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Naphtha is a smelly, gooey, sticky, flammable liquid used to immolate enemies.

Weaponized Forms

Naphtha is weaponized for use in combat in small hand-held glass vials and bottles that can be thrown, exploding on impact, or splashed from to douse an opponent with the substance.


Splashes one part naphtha from a vial or bottle, held in the right hand, at the target.
Throws a vial or a full bottle of naphtha, at the target (consuming all parts).


The first step is to coat the target with naphtha, either by THROWing or SPLASHing it at your target. A higher Light Thrown skill will improve the chance of hitting your target. Naphtha can also be applied by casting and successfully landing the Paeldryth's Wrath, Telekinetic Throw and Telekinetic Storm spells.

The target then must be set alight, either by striking it with a flaming object such as a torch, or successfully hitting them with a heat-inducing spell, such as Burn.


Naphtha can be compactly stored and carried in naphtha holders that stack unaltered[1] vials or bottles respectively.

Naphtha Stackers

Black leather naphtha holder with vial slots stitched to the sideswaistPyromaniacs' Corner
Brown leather naphtha holder with bottle slots stitched to the sideswaistPyromaniacs' Corner
Item:Brown leather naphtha holder with bottle slots stitched to the sideswaistPyromaniacs' Corner
Nightsilk naphtha holder trimmed with Meshor fox pelt around bottle slotswaistDrathrok's Duskruin 426/Drathrok's Assemblage
Nightsilk naphtha holder trimmed with knarn fur around vial slotswaistDrathrok's Duskruin 426/Drathrok's Assemblage

Known Bugs

As it currently stands, if a shield blocks even 1% of the attack, the entire attack is blocked.[2]

Box Traps

Naphtha is also used in traps to protect locked boxes from being tampered with.

  • Naphtha Soaker - a two stage trap that will first soak the offending locksmith in naphtha and then ignite it, setting the meddler ablaze.
  • Naphtha Trap - a single stage trap that strikes a large vial of naphtha causing it to explode in a large fireball.


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