              niello : reflex                |
|            glitvire : charisma              |
|               iroko : wisdom                |
 \          darkstone : stamina              /
  \                                         /

On the plinth
Item Price Done
intricate tyrium hand suspended from a cord of darkly glistening spidersilk 1353   
In the ring case
Item Price Done
ornate darkstone ring 10000 tickets   
ornate iroko ring 10000 tickets   
ornate glitvire ring 10000 tickets   
ornate niello ring 10000 tickets   
ornate alerce ring 10000 tickets   
ornate gloomwood ring 10000 tickets   
ornate audrualm ring 10000 tickets   
ornate haralun ring 10000 tickets   
In the ring box
Item Price Done
simple haralun ring 1000 tickets   
simple audrualm ring 1000 tickets   
simple gloomwood ring 1000 tickets   
simple alerce ring 1000 tickets   
simple niello ring 1000 tickets   
simple glitvire ring 1000 tickets   
simple iroko ring 1000 tickets   
simple darkstone ring 1000 tickets