Chris' Mass Festival 389

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Shop Key

Shop Appearance Shop Name Types of Inventory
A a large silk and canvas tent Thighs Have It Thigh-worn items
A a large carved oak caravan Finer Things Clothing
B a small blue caravan painted with white snowdrifts Turialo's Haven Winter Wear, Jewelry
C a billowing silvery silk tent with a glimmering silver sign on it Sign of the Crescent Moon Magic bandoliers and harnesses
D a series of sandalwood caravans Owirvald Auction Company Auction
D a billowing silk tent with an elegant green and gold banner Necessities in Silk Clothing and Jewelry
E a large golden tent with a crimson pennant flying atop Andriane's Scarves and Cloaks
F a marbled blue tent Voi's Fine Heirlooms Trader Jewelry, Orlogs, Jewelry, Weapons
F a small brown tent Second Cup Food, Drinks, Dolls
G a beige canvas tent Empath Emporium Shields, Robes, Caftans, Pouches, Aprons
H a red and white stand Cherries Jubilee Food, Drinks, Clothing, Jewelry
I a stretched hide tent Osgeth's Face Paint, Warpaint (Barbarian only)
J a leather tent with a battered tin chimney Yarrel's Varmint Vittles Food
J a deep blue tent Aqueous Accoutrements Ship-themed furniture for Homes
J a pine wagon with green pennants Pine Caravan Gor'Tog Scalp Wax
K a feleka audiwah Uz Zinat Jewelry
K a red tent flying an orange flag Kifa Awrocis, Istava Skatet Rakash Weapons
K a rundown wagon Cefrit of Odcoru Rakash Armor
K a tattered tent Pawla's Permutations Clothing, Jewelry
L a brightly painted merchant's caravan Nytingale's Instruments Instruments
L an icy-blue canvas tent Winter's Wonderland External Home Decorations
M a faded arch-roofed caravan Hunka's Burning Love Trinkets made of coal
N a worn patchwork tent Mother Nyuku's Divine Creations Clerics Only, Daggers, Robes, Smocks, Chalices, Jewelry
O a large snowy white tent with multi-colored pennants on the corners Festival Pavilion Immortals-themed Items
P a silken tent trimmed in ivory scales Haven Scents Soaps, Robes, Food/Drink
P a dark oak caravan accented with colorful designs Delicate Creations Gowns and accessories
P a simple white canvas tent Classic Designs Home Furniture
Q a mammoth arena hung with a myriad of colorful banners Gazryan's Gauntlet The Gauntlet
R a pale silk tent Ontralwyn Gemsmiths Jewelry, Food/Drink, Assortied items
R a rainbow silk tent Forests and Fae Wings, Wands, Crowns/Circlets, Outfits, Jewelry, Bows, Food/Drink
S a hide-covered wagon Call Of The Wild Clothing/Containers made of fur/hides
S a covered wagon Snookie's Holiday Souvenirs Holiday and Immortal-themed souvenirs
T a black tent lavishly trimmed with colorful silk scarves Abu Hassan Ali ibn Bekar's Fineries Eyepatches, Earrings, Wristlets, other jewelry and head coverings
T a lavish flamewood caravan CLOSED Snidley the Alterer
U a purple wagon painted with wispy clouds Weather Beaters Parasols, Sun Goggles, Shimmer Shawls, Umbrellas, Ponchos, Color-changing Cloaks
U a sandy tent painted with parading chickens Outcast Military Surplus Weapons, Armor, Dolls, Cloaks, Food/Drink
V a square leather tent True Path Clothing, Masks, Jugglies, Drinking Supplies, Shark Teeth (Barbarian only)
V a simple white tent Vidro's Glassworks Alchemy, Goblets, Mirrors, Tailbands, Food/Drink
W a faded blue awning Silly Souvenirs Food/Drink, Caps/Shirts, Bathing Robes, Pouches, Coffee Mugs, Globes, Shot Glasses, Teapots, Stuffed Animals, Jugglies, Finger Puppets, other trinkets
W a dark maple caravan Whimsical Winds Wind Instruments: Oboes, Serpents, Sackbuts
W a wooden makeshift wagon Makeshift Killing Supplies Creative Weapons
X an ivory pavilion with a silver knotwork pattern Noble Winter Night Hair accessories, Slippers/Sandals, Dresses/Gowns, Scarves, Neck jewelry, Manles/Cloaks, Food/Drink
X a dark spidersilk tent The Darkbox Lair
X a dusky rose tent Tiekiel's Trinkets Jewelry and clothing
Y a large painted wagon resembling a dairy cow Udderly Delightful Cow-themed Items
Y an azure painted wagon with a silk green banner Inner Illuminations Paladin Only Soulstone Items and Verbed Polearms
Y a bright green tent Stomper's Corner Togball Gear
Z a colorful spiral-patterned round tent Cambripalooza! Cambrinth
1 a sagging wagon Ithinnu's Clothier and Cobbler Clothing
1 a colorful wagon Poetry in Motion Color-changing balls, amulets and rods
1 a painted wagon Fantastik Fans
2 a polished elm caravan Fandrake's Weapons and armor
3 an elegant slate-blue Elothean tent pitched under overhanging tree branches Tent of Bowmaster Renshear Bows and fetching supplies
3 a mahogany caravan adorned with jewel-toned silk Inner Vision Forehead gems
4 an enclosed area created by several wooden screens Wine Knot Wine bar
5 a crimson tent with a sign on it Immokokkon and Sons Jewelry
6 an unimposing brown tent War and Craft Warrior Mage Only
? (hidden) Frieden's Fabulous Frivolities Thief Only
? (hidden) Twilight Treasures Thief Only
? (hidden) Discreet Deceptions Thief Only

