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This was a Simutronics run paid quest. See the Taisidon page for other versions of this event and a detailed overview of the island.

Event Information

Fantasy Excursions -- Taisidon Safari allows participants to go hunt and shop on Taisidon island for one weekend.

There are NO quest objectives to complete. Participants must travel to the island via the official moongates that are set up at the Riverhaven dock and the Ratha dock. You will NOT be gathered for this event. You may leave the island during this time and return through the moongates.

A bank will be available on the ship at the island, and will withdraw funds from your Riverhaven bank account.

Each account that signs up for the Deluxe Package will be eligible for one alteration, which must be taken during the event only. Only one type of package will be offered per account per weekend.

As usual, please review QUEST POLICY in game before attending any paid event.

No more than one alteration per guest with the Deluxe Package, please.


We will normally be offering two packages, Standard and Deluxe.

Standard Package
  • Exotic hunting experiences!
  • Diving for Pearls and other exciting games!
  • Exclusive merchants!
  • A raffle with exclusive items!
  • And all the fun we can pack in without the island bursting!
The Deluxe Package

Includes all of the fun of the Standard package PLUS:

  • A special commemorative gift!
  • MORE games!
  • MORE exclusive merchants!
  • A raffle with rarer items!
  • ALTERERS! Yes, you heard us right. Never been able to get that special item altered? Come relax with us for a weekend on the Deluxe Taisidon Safari and have your item altered!

We are currently working on securing new locations for future excursions! So quit daydreaming about far-off lands and live a fantasy with Fantasy Excursions!

The Mega Package

This was a limited run which lasted 2 weeks as opposed to the normal 2 day time period that the quest usually runs for and Included all of the things from the Standard AND Deluxe packages, PLUS:

  • MORE games
  • NEW creatures
  • NEW merchants
  • MORE loot drops
  • MORE raffles
  • Twice as many people

Official Descriptions

First Run - 371

Original Run Date: January 2003

Bored with Boars? Tired of Trolls? Can't find that special gift at the general store? Come relax for a weekend on the shores of beautiful Taisidon!

This is a special two day event with no quest objectives. Please type QUEST POLICY EXCURSION for policy information.

Second Run

In a rut? Bored with boobries? Tired of thugs? Can't find that special gift at the general store? Fantasy Excursions has the solution to all your everyday woes!

Fantasy Excursions is now offering exciting trips to exotic locales. We are pleased to be re-releasing the Taisidon Safari! Come be our guest and relax with us on a tropical island far away from all your worries.

Mega Safari - 413

Taisidon Safari Fantasy Excursions Presents: The Mega Safari!

Due to popular demand for Safaris to be accessible to vacationers from many different time zones and many conflicting schedules, TSFE is pleased to offer the Taisidon Mega Safari, spanning two full weekends and all the week days in between! Ships set sail at 8pm Eastern on Friday July 11th and transportation services will remain operational until 8pm Eastern on July 20th. That's nine whole days of Safari goodness!

So what can you expect from the Mega Safari?

First off, everything you’d normally expect from a Deluxe Safari: tropical shops, mythical materials, fantastical treasure, heroical adventures, and...exotical creatures! But wait, there’s more!

More danger! Rumors have spread along the coconut-vine that there's trouble brewing on Taisidon. Coincidence? Or Conspiracy? Thanks to the gallant efforts of past visitors, Fantasy Excursions has complete faith that the heroes booking passage for this very rare and special invitation now will be essential in securing the island from any troubles that may surface. Come find your place in Taisidon's history!

More shops! New merchants have agreed to open shops that have never before been available on any previous Safari! Some that have never been available anywhere!

More room! TSFE has agreed to initially double their occupancy to accommodate twice the usual passengers! And what’s more, they want to remind all attendees that a Safari ticket is good for ALL characters on your account! (This would be a great time to re-activate an old character or two or even add a Premium subscription so all your characters can enjoy some fun in the sun!)

More games! Several island residents have been contracted to build and host a plethora of fun carnival-style games and activities that all can enjoy! Based on popularity, some residents may hit the road and attend future events with their games, but that depends on your feedback!

More loot! More NEW special gifts for attendees, bonuses to treasure drop rates, and more!

More raffles! More opportunities, more prizes, more fun!

More, more, more!

Get your ticket in the Box Office before they're gone!

Taisidon Safari - 417

The Taisidon Safari Is Back!

Greetings, Adventurers!

Fantasy Excursions is once again engaging excited explorers who wish to visit the island of Taisidon for a few fun days of exotic exploration, hunting, shopping, and games during their upcoming deluxe tour packages! The tropical island is teeming with terrific treasures just waiting to be found or yanked from the clinging clutches of crafty creatures!

Recent rumors relay that at least two NEW merchants are likely to sign contracts to set up their shops for the coming tourists! Regrettably, some artisans have opted not to return after the mega tour package offered in recent years, but many of the old favorites will be there! A handful have hinted that they may refresh their wares from past appearances, but at this stage we only have rumors to work with!

Are games of grabbing or guessing more to your tastes? Fear not! Spencer intends to bring his catfish back and has also informed us that he's seeking his other game-running friends to return as well, with a new selection of prizes all around! The diabolical darkbox will destroy limbs fast as ever.

Those greedy goblins, treacherous trolls and beady-eyed bandits are still harassing the villagers of Teil-Minavsel, stashing stolen goods in their spacious sacks of loot. Should you encounter these vile villains, the villagers will happily allow you to take your pick of treasure! And don't forget the "special" foods from Toys from Sand!

With the timely turning of seasons fast approaching, Taisidon's special flowers will be bursting into bloom, and the curious gemstones will be prevalent as well!

What are you waiting for? Rush on over to the Fantasy Excursions office and reserve your ticket for the Taisidon Safari today!

--The Fantasy Excursions Team

OOC: Taisidon Safari is coming back, and it's bringing familiar merchants, games and activities with it! We're scheduling three deluxe runs in August; choose the ones that fit your schedule best! Grab your tickets while you can, because it may be a while before it comes back!

Each deluxe run allows your account to pick up an alterer's scroll for an alteration! Be sure to grab it while you're there, because we won't offer them afterwards! Likewise, the special squids will be returning as well! We're working on a few other updates, but it's too soon to share!

For first time visitors, Safari isn't like other "quests" where you're pulled to a particular area and have set objectives to do in a short time-frame on a single character. Instead, it's an island filled with hunting, shopping, a raffle (or multiple!), games and more that all characters on your account can access. The deluxe runs last for roughly 48 hours, and you can come and go as you please! Moongates will provide access at the normal portal locations -- see NEWS 4 1 for a list!

Maps and Shops

All shops, games, and purchases made on the island of Taisidon use Lirum.

Safari 412 & Mega Safari 413 Run Details

Safari 417 Details

More Information