See Also:

Festival Introduction Vision

A soothing, benevolent voice that seems to come from everywhere and nowhere intones, "I have walked among you and found what I hoped to be true. As Jeolandu passed, I sought those who would give to others even when unprompted and I did, indeed, find m

The baritone voice continues , "I watched some give, only expecting something in return. I watched some give, presuming their gifts will garner favor or considerations. But I also watched many show me that they know the joy and happiness that comes from giving freely and without expectation."

A clear image begins to form in your mind. You see Teamarie smiling and holding a lyre and cloth in her outstretched hands. Celinth stands nearby, a knapsack and pouches collected in her arms and Ilmilerias offers you an origami primer. Renala and Katralyn look on and hold embroidery supplies at the ready. Voozinghia works patiently, showing you how to carve sticks into blocks and blocks into beads.

A beam of green rises up into the sky from somewhere in Ilithi. The sky is lit with a sudden burst of red as the voice simply says, "Each gift brought it closer."

The image wavers and changes to one of Gulphphunger, smiling and offering you a glass of Lethean ouisque while sitting next to a broadly grinning Rajiruji who is surrounded by a swirling, misty entourage of smoke images. Close at hand, you see Zadie patiently lecturing a class while Quanette sits nearby, healing a wounded companion while illuminated in a bright sunbeam. Bluewither, Faehlan, Ciarra, and Silverklaw sit together in a circle, chatting happily, but curiously, as they exchange pleasantries and examine carved beads and origami figures.

A beam of red rises up into the sky from somewhere you think may be along the Southern Trade Route. The sky is lit with a sudden burst of green as the voice repeats, "Each gift brought it closer."

A rapid succession of other faces and images begin to fade in and out slowly at first, but then more quickly as they continue: A smiling Daysey seated outside the Ranger Guild... fading to Cyiarriah being nuzzled by a dairy cow while Heartsfyre stifles a grin.. . shifting to Lomelinde offering you a bottle of wine while watching over Eruwyn as she heals... morphing into Ragabrel cuddled up to a confused, but amiable, arbelog.

Swirling and twisting beams of red and green rise up into the sky from Leth Deriel. The sky is lit with a sudden burst of gold as the voice repeats, "Each gift brought it closer."

The faces begin to change more rapidly: Nettek, Tishra, Annieka, Zhai, Xinge, Ysselt, and then dozens more in an unidentifiable blur before snapping into black.

A final image fades in from the darkness. You see a thoughtful Urwin holding a walking stick and glancing your way while slyly perusing a parchment.

The comforting voice says, "Many know the importance of Jeolandu, which has already passed. The acts of kindness and unselfishness of these new Friends should serve as an example to you all of the power of giving that has brought The Mass close enough for you to see. Be merry, and may it be an inspiration to you all and remind you of its power